Land lark

And there was me thinking I was getting used to land larking again and that my sea legs would enjoy their current rest… Haha. No such thing as rest yet and I am still acclimatising to land life. I feel as though I am back in the washing machine again (think my first 360 at sea) and being boshed along by some sort of strange force that I don’t quite understand. Decisions boggle me, my huge email list dazes me and sleep appears to have evaded me thus far. Ocean life was much simpler, more beautiful and less stressful. Give me ten days and I hope to be back in the land of the living again, but no promises!

Here is a quick rundown of life thus far…


Landing into LHR  supremely exciting –  friends, family and a Pink Army of Arthritis Care supporters waved  balloons, banners and popped bubbly. Happy days.   Flags had been put up all over the front of our house in little Rutland. Thank you everyone! This is extended to all the lovely letters, cheques and flowers I have recieved since being back – and all the commenteering. In due course I will get round to replying, I promise.


Sadly Mike (my big brother) had Man Flu which precluded him from hurling us out of an aeroplane  but it was good to see him again and to pick up my favourite little one-eyed dog, Bonnie.  7 hours driving later I was home in time for le rosbif and then found myself en route to London ready for BBC Breakfast on Monday. Jetlagged and exhausted.


Two interviews later, and I was headed North once more. BBC East Midlands in the evening.  Jetlagged still and even more exhausted.


Wales. A trip to see my Taid (Welsh grandad ) and godmother Joyce. All lovely until Walter (the Landrover) blew his head gasket on the motorway 80 miles out from home. Crawled into bed 1am.  Beyond tired!


The mighty Ox: Time for some R&R, and some meetings with some of my Sensibles – in a bid to put various plans in place with respect to the next chapter. I have just been put to sleep with a supremely brilliant massage, so things are looking good.

Meanwhile, the lovely Dippers is on her way back home and should be touching down in Blighty on September 11th. The weekend has been earmarked for sleeping and a trip to the Birdfair – which happens on my doorstep – and then next week is some more Sensibles meetings in London and maybe even some resting and book writing.

For now, my faithful Tweedles – I shall bid you cheerio from this ‘ere Cheery O x

PS Would folk be interested in buying  some Solo Across the Indian t-shirts if I contrived such a thing?


PPPS Photos to follow once I have some headspace again

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27 Responses to Land lark

  1. Keith says:

    I’d certainly be interested in a couple of T-shirts – as long as you do them in XXXL !!!!!!!!

  2. René Soobaroyen says:

    Me too!.But not that big though! Large would be alright. A couple would be fine . As i could wear one as i do my daily jogging around the Trou-aux-cerfs, in Curepipe.

  3. claire brazier says:

    i’d be very interested in a t-shirt or 3, and as you know my dad would probably buy a few or maybe a few dozen knowing him lol

  4. Vincent says:

    YOU belive right – it is now an incredible £15,443 which is like saying you’ll do the Indian Ocean and then doing it and then doing another half ocean!!!

    If you haven’t got enough records already, young lady, this is the most that ANY individual has raised for us through doing a sponsored event – so double well done!

  5. Claire C says:

    I would defintely buy a t-shirt or two and would wear them for rowing on the Tideway.

    Please keep up the blog, Sarah, we’re all doing cold turkey without you.

  6. Jenna says:

    Hey- when would you like your cakes? Delivered over a glass of vino perhaps? Let me know when you’re in Oaks and have a spare millisecond of time for a catch up friend!!
    Enjoy all the fab attention, you deserve it.
    p.s yes will defo buy a shirt

  7. Steve Sissons says:

    Get printing T shirts Looks like you may sell enough to double what you have raised so far See you foe a Free Steak @ the “Birtie” when you find your land legs & the Dust Settles Steve AKA Charly’s Dad

  8. Alan Hind says:

    Bring on the t shirts! And CD of your favourite rowing songs!

