Just a little update

Well, Sarah is now back in UK!!

We arrived at Heathrow about 6.30 pm on Saturday and were met with a fantastic welcoming comittee!!

 There were friends from her Oxford days, her godparents and folks from Arthritis care……also a news crew form ITN……plus balloons, champagne, chocolate cake and other goodies.!!!!

 She should be on ITN news tomorrow evening . ( early evening news)

She’s been down to see her BIG brother today, and to collect Bonnie , our black labrador!!

 Having arrived back in Oakham at 11pm last night, she is back in London  this evening so she can appear on BBC’s Breakfast show in the morning.

She will also be on BBC East Midlands today  (live) in the evenng!!

Busy lady that she is.

Dippers should have departed from mauritius by Monday morning.she’s due back in UK around 11th September..when she will travel down to the Southampton Boatshow!! I  believe Sarah will be there for most of the week and will be giving a presentation on 20th September.

 Sarah will update you all  herself soon………but she’s so busy at the moment that I thought I would just let you know what is happening.

 Bye for now,


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19 Responses to Just a little update

  1. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:

    thank you, helen

    you must have acquired a few grey hairs during sarah’s landing, but which doubtless turned normal color two hours later! that was a rough three hours for everyone.

    we miss sarah’s blogs, of course, as does everyone. what an offspring you produced.

    have her bring you to atlin.


    maggie and dick

  2. Jill OHalloran says:

    Thankyou Helen

  3. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Thank you Helen, it’s great to get news of Sarah.

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks from moi too Helen,
    Hoping that funds to feed and maintain hold out amidst all the voluntary PR work.
    Great to get the update as here in Oz we do not get that live news from the other airways.
    Has she found any of those 18kgs again yet?

  5. Charlie Chase says:

    Thanks Helen,
    I managed to see Sarah on BBC’s Breakfast show this morning.
    I’ll be looking out for more tonight. I’ll be telling others too.

  6. Amanda B says:

    Thank you, Helen, and please pass on our thanks to Sarah for allowing us to share her welcome home cake! Great to see you all back safely – phew! Amanda x

  7. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Thank you my friend for this update, now hoping to watch the tape that I put in so I didn’t miss it. Will be in touch now you are back.

    You take great care, all good wishes to Matt for this coming week too.

    Much Love

    C & K

  8. Mark Powell says:


  9. Joey Rosenfeld says:

    “Kol Akavod” which in Hebrew means “All the respect” !
    Wow…amazing. What a strong spirit and will.
    Take care.
    Hello from Tel Aviv, Israel.

  10. Susie Hewson says:

    Helen, what’s the secret? After crossing the Ocean, Sarah announces her first task when she gets back to UK is a sky dive with her brother!I flip through the hoop when my 20 year old, student son treks off to wild parts of the world, stuff that offspring do to be adventurous, leaving Mum with all varieties of imagenings of danger and woe. Come on Helen, where’s your book for us worrying mums – how to stay sane during it all – that is also a book I want to read!!! Just caught the very end of the BBC breakfast interview, off to Iplayer to catch up. Glad that Sarah got the true hero’s welcome that she deserves. Susie H

  11. terry bradley says:

    Thanks HELEN
    For your update ,Its great that SARAH is back home safely with you all ,Sarah deserves all her Acalades ,she done a great venture & always kept her great spirit .SARAH & HER team should have a special welcome home. Miss her blogs greatly ,we dont hear any news or T.V coverage of her here in AUSSIE . say HELLO TO HER AS WE MISS HER CHERRIO TERRY B !!!!!!
    thinking of DIPPERS cant wait to hear her/him home safely

  12. Steve Whitehead says:

    Thanks Helen,
    Nice to see Sarah on BBC this morning. WIll try ITN this evening – in hope. Glad you all had a good welcome at the airport.
    Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the news.
    Steve Whitehead

  13. joseph yan de Périndorge says:

    HEY I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT IN DIRECT IN MAURITIUS WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE? what i need to do if someone can help me please
    email is :splashcpe@yahoo.fr

  14. Grandma Barb says:

    Thanks Helen,

    I appreciate the update on Sarah.
    Take Care
    Grandma Barb

  15. navin,Quatre Bornes,Mauritius says:

    For Joseph,please go to BBC website,look for BBC iplayer and select BBC breakfast show of16 august 09 and eh voila!

  16. RoninVancouver says:

    Hello Helen!

    Just had to comment regarding Susie Hewson’s request. Grab a pen and reams of paper – a detailed book about stress management from the supportive mother of an all-out adventurous daughter would be extremely interesting!

    Both you and Rita Savage have contributed outstanding insights and strategems over the emotional roller-coaster of concerns experienced during your daughters’ exploits.

    So many parents today are are waking up to the potential challenges their children want to experience. And many of them are scary, to say the least… like the thirteen year old Dutch girl who wants to circumnavigate the world starting this September!

    For years I have been following the challenging adventures, expeditions and enterprises (thanks to the WEB) of younger and younger daredevils worldwide. In my youth, a half century ago, I rebelled and simply “took off” on my own without blessings or support.
    Now that my granddaughter wants to “do her thing” I am beginning to realize and understand the hell my mother said she was experiencing over my escapades into the wilderness.

    So… I hope you seriously consider this request. Only a MOTHER could do this effectively.

    In respect, –Ron

  17. Lina says:

    Hi Helen, thanks for the update. I can see that your daughter is a roller coaster, i could not believe that she went skydiving…….when she got back to UK. No doubt that she is a very busy lady….and she well deserved all the VIP treatment. Like I said in one of my comments, you too, should be admired for letting your children achieving their goals, as it would take a lot of courage. I saw Sarah only a couple of time before she rowed away, and was with her on the day of her departure from Fremantle, I was very emotional to see her disappear in the vast ocean and I realize how hard it must have been for you.Well I hope now you, Sarah and the boys will now relax and enjoy each others company.Thank Sarah for her email, is she still on the same email?

  18. travijoe says:

    Hi Helen, thanks for the update,we in victoria australia don’t get
    any news about sarah at all so looking fotward to further news
    about Sarah & her team,thanks again helen for your news you are a
    good backup for her, as you would be in the middle of it all happening

  19. Clare S says:

    Hey, glad to hear that you are all back in the UK safe and sound. I am also back in England after my 6 weeks in China. Sarah, let me know when you are in Oxford/London so I can hear your tales and feed your chocolate brownies! xxx

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