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I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but there’s good reason for it – busy with projects and life. The most exciting of them all is this film project with kickass film maker Jen Randall. 

Fresh. Authentic. Dynamicly textured. Playful. Unafraid to delve deeply. Our feature film will be no straight narrative, but will explore the inner and outer journeys through a mix of film sequences, images, sound and text. Questions will thread the film, answered in a variety of ways, reflecting the curiosity that we know the story creates. How do you cope with the loneliness? Where do you go to the loo? How did you choose your route? How did you prepare mentally? How do you sleep ion the boat? What was it like coming home? 

And, of course, Why?

We launched our Kickstarter campaign yesterday, raising nearly £6K in 24 hours via 86 backers. It was so exciting watching the totals jump and skip upwards, and humbling to read the messages of support coming in for the film.

So, now to the hard graft of filling in the rest of our £40K target by 28th October. The way that Kickstarter works is that you only get the pledges if you reach or exceed your target. 

To do that we are calling on everyone we know and everyone they know, far and wide and wider still, to share, share, share the project and back us if you can. Rewards range from the film, to other films, to my books, to adventure mugs, film making sessions and picnics.

Here’s the link: Kickstarter : London2London

Thank you in advance!



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