  9. tracey mason says:

    I’m with Keith – big and baggy for me. Unfortunately, i don’t row for 14 hours a day to work off the chocolate calories! Sigh

  10. Grandma Barb says:

    Hi Sarah:

    Count me in for a couple of T Shirts . I always buy X large as i don’t
    lke tight fitting clothe.What procedure would i have follow to get them to Canada?And by the way,you sound very tired .Does all the guest
    appearances have to made so soon? Even though you are a young person
    you’re body took a lot of battering on the Indian Ocean.Look after
    your self.
    Take care
    Grandma Barb

  11. Alan Thomas says:

    T- shirts

    just get them done, they will very soon go like chocolate cakes !!
    Well done, again

    Alan Thomas

  12. Steve Whitehead says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Thanks for all the news Sarah. You are so busy at the moment it is exhausting just reading about it all! Please look after yourself and rest when you can. Hope you enjoy the birdfair – someone I work with is driving up to Rutland for it tomorrow. Sounds good. Have fun.
    All the very best, take care, Steve Whitehead
    PS. Did I say? well done with all the money you have raised!
    PPS. T-Shirt sounds interesting! Would need to be a BIG one though!

  13. Gwyn R says:

    XXL for me Sarah.
    It was nice to see you again.
    Gwyn Roberts

  14. Gwyn R says:

    XXL for me Sarah.
    It was great to see you again.


  15. Murphy says:

    I asked my mum and dad if i could have t’shirts for my brothers and I and they said yes so small sizes would be good as well as big grown up sizes.
    I told my class at school about you for news – they want t’shirts too.

  16. Jill OHalloran says:

    Yes a tee shirt or two for me please…. When you’re head is able to manage logistics perhaps we can do the BSb thing for folks down under in Perth.
    It’s lovely hear how you’re going and I love your openess about your reactions to coming back to LAND!
    “Ride lightly in the saddle of life” ….isn’t that a great saying… it always helps me to ‘go with the flow’ of things’.
    Anyway …mostly take care of yourself and make space for quiet and peace.
    Love from Jill O’H in Perth, Western Australia.

  17. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Yes very interested in T shirts if you quick I can take one out to Marcel. I leave in just 8 weeks time.

  18. ian says:

    hi sarah,great to hear from you,certainly would like a t shirt,echoing kieth i’d need a “roomy”one!you could also get some rum punch and chocolate thingymebobs made up,bet they’d sell wewll!hope you’re getting back to something like normal,the change in environments you’ve undergone must be truly headspinning,glad you’re having some fun,also pleasaed that you’ve time for bloggage as have been getting withdrawl symptoms!
    waiting now for news of dippers safe landing!
    till then have a brilliant time catching up with yourself!

  19. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    What a wonderful surprise to see you still find time to blog to all of your faimly , I think i can truly say we all have a case of withdrawl system .I still check the blog every day in anticpation , and today you where there. You should flutter of to one of those little Island hideaways around the U.K. for the summer .Do the interveiws in the colder months (REST & RECERATION its called) T.Shirts love em XL ( both you & dippers on them )Please get some to WEST AUSSIE (Geraldton) Can not wait for your book .CHERIO for this time ,please keep in touch on your blog even its only , “HELLO ” TERRY B !!!!!!
    P.S. Waiting to hear when DIPPERS is safely home with you ,need a trailer to take Her/Him around with you Bye Bye for this time . PLEASE TAKE CARE TERRY B!!!!!!!

  20. Greg Turner says:

    Hey Sarah

    Congratulations on your amazing effort. We watched the internet every day to see how you were going from here at the Gold Coast on the east coast of Australia. You have inspired many to do something out of the ordinary and lve life. I love the idea of the T-shirt, count us in we will have two.

    Thanks for the ongoing blogs – we love them.


    Greg & Cyndy Turner

  21. Tony F says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Sorry, have been away and missed the last fortnight. It ‘T’ shirts are in the offing……

  22. Robert Nixon says:

    I surely hope land life has been treating you well these last few days.

  23. Andy Cockayne (PE Vet) says:

    Hey Sarah, I fully understand the post adventure wierdness, I remember it well! By the way I still have my land rover if you are interested!!

  24. Terry Jones says:

    Well done Sarah

  25. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah! I would definitively buy a couple of T-Shirts (for myself and some of my friends whom I kept up-to-date with your progress – they were highly amused by me having a “virtual hero”, yet no less impressed by your achievements!). Hope you’re getting some rest after your ocean crossing and PR-marathon! Dagmar

  26. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Hows it all going ,hope u are getting some rest, not all P.R.
    Spending some time with your Mum & Faimly
    Is DIPPERS home yet ,was it a safe trip home for her/him .
    Take Care ,Just had to say HELLO , miss your cherri blogs
    cherrio TERRY B

  27. Paul says:

    T-shirt sounds like an essential product – Every proud Englishman will be honoured to sport such a memento to your achievements and any surplus made can further swell the terrific sum you have raised.

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