London2london Sarah Outen – 11th phonecast

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13 Responses to London2london Sarah Outen – 11th phonecast

  1. sonia Peters says:

    Loved the snake story – your voice sounds good and strong – what an adventure. Your Mum on t.v. last night (East Mids news), so very proud of you – she looked lovely sitting in her pretty garden. You have a huge following and we’re all in awe of you. Carry on enjoying it all – your enthusiasm knows no bounds and comes across the miles to us all. Bless you and keep smiling – even at snakes and cows. My best wishes – Sonia.

  2. christina watts says:

    Well the first thing I wrote to you last Saturday morning was OMG and that was for your MBE …
    This morning I have to say it again, OMG because I really would have found that very difficult to have Syd the cyclist twirl around anything near me and to have no stick either !!!
    Did you manage a photo’
    (Can you find a stick or something similar to keep handy … )

  3. Helen Outen says:

    Oh my g## I would have freaked out….cows, a snake AND a r###y cowguy!!!! Be careful daughter!!!!!

    To hear that you nearly pee’d on one this morning too…….I wouldn’t be happy. …..give me the Botswana bush country anyday!!

  4. Anna Hill says:

    What a trio of challenges… so expertly handled without a stick! The symbolism akin to your own Kazak version of a Grimms fairy tale.
    Keep fending off the reptiles that entwine Herc’s spokes and any other dangers that cross the adventurers’ path with humour and strength. And keep sharing your fantastic stories.. Respect!

  5. Tony F says:

    Blimy, you do have adventurous meals!

    Snakes on a bike?

    Sounds like the title for a film..

    I wonder if it has legs? 🙂

  6. ian brocklebank says:

    hi,gosh what a week you’ve had,keep a big stick with you at all times!

  7. Heather says:

    And it was only breakfast , whatever next!!… Rather you than me as I really don’t do snakes. Many congrats re MBE. Seeing your Mum tomorrow, but it’s a bit too soon to talk of Hats and Palace!

  8. Alan Hind says:

    Sounds like you had to deal with 2 snakes – one with legs. Stay safe Sarah and keep up the good work!

  9. Robert Douglas says:

    Hi Sarah, I hardly think anyone blames you for reacting as you did when that snake hitched a ride – serpents in those parts are lethal!! BTW, have you seen any creepy crawlies such as spiders and scorpions? Eeeek!
    Once, my mum was travelling on a bus in Australia when something hit the windscreen…SPLAT! The driver braked and got out to inspect what it was: a poisonous brown snake ravelled round the axle! It was dead, killed probably by whatever had been flying overhead. Must have been a massive bird, though – and a brave one at that!!
    As for the herdsman…it was probably his pet snake, sent on a clever ploy! 🙂

  10. Sean Conway says:

    Hey Sarah. Really really inspiring what you are doing! Keep it up and looking forward to hearing more stories – without as many snakes hopefully. Haha. All the best. Sean Conway

  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    You really do seem to get some adventure into your travels, glad that you coped with the snake and the herdsman problem. Glad it wasn’t me is all I can say.

    Hope you continue with your happy journey and things go well. Look forward to hearing your next blog and keeping up to date. Certainly the miles are being ticked off. are you on track for what you had hoped.

    Bye for now

    C & K

  12. Ed says:

    Hi Sarah – met you on the road to Almaty today. I was the British guy on the white motorcycle traveling with the two Czech motorcyclists. Really impressed with this journey of yours. Hope you made it to town tonight to meet your friend. Good luck and keep the spirits up! Ed

  13. Belinda Dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Went to SJS Prizegiving today and was delighted that Libby had decided to give each Year Six leaver a copy of “A Dip in the Ocean”. Do you still remember the words of the school song?

    Hope the Chinese cowherds are less forward!!!


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