Images of Arrival

Hello. Sarah is ok. We are back at my place and Sarah has been busy on the phone with press. She is yet to have a shower. No massage yet. What a pro.

Below some pictures. Sorry they are not great, but they should give you a feel for the day. Feel free to use them for whatever you like and if you need a hi-res version just e-mail me at with your request.

Thank you for all your energy and prayers. We needed every single bit of support today. What Sarah went through was just amazing. It was so dangerous. You will get a report from her tomorrow.

Click here to enjoy the photos!

ps: “I have just had my first glass of rum punch!” – Sarah Outen

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124 Responses to Images of Arrival

  1. Anna says:

    Congratulations Sarah for your amazing voyage through the monsterous sea.

    You are really something special!

    Been a great pleasure to follow up your rowing and this blog.


  2. john and andy from melton says:

    well done sarah, fantastic row, you were on the bbc news at 6pm tonight, hope you are ok have a beer with us in melton when you get back, all the best john and andy

  3. Felicity Rollings says:

    wow, what an emotional day! the photos are incredible – thanks ricardo! i’m so chuffed for you sarah – what an absolutely incredible experience and achievement! enjoy the rum! fliss xxx

  4. Cindy Gomez says:

    Well done Sarah!!

    Atta girl!!


    Cindy Gomez in Lansing, Michigan

  5. David Johnson says:

    Now I can breathe again all I can say is “WOW” many congratulations and very well done!

  6. Dyl Powell says:

    Well done, Sarah. Many congratulations on your success. Hope to see you on your return to UK.
    Best wishes from all at SHS.

    Dyl Powell

  7. I concur with the sentiments of the last ‘blogger’! I feel sick with anxiety and all I have to do is sit at my desk all day and check to see how far away you were from land.
    I have had all the news programmes on the TV since lunch time to see you and zippo – nothing so far!! However, as I type Stuart Marconi on Radio 2 said you will be on his programme tomorrow evening Tuesday 4th

    Well done little flower.

    Pammie and Harry Stebbing.

  8. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    Ricardo: Thanks for all your efforts. You are a good guy.

    I share Sarah’s feelings about prayer, but in this case they sure couldn’t hurt. Just knowing so many people care and have kept Sarah in their thoughts must have been a big boost and is the true power of what most people call prayer.

  9. Hannah Grist says:

    Hey Sarah…

    Have been following your progress. Obviously ridiculously impressed, but knew you could do it. Well done.


  10. Rachel Smith says:

    Congratulations Sarah – you did it! And how good does it feel?! Enjoy the experience and all that it brings with it, and welcome to that very exclusive club of ocean rowers!

  11. Kerrie Chapman says:

    Congratulations Miss Outen!
    I’m so very impressed and am so pleased your mum and Matthew managed to change their flights and be there to welcome you in. Enjoy the chocolate!
    See you soon
    Kerrie xx

  12. Rita says:

    Well done 🙂
    Hope to meet you one of these days and hear all the amazing stories you’ll have to tell! 🙂
    Send the weather man home soon!

  13. Jean says:

    Well done Sarah you are an inspiration to all the young people of today!


    Norwich Norfolk

  14. wormy says:

    Congratulations! An amazing achievement 🙂 Good to know you arrived in one piece and hopefully not too soggy 🙂 I can’t imagine how your mum felt when she first saw you again… 😀

    Well done you!

  15. Tony Hack says:

    Congratulations and incredibly well done. Enjoy your rum punch, massage, choccy and a bloomin’ good rest in any order you like!

    Best wishes

  16. kate Llewelyn says:

    I’m chuffed to bits for you and the family Sarah. Well done!!!!!!! I’m jumping round the room celebrating and my cats are wondering what on earth is going on! Hope you get your massage soon. Kate xx

  17. St.Hugh\'s College, Oxford Chronicle Readers says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! You are a winner! You deserve all that follows from this amazing achievement by way of records and awards.

  18. sarah walker says:

    Congratulations Sarah – a truly amazing achievement. Been following you on Radcliffe and Maconie on Radio 2 and can’t wait for tomorrow evening. Enjoy your success and all it brings, and eat plenty of chocolate.

  19. Libby says:

    Congratultions does not seem very much to say for all those days and miles at sea!! Well done Serendipidity and hope Spedebear made it in one piece.

    Enjoy some R+R with your Mum and Matt.
    We are so proud of you, Sarah, here at SJS.
    Look forward to seeing you soon.


