London2London – A video & a bike

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Lots of people are keen to know plans for my next expedition ‘ London2London: Via the World’ – and so I am very happy to present this little trailer, made by Mark Downes of MPH Films. Enjoy and please send it on far and wide to anyone who you think might be interested in following the journey, sponsoring it or paddling out of Tower Bridge on April 1st 2011.

A bike called Hercules

I am very excited to introduce you to Hercules, my shiny new expedition bike, custom built by Santos and fitted to me expertly by MSG Bikes, based in Lancing. Hercules is a Santos Travelmaster 2.8 Alu, with a Rohloff hub and  composite belt drive – making him very handsome, extremely efficient and  fairly jolly bombproof. He’s fitted with a fancy dynamo light on the front so that we won’t get squashed (hopefully), a Brooks leather saddle which I am promised will be a most comfortable ride once we have clocked a thousand miles together and some very sturdy Tubus racks for carrying all my gear. More on Hercules another time – this picture was taken in Oxford  at the start of our ride home.

PS Email if you would like an order form for my book ‘A Dip in the Ocean’, available to pre order now at a discount price of £6.99 inlcuding free postage! It will be published in February 7th 2011.

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16 Responses to London2London – A video & a bike

  1. anita corbin says:

    yes please an order form for your book!
    please can you sign it too

  2. Alan Thomas says:

    Jambo / Hello

    My diary has an entry for April 1st Tower Bridge, London.
    And there is NO way I will mis this.

    POB LUC / Good Luck

    Alan (Wales)

  3. BPC says:

    Loving the video! sounds even more fabulous when you see it like that. Think you also sound as wonderful on the video as you are really! xx

  4. Rosemary Hamp says:

    Royal Wedding or not, we want to be there on the lst April to see you leave on your amazing journey around the World! Completed order form for the book is going off today. All the best Sarah!

  5. christina watts says:


    You know I will be at Tower Bridge April 1st ~ I mean that’s nothing on being at your arrival in Mauritius ~ very excited !!!

    I am so looking forward to your book, and please if possible can you sign it?

    lots love

  6. Peter Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Super Dooper, I shall I shall be following you all the way.
    I’m also getting your book. High regards, Peter Scriven

  7. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Just watched the video trailer describing your trip – incredible! Funnily enough we had lunch with David Grigson today and he was asking about you and the round the world expedition. I shall forward the link to him so he can watch the trailer.

    I will put 1st April in the diary – isn’t that the date you started off last time?

    Love to Mum. Belinda x

  8. we would all be FOOLS to miss the greatest send off EVER for a great role model that is Sarah, who will become OUR Sarah during her adventures as we bite our nails YET AGAIN through her incredible journey around our beautiful Planet – shared with us all via her blogs….three cheers to you girl. Susie x

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Have already ordered the book and certainly hope we shall be up in London to see you off on your next adventure.

    Take care for now, couldn’t see the trailer, will you be able to put it back on again.

    Best wishes and love to your Mum

    C & K

  10. Sarah Outen says:

    Video on its way again shortly – an error at this end. Working to solve!


  11. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    It,s a while since i have had a chance to comment to your blog
    Great to hear you are getting organized for the LON, to LON adventure .Get jealous ,when read all the followers will be there to see you off .No way i could make it as so far away . thank god for your blogs!
    Hope your have a video of your start ,so we can be their with you,
    Missed the video on this blog ,love to see it repeated,
    Would love to have your book with you signing it , but will have to
    purchase it here in AUSSIE unless ou pay us a visit.
    thanks for keeping us up to date ,once again.
    Take Care & keep well CHERRIO TERRY B. West Aussie!!!!!!!!!
    P.S Hello to your MUM

  12. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Just watched your video ,it was great ,we relize why their
    is so much orgainizing
    Thanks again TERRY B !!!!!!!

  13. Blaine Metcalf says:

    WOW WOW WOW i have just found this site via mark beaumont and am amazed at what you are doing good luck with it what an amazing thing to be doing

  14. Hi Sara, very interested to see you do this, I’m looking into a similar trip myself. I just recently re-read Rosie Swale Popes book as I was doing some research, just wondered (I’m sure you do know this but) did you know she named her first cart Hercules? Has that got anything to do with why you named your bike Hercules? (Or just a coincidence?).
    Will try follow you when I can, best of luck.

  15. Sarah Outen says:

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for your note. I had no idea Rosie’s cart was Hercules – we came up with the name at the dinner table a few weeks ago!

    Good luck with your trips,


  16. Richard and Vanessa says:

    Hi Sarah

    Wish you good luck and every success on your mega-adventure. Will keep an eye on your website and blog and see how you are doing.

    All the best

    Richard and Vanessa

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