Introducing the Seablog

Hi everyone, John here. I’m one of Sarah’s landlubbing website support team.

Sarah’s seablog system is now finally up and running. This means that Sarah can now blog right from onboard Serendipity and her entries will show up here on her blog. This is a great addition to her podcasts and the updates by everyone else, and it means she can post a quick update whenever she feels like it, without having to badger one of her extended support crew back on land to do it for her!

Expect more updates soon.

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14 Responses to Introducing the Seablog

  1. Roz Savage says:

    At last! I’ve been lucky enough to get 160-character-or-less updates from Bouncy Outey via her satphone, but can’t wait to get the bouncey vibe in longer format through the blogs.

    Thanks, John! And can’t wait to hear from you, Sarah!

  2. Robert Nixon says:

    Very cool, I know Sarah has been hoping to post herself. It has been a treat to hear from her on podcast recording days. Now everybody will get to hear from her directly on the blog. 🙂 Thx for your hard work John.

  3. xtina says:

    So lovely to hear you Sarah, it gives an insight to how you are doing on board, and to hear about the birds and fish around you is great too!! Let the moon and the stars be your friend.

    You are an inspiration, so keep safe and snug in your beanbag, thinking of you

  4. Susie Hewson says:

    live reports from the ocean on the radio, live blogs, Sir Robin Knox Johnston never had it so good, all that peace and quiet whilst getting on with the job – but fantastic for all of us hanging on for your updates and experiences everyday, especially the chocolate blogs!
    SISTERS are proud and full of admiration. Susie

  5. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    There does not seem to be much movement on the tracker sight. Are you having problems.

    Keep it going Sarah.

    Heidi and Lorne.

  6. Charly says:

    YAY!!! That is pretty cool We can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Tom Talbot says:

    Great going for those that may want to know her exact position- the best way to see Sarah’s position is to go from the marine tracker to google earth tracker which gives her exact position all the time . By my calculation she is at this moment 720 nautical miles due west of a position half way between Kalbarri and the bottom of Shark Bay

  8. Tom Talbot says:

    Great going . The best sight to see Sarahs progress is to go from the marine tracker to the google earth tracker which shows her exact postion all the time. By my calculations she is 720 nm due west of a postion half way between Kalbarrie and the southen end of Shark Bay

  9. Graham Hadley says:

    Excellent progress Sarah, was in Freo yesterday and was amazed to see the fly posters on the doors promoting your impending passage! Good to see and great to know you have so many followers, I am sure everyone is following you.
    Hope the weather stays fair, and look forward to your next pod up date. Going great guns. Keep it up

  10. Ron says:

    Funtastic! Always best to get the news straight from the horse’s mouth (Seahorse in this case). Bang on, Sarah. Would be nice to see you outpace the racers in your wake; but don’t strain yourself because your odyssey has nothing to do with them.

    And John, glad to see your efforts paying off so handsomely.

  11. Marcel says:

    Spoke to Amy today and confirmed that Maersk (Mauritius) Ltd will be sponsoring the shipping back of “Serendipity” in her cradle to the UK.
    You now have one of the largest Container companies in the world as sponsor.

  12. Spike says:

    So when Outey is not rowing, she can be surfing ??

  13. Graham Hadley says:

    Got to be said, large tongue in cheek! Why you not going to row serendipity back to the UK then?
    Ah well let Maersk, yep Maersk do the job….You do the hard work let the small fries take her home!

  14. Laura says:

    Whoop Whoop! Very excited about getting the technology up and running, there’s nothing quite like getting the story so far straight from the horses mouth, so to speak!

    Can’t wait for some Outey crazy blogging!!

    xx Laura

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