London2London Sarah Outen – 16th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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24 Responses to London2London Sarah Outen – 16th phonecast

  1. Tari says:

    So good to hear your voice! Hope you found the source of the water leak soon, too. Hope everything calms down a bit for you. 🙂 Thinking of you!

  2. Helen Outen says:

    PLEASE make sure you are strapped in safely and attached to that boat when you are outside the cabin!!!
    Stay safe!!!!
    BIG HUGS. xxxxxMum
    PS I’ve had a word with the rain people and told them to stop!!!!!

  3. christina watts says:

    Yes I too have had a word with the rain people, not just for the Pacific but for the UK too … just hang in there Sarah ~
    lots of positive vibes for you from the UK xxx

  4. Stace Martin says:

    Great to hear your voice and sounding so in control of you situation. Listen to your mum and strap your self-in

    You are such an inspiration

    Stay safe Sarah.

  5. Room 2 Kindergarten at Sunset View Elementary in San Diego, CA says:

    Please be safe!!! We hope you get there quickly before the ocean gets too rough. We have been reading about your journey and we read what the other people said about you. We are wondering what part of the ocean you are in now. We hope your boat stays safe and that you are too. Maybe you can visit us one day. Have a good trip! Love, Room 2

  6. John Nelson says:

    Glad you’re Ok….Sky dept. contacted and your plea passed on! Enjoy tomorrows sunshine! Proud you’re a Brit and have taken on such a challenge. Thoughts are with you. Keep safe.

  7. Duncan Heyes says:

    Told the rain people to get it over the South of England to stop the hose pipe ban!!! Keep strong, still reading your book 70% through and thoroughly enjoying it. Keep safe keep strong.

  8. karel says:

    Trying to keep the seas down

  9. Will see if I can get some of my friends in Alaska to communicate with the Sky Department. Our preference is, of course, that you do drift a little farther north so that we might get a chance to visit with you and Gulliver. Selfish, I know, but, hey.

  10. Comoxpaddler says:

    Glad you were not hurt during your roll. Deploying your drogue sounds very sensible.

    Looking forward to you rowing past Vancouver Island in a few month’s time.


    (A waterborne Brit in BC, Canada)

  11. JETWAKE says:

    So, I did not think capsizing was included in the plan! But hey, it is a great big ocean and mother nature can and will do whatever she pleases. I hope you listened to your mum and have some sort of harness with a carabiner and a tether to Gulliver when you are out rowing or doing a systems check. Be smart love. Godspeed Sarah!

  12. Ingrid Weideman says:

    Dear Sarah

    Thanks so much for your update – it is so amazing to be able to receive it.

    Thinking of you here in Cape Town. All my classes at Rustenburg Girls’ High School send their best wishes.

    (admirer of your extraordinary journey and an armchair traveller in South Africa)

  13. Graeme says:

    Rough weather & capsized already!! Nothing like an abrupt introduction to the Pacific. Good phonecast. Stay strong…

  14. What an eventful start – I hope it only gets better from now on. With all the direct calls going to the controller of the taps, the weather must SURELY improve!
    Take care,

  15. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to hear that you are safe after your fierry start, We too have had a word with the winds and rain and asked them to be kind to you. At least you know Gulliver was ok for the capsize but that wasn’t the way to find out.

    Take great care and hope things soon settle down for you.

    C & K

  16. John says:

    Hope you are Ok and coping, I know a good plumber for the leak if you should need one.
    Can you tell me what phone and network you are using cos the reception is better than my Iphone.
    It is good to hear your voice and you sound in good spirit, I think it is us who are following you that are anxious.
    I have told all my colleagues From UK to Korea, Japan and USA of your adventure and we are all behind you and we are all amazed at your courage.
    Keep up the good work, you also need to set a target for your fundraising so that it reminds people of the reasons why you are doing this.
    I have just got past the half way point in your book and I felt your loss and my heart is with you. Your father would be very proud of you, we too are all very proud of you, even those of us you don’t know.

    I guess capsizing solves the problem of when and how to wash your hair. :-p


  17. Amy Bryant says:

    Really hope you can source the leak and remedy it. At least that’s the first capsize of this trip out of the way – my fingers are crossed for it being the last. Hope the wind changes soon and allows you to determine your own route – keep on rowing!
    Lots of love,
    Amz x

  18. Phyllis says:

    That was scary just hearing about it. I’m sure it was an early test to remind you that the sea CAN throw you for a loop. 🙂 Hope things are better now.

  19. Susie Hewson says:

    Been holding my breath for 24 hours waiting to hear you are OK and that you are feeling confident and assured. If that boat needs checking for leaks, better now that further into the journey. Can’t help with the rain controller, paid no attention to me on my cycle trek either. As ever, worrying about you but know just how strong you are. Big hugs xxxxx Susie

  20. Naoko says:

    Hope ocean and wind will be very friendly to you soon. Safe trip, please

  21. Angus says:

    Good to hear your voice on the phonecast.Let the sea anchor do its work for now and just think of the rain as “liquid sunshine.”Stay safe.

  22. Ian Stokes says:

    Hi Sarah, it so great to hear your voice. Your phonecasts are brilliant. Stay safe. Ian

  23. Mihoko Kato says:

    I am glad you sounded more “genki (energized)” than the last phone cast.
    Hope the leakage problem will resolve soon.
    Stay safe and sleep tight.

  24. Tim-Bob says:

    Keep the faith……..Mother Nature should co-operate soon !

    Do what your mom says.

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