London calling

DCIM100GOPROG0020466.I have written the first sentence of this blog a few times, hitting delete again and again. I just don’t quite know what to say about how I feel right now. Except to say that I am calm, excited and emotional ahead of tomorrow’s finish under Tower Bridge, some twenty miles or so downstream. Tears are washing down my face as I write, one of my favourite journey tunes (Rise by Eddie Vedder) playing in my ears as a parade of memories surges inside and around me. What a journey. Thank you all for coming along with me and helping make it happen – be it on the ground, virtually or through supporting the expedition charities.

We boat in less than 12 hours and expect to be under Tower Bridge at midday, accompanied by a flotilla of kayaks from London clubs and paddlers from my original club back home, Rutland Canoe Club.

I cannot wait – it is going to be such a special day, rounding off such a special and crazy few years of my life. And yet, there is a twinge of sadness that it is over, that my trusty steeds will be resting quietly awhile.

So many people have worked hard to help make this journey a reality – be it throughout the miles or at different times. I am grateful to you all and would not have made it to Tower Bridge in the first place – or to this point of being almost there – without that support.

With warmth, a grateful heart and a teary grin I am now going to head to bed for some sleep.

I have had a magic couple of weeks on the home run and am excited for a final blast through London tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow! How crazy is that?

The YB Tracker will be updating every few minutes, so hopefully even those of you unable to join us can watch that little mini Sarah inching closer to Tower Bridge.

Until tomorrow,

Sarah, Krissy, Nelson, Hercules and, in their absence, Happy Socks and Gulliver x

P.S Let’s flood the charity site with pennies! You can do so here.

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25 Responses to London calling

  1. Christine and Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Just enjoy the wonderful day ahead which you so richly deserve, we are just saddened and dissapointed after following you all the way we won’t be there in person to see the end. Had it been another day we would have been but we will be with you all in thought and look forward to seeing it somehow.

    Love to you all and THANKYOU to your wonderful team for helping you to do this and to give us the feeling that we were with you, especially of course your MUM

    With love

    Kathleen and Christine

  2. Rob Hart says:

    Sarah, it’s been epic, looking forward to the book and maybe the movie!!! Who would you have play you, or would it be more of a documentary made up of the clips? Enjoy thosse last few miles and all the best for the future. Rob

  3. Pam Stocker says:

    Can’t be there in body, but sure as everything that floats, peddles, paddles, there in spirit. Welcome home! Pam

  4. Tari says:

    In Japan we say, “otsukaresama!” And what a huge otsukaresama it is for you and your team. Congratulations, Sarah Mouse. An epic ending to an epic adventure. Comgratulations once again. So proud of you!

  5. Shelagh says:

    I well remember the day you set out those 4 plus years ago and have followed you virtually every paddle, pedal and row since. There has been a LOT of water under the bridge since then…literally and figuratively. Savour the moments tomorrow….we are all so proud of you. Congratulations, you are truly amazing. Can’t wait to read the book!

  6. Wendy says:

    Congratulations on completing your epic journey. You’re an inspiration to young (and not so young) ladies around the world. You were born for greatness and you’re living up to it. Best wishes on the next phase of your life/journey.

  7. Vlad says:

    Sarah, congratulations on finishing your adventure! It is good to know that you are safe and finally getting home . You did great and are truly an inspiration to all of us. Take a good rest and enjoy your family!

  8. Ray Girard says:

    You have pushed yourself to your limits and beyond.
    You have reached out to ‘Know Thyself’.
    You have faced your fears.
    You have also found out what true joy really feels like.
    You have grown as a human being, and you have let us tag along through it all.
    You have laid yourself bare, and dressed yourself up in the most honourable clothes.
    You did it. You did it. You did it.
    Your spirit has, and will…affect the dreams and desires of numerous hearts.
    You also took care of yourself, as we asked, …and you have moved this Earth.
    Our pride cannot be contained.
    Our love…..has been there all along.
    Thankyou….for ……….you.

  9. Mark Schroeder says:

    What an amazing achievement by you and your team. It seems to have become part of my life and I’m sure many others to check where you are and how you’re doing, to wonder at your fortitude and the unrelenting dedication of your team in the face of so many challenges along the way. I’m sure many people will experience that mix of elation and sadness as you ‘cross the line’ though of course your own will be on a different scale, almost unimaginable to those who have never experienced such a long and concerted effort – and let’s face it who has? Completing your journey, your dream, makes you very special, as if you weren’t already to have even started such an audacious trip. I wish you well in life beyond this. You’ll know from experience how hard readjustment to life without that enormous goal will be. Yield to it, allow yourself to feel listless and lazy, reinvest in your relationships, knowing that in time you will refocus your incredible will in the right way for you as you may be at the time. Thank you Sarah, the world needs explorers.