  20. Mary Jo Johnson says:

    Many many congratulations Sarah, watched you all the way. You are a star. What a reception you have had, so glad your mum and Matthew were there for you. Sending you lots of love. Jo x

  21. Fiona Sampson says:

    Huge comgratulations Sarah! What a girl…… a real inspiration! Have a well earned rest now and we will see you in September.
    Love Fiona X

  22. Roger Maynard says:

    Well done Sarah. That burger in Fremantle obviously did the trick..Hearty congrats, Roger Maynard

  23. jackie warren says:

    Congratulations Sarah so glad to see you safely back on land again. You sure have achieved an amazing feat.

  24. Nick Robinson says:

    Congratulations, what a star!

  25. Anita says:

    What a rollercoaster of a day for you all. We’ve felt quite emotional waiting for news of you to unfold, and such utter joy and relief when the last blog came through.
    A fantastic achievement, Sarah – for you,personally, and for Helen and your brothers, and your Dad who is alive both in the memories of those who knew him and now in the imaginations of many, many people who have followed your progress and learnt how important he is to you.
    Lots of love to you all,
    Anita, Lars, Will & Jonny

  26. Tony F says:

    Fantastic! What an achievement! An inspiration to us all.

  27. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Star of the sea! The white water in the back of the shots tells us a little of what you faced coming in. But you crested it, as you have crested difficulty after diffculty, and we hope you can now relax and let someone else make the decisions for a couple of days. Congratulations to your stalwart land crew for a job well done – enjoy your reunions and attention: I expect some wonderful islanders are now making you their own. You are officially a ‘prima donna’ !!!!

    congratulations, Jane

  28. L.I.Merrick says:


    Ever since you appointed me Poet Laureate of your expedition just as you left Australia I have been unable to right a single line of poetry. I do so understand how Andrew Motion felt. Now your safe arrival releases me from my appointment, and I hail your return (and sign off) with the following verse, with a little help from my good friend Eliot:

    The Magic of the Journey

    A long crossing she had of it
    Not the worst time of the year
    For a journey, for such a long journey:
    The waves steep and the weather harsh,
    The Indian Ocean winter.
    And the buttocks galled, sore-fretted, refractory,
    Wearing raw on the sliding seat.
    There were times she regretted
    The arcades of shops, the Tesco’s,
    And the slot machines selling chocolate.
    Then the calloused hands catching and slipping,
    And losing the oars, and wanting that lotion for women,
    And the sea anchor going out, and the lack of fresh water,
    And the boat rolling and flipping her over:
    A hard time she had of it.
    At the end she attempted to row all night,
    Sleeping in snatches,
    While she kept her voice singing in our ears, blogging
    That this was all jolly.

    Then at dawn she came in to a tropical island,
    Wet, above the skyline, smelling of vegetation,
    With the Coastguard above beating the darkness,
    And bright lights on a low sky.
    And the white horses pulling her ever nearer the reef wall.
    She was almost in reach of a tavern with rum-punch over the counter
    And friends in Mauritius ready at hand to support her,
    And the world’s Press kicking their heels.
    But the wind stayed against her, so she continued
    And arrived after nightfall, not a moment too soon
    Finding the place; it was (you may say) satisfactory.

    All this will soon seem a long time ago, so remember,
    Yes, she would do it again, but set down
    This set down
    This: was she led all that way by
    Breadth or Depth? There was the breadth of an Ocean certainly,
    We have evidence and no doubt. She had expected breadth, not depth,
    Had thought they were different; this breadth was
    Hard and bitter agony for her, in deep, out of depth.
    She’ll return to our places, fools’ kingdoms,
    But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation,
    With a lazy people clutching their iPods.
    She will be glad of her hard-earned depth.

  29. Rosemary Hamp, City Beach, WA. says:

    You did it! Well done Sarah! You are truly a star! Enjoy everything Mauritius has to offer you this week. We wish you all the very best of everything!

    Rosemary, Horst, Danielle and Ben

  30. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Wondreful news, third time to try and send this before the money runs out, so glad your Mum and Matt made it in time. Look forwrad to hearing all about the arrival which I missed. Just ebnoy all the fuss you so deserve it.

