London2London Sarah Outen – 15th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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18 Responses to London2London Sarah Outen – 15th phonecast

  1. john Globemasterone says:

    Good clear report Sarah. Thank you. Take care.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario

  2. Susie Hewson says:

    Sorry I missed your push off Sarah seeing as I just arrived back from cycling London to Edinburgh! Definitely kept the Outen spirit inside me crossing the York Moors. You are so fantastic Sarah and we SISTERs are in awe of your challenge and courage. Love and Hugs to help you get your Mojo back soon. Row row row your boat…..

  3. Dennis Davidson says:

    Good…in the current!

  4. Terry says:

    Great mileage, Sarah! Hope you’re eating & resting well.

  5. Koishimine says:

    Gambatte, Sarah!

  6. Helen Outen says:

    Glad all well, even if you are a wee bit queasy around the edges. Hope that subsides soon!!
    The Evans clan toasted you ( and me ) at the reunion dinner on Saturday night. They all send their good wishes.
    from a slightly weary “walk the walker”.
    Mum xxx

  7. Theresa says:

    Good Luck Sarah! Great to hear the launch went well. Cheering for you and following your every row

  8. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Great start on you next leg of your wonderful voyage, it was good to see the start but not at the real time but better than not seeing it at all. Take great care and we will be wishing you all the very salty best in whatever lays ahead.

    Well done to your Mum too.

    Much love

    C & K

  9. Mari Stair says:

    Congratulations on grabbing the Kuroshio! Your important mission supports the works of many ancient seafaring scholars: Meggars, Heyerdahl, Van Sertima, Menzies, Thompson, etc. etc. Thank You Sarah!

  10. Jeff Hurst says:

    Yay Sarah! I heard of your adventure on our local news in San Diego, California.
    Way to go, Girl!
    I’m following you online.

  11. Phil Harnett says:

    Hi Sarah …great job so far, you have earned a rest so time to chill for a few hours with Pat Metheny / Upojenie album on the MP3 if you managed to find a small space to fit it in…. I did 1 hour rowing yesterday on my Compact 2 … puts everything you are doing in perspective ! … Good luck Phil in China…

  12. chris says:

    Good luck Sarah. Safe rowing & hope the queasiness goes soon.

  13. Naoko says:

    I’m enjoying to check “where you are now” You are doing great!!! Very impressed. Safe trip and take care.

  14. Joao Paulo Diniz says:

    Dear Sarah, I watched your departure from Japan live, it was incredible! Once again I wish you good luck, I’m sure God is close to you!!! Love from Lisbon, Portugal!

  15. Flick Rollings says:

    wow, so good to hear your voice and it was wonderful watching the live feed of your departure! what a great start you’ve made, apart from the scary moment capsizing which i’ve just seen on your twitter update. i’m sending positive vibes your way and hoping that gulliver and the anchor can fend off those waves and keep you upright! what’s the name of your anchor on this trip?! bob is infamous from your indian ocean row! all the best matey! you’re doing great!!! lots of love, flick xxx

  16. Jennifer Engelhardt says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We’ve been following your progress since you left our little red house in Germany a long time ago. Glad to hear you are finally on the next stretch of your journey. We wish you safety, a wonderful feeling of success and happy paddling.

    Carsten, Jen, Joshua, and Mark

  17. JETWAKE says:

    You sound tired. I know I would be too! You have made great progress. Remember to eat protein every day and one ounce of Chocolate if you have it. Godspeed Sarah!

  18. Tim-Bob says:

    Great report……getting use to your accent !

    You inspired me to complete my EPIC Journey Around Georgian Bay, Ontario on my motorcycle. It was my first tour……. a biggee for me……. a fraction in comparison to what your doing…… Keep a stiff upper lip….

    Hope you can get a “spot of tea” out there !

    Tim, – Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada

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