  10. David Welsh says:

    I have followed your adventures since you rowed from Ausrltralia accord the Indisn Ocean.
    Watched as you bicycled, rowed and paddled around the world with incredible fortitude.
    I am now 85 years of age, so glad I have been spared to watch the finale.
    Hopefully it will be on BBC news!
    David Welsh. Agoira Hills, CA. USA.

  11. judith says:

    I too am sad it is over; I feel you have become part of my life over the years and will miss all the highs and lows you have experienced. You said your trusty steads would be resting ‘awhile’ – does this mean you have some other expedition taking root in your mind???
    Hope you have a fabulous final few miles tomorrow, it will be so emotional and hope the sun smiles on you

  12. Steven says:

    Congratulations Sarah! Happy trails to you. Cheers!

  13. Suzi Golodoff says:

    Sarah! Tears of joy and rallying whoops heard around the world! You’ve carried all of us with you and we feel so proud! Love to you from everywhere!

  14. David & Annie MacLehose says:

    We have tracked you around the world and are sorry we cannot be on the Thames to watch your final stretch. You have been an inspiration to young and old. Enjoy the last few miles and all the welcomes you have deservedly earned. It is a long time and many miles since you paddled down the River Tay just for fun. your Dad will have been so proud of you.

    Congratulations and enjoy the coming weeks of rest transforming those plans for the future nurtured over many salty miles into reality. Good luck

    David & Annie Perth Scotland

  15. Tudor Jones(one of the Humphreys clan) says:

    Congratulations on your fantastic achievement – we have followed your progress ever since your presentation of your Indian Ocean adventure to the WI in Guildsfield, Welshpool

    We are all very proud of you

    Rhian and Tudor

  16. Eddie Edrich says:

    Sarah, what can I say but I always knew you had it in you from the first time we met. Well done! what an achievement especially after the Indian Ocean and all the other things you have done.You will go on with life in
    your own inimitable way. Good luck in the future I look forward to reading the book. Love Ed

  17. Lawton Family says:

    We have loved every minute of your epic journey – what an amazing woman you are! Well done Sarah and good luck for today xx

  18. Mirvette , Lara & Luca says:

    Luca Lara and I will be with you in spirit Sarah. No longer will Luca be able to use you as an excuse not to get in the bath on the basis that presumably, you didn’t have to have a bath every day and if it is good enough for Sarah… I loved reading your first book “A dip in the Ocean” and look forward to your next one ( no time pressure, you can relax a bit first!) You will be arriving in 1 hour and 25 mins after what can only be described as a truly epic voyage- Well done for showing us all what can be achieved with human endeavour.
    Amazing feat of endurance and heroism!! Congratulations!!


    I managed to put the bin out this morning on my own.
    I think that without you I probably would not even have tried and just asked a kind neighbour to help.
    You have a new life in front of you now, and I believe that that magic will carry me over into an eventual return to the swimming baths and even an ‘ascent’ of Bardon Hill again.
    I have cherished the nature of our relationship – our own special version of ’84 Charing Cross Road’ – which to me has had sanctity.
    Thank you very much Sarah.
    Time to sign off.

  20. Christine Foley says:

    I hear the 12 noon chimes…

    Your achievement is FANTASTIC. Well Done!

    Welcome Home… much happiness for the future.

    Kind regards


  21. Phil Harnett says:

    Hi Sarah

    It seems so long ago that we met in Beijing and I bought you a steak dinner and G&T 🙂

    You are amazing – just amazing. Enjoy the ride that is to follow…

    Phil & Michelle

  22. Brad Martin says:

    Congratulations Sarah!!! Alex and I and Katie have been following your progress with great interest since we met in Grande Prairie last winter. You are a truly remarkable woman Sarah. Enjoy your welcome home, and a well-deserved rest!.
    Brad Martin.

  23. Maureen Vokey says:

    Yippee Sarah, you are nearly there!! Congratulations are too tame for the amazing journey you have had!!
    We in Chatham are so pleased & proud, Sarah. Wish I could be in London, but will try & see you on line??
    LOTS of love & best wishes for the future!! xo

  24. Lynn says:

    What a momentous occasion for you! I’m sorry I came to following your journey late..Cape Cod…but loved your continual and varying descriptions of sky and sea…hope to read it all in depth and more (of what I missed) in a book! By the way, where is Happy Socks now? Drifting or sunk? Leaving HS was tough— but you are safe with all your memories intact and you were certainly out there long enough to get the whole range of experiences–you proved yourself strong yet flexible to deal with whatever came your way! Brava!

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