    All good wishes and give your Mum that extra big hug from me. Loook forward to the next few months and hope to meet you at the boat show

    Love to you all

    Christine & Kathleen

  31. Dominic Carrington says:

    Huge congratulations Sarah!! I will miss your daily blogs. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure! Hope to have the opportunity to see you when you’re next in WA.Still trying to come to get to grips with the enormity of your challange. Your are an inspiration. All the best, Dom
    I am really looking forward to hearing about your more spiritual journey and where that has taken you.

  32. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Please excuse the mistakes I am trying to type too quickly before the money goes, roll on when I get back on my own computer.
    What a star, enjoy all the things which have been organised for you.

    We knew you would do it,all good wishes

    C & K

  33. Marcus says:

    My congratulations to Sarah, I’ve been travelling with her by google earth. I’m a seaman, and I know the adventure she took. Best wishes to Sarah, and all of you there in Mauricius!

  34. David Bevan says:


    Congratulations on a fantastic achievement. Well done.

    An ocean rowing fan.

  35. well done sarah, i heard you on the radio 4 headlines this evening – enjoy the celebrations/massages/hugs and relaxations. you are so brave. i’m very proud to have met you.
    have a glass of rum punch for me!
    love and blessings laura and wee finn xxxxxxxxxx

  36. Jill OHalloran says:

    Well done and congratulations on making history, what an incredible achievement. The photos were so beautiful of your homecoming, that I wept. I was worried too and could not go to bed until I knew they had you in their sights! Enjoy your family and friends, choccies and Rum!
    Hope to meet you one day. All the very best to you Sarah for the next chapter of your life!

  37. Pam Stocker says:

    So relieved to see you alive and well, and looking like me old Outey-Toot. Well done Ricardo, Helen, Matt, all the watchers and waiters – What a day! And thanks to Poet Laureate. I’ve so enjoyed your contributions – as S’s old English teacher I’ve specially appreciated the literary dimension of these blogs,and a fine and thoughtful Eliot parody too. I wondered if you wondered about the depth and breadth bit – because it was so much for Dad Derek and partly as a result of his death that she has dug so deep into reserves I can only marvel at. Wonderful to see your grin, Sarah. Lots of love, Pam

  38. margot says:

    What a girl, what an achievement. You said you would row from Fremantle to Mauritus and you did it. Nothing will stop you from achieving anything you want to. Enjoy all the aclaim. Look forward to seeing you when you come back to WA.

  39. Currin says:

    Well done Sarah,,,
    Your internal ‘compass’ has forever been moved a few degrees.
    Great landing and nice pictures. Keep all of your fans further informed.

  40. Leon Andrews says:


  41. John Williams says:

    It is great to see ocean rowing history made, Sarah – what a wonderful achievement! One of the greatest rows! You did your Dad (and Mum!) proud. Enjoy the party! John Williams.

  42. Martyn says:

    Inspirational!!!! Well done on achieving your goal. what’s next?!!!
    Best wishes,

  43. gemma says:

    just seen the article on bbc news webiste, and have been following via here, nice one, well done!! 🙂

  44. Lynnette Bock says:

    Well done, Sarah. You are amazing. I couldn’t wait to get on the computer this morning in Sydney to see if you had arrived.
    Hope you know enjoy your success!

  45. Robert Nixon says:

    Well done! I hope you have something fresh to eat and something cold.

  46. James Carter says:

    I’m so glad you make it back safely! Have put a bottle of champers on ice for the next time I see you and will get the chocolates (your choice) as well so we can have a proper celebration!

    Have been looking for a quote to convey how excited/proud/happy I am of your achievement but words evade me. I hope given the media attention you’ll be getting over the coming days that you’re not lost for words, although I suspect that won’t be the case!


  47. needle and thread says:

    Those waves on the reef do not look nice! how hairy. but you look so healthy!! is this a brand of sun tan you would recommend?

  48. norm&carol walker Tasmania says:

    well done sarah you are a great lady you are a brave girl best of luck norm tasmania

  49. Clare S says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! One word doesn’t really seem enough for what you have done. I can’t wait to here your stories. For now enjoy everything that follows this amazing adventure, you deserve it. xxxxx

  50. Geoff says:

    Well done (again) Sarah. That is unfathomably BIG. If given the choice between rowing solo across the Indian Ocean or being sent to the moon to be the first person to step foot on it – I’d take the moon landing as the ‘soft’ option.

    I for one, will always remember where I was when Sarah Outen completed the first ever solo crossing of the Indian Ocean by