Impossible is nothing…

finisher-photo.jpgSo said the slogan for the 2007 London Marathon. Quite true, methinks.

There were times on Sunday April 22nd when my leg muscles seized up and a pit-stop in the pub would have been welcome relief. However, cheered on by my ARC contingent of family and friends, I ran the 26.2 miles around the city. A screaming entourage of red and white, they were a welcome sight – although I nearly tripped up at mile 15, so excited I was to see them!

The whole experience was fantastic. At times it was overwhelming. In his memory and hopefully in his footsteps (or wheelie tracks!), I was running for Dad. Because I can. Remembering how he struggled to walk at times, yet kept on going even when he hit the wall, was humbling and inspiring all at once. There were happy moments thinking of healthier days, walking in the hills with him, cruising on his motorbike, bird-watching… Every step, each mile – he was with me. He would always tell us we could do anything we want to. Impossible is nothing. Big respect, Pops. Always.

Collateral damage was limited to five of my toenails resigning from active service and, apart from a rather grumpy hip, the rest of my body is all set to start training again. After all, the Blackpool Marathon is just around the corner. Finals are even closer but, worry ye not, I am already in training for those!

Huge thanks to everyone who has donated to ARC – we have cleared £3,000. Anyone wishing to throw a squiddler or two into the charity fund can do so via

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