Event: London talk

A big part of L2L is sharing the journey – both on the way and during these inbetween phases.

I am very chuffed (and a little bit daunted!) to be opening the Explore weekend at the Royal Geographical Society in London next month, with the Friday night lecture. Info here. It will be in the impressive 750 seater Ondaatje Theatre, so there should be plenty of space.

I do hope that lots of you will be able to join us. If you drop a line to hello@sarahouten.com then we can add you to the Guest List for free entry – otherwise it is £5 on the door or free for Explore delegates.

If you are planning your first expedition, adventure or fieldwork I can really recommend the weekend – for advice, ideas, inspiration and good chats. Info here.

Hope to see you there,



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8 Responses to Event: London talk

  1. mike noon says:

    Hi there Sarah , thanks for the great photograph,

    Lecture Hint- Just find a person sitting the furtherest away from you, and just talk to them. Simple.

    Take care

  2. Ray Girard says:

    A fine photo there, Sarah. I see confidence, maturity, strength, commitment, a touch more wisdom, and a whole eyebrow full of attitude.
    Success to you in everything you do. You are advancing the whole human race, with your courage.
    We love you.

    Langley, BC, CANADA

  3. Tony F says:

    You’ll fill the place up, I am sure!

  4. Megan Lewis says:

    Don’t know if I can be there on the Friday, but will you be there over the weekend? I have put myself down as a guest speaker and it would be lovely to see you again all these miles from Atyrau.
    Love the photo at the top of the page which I think I am right in saying is the road up to Lake Sayram – I rode along there a year before in the opposite direction!


    • Sarah says:

      Megan this is great to hear – happy days! Yes I shall be around over the weekend too so look forward to catching up. Spot on with the photo idents too 🙂

      See you soon,


  5. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah
    Sorry we can’t be with you on the Friday- we will be away but we know you will give a great talk. Just be your natural self.
    Heather and Cameron xx

  6. Barb Smith says:

    Hello Sara,
    I agree with Langley B.C.Canada, I see a mature interesting woman.You have given me many hours
    of happy reading.Thanks Sara
    Barb. Smith
    Canada Ontatio

  7. Lynn Munro says:

    I was at the opening of explore tonight and wanted to say how awesome your presentation was, it was a pleasure to hear your experience and the videos you made we’re super duper.. Looking forward to hopefully chatting with you over the weekend. Perfect way to inspire us all. Also saving your bag of hats….. Had to be done, they become team mates. will be looking out for you next talk once you head off to complete your wonderful adventure in spring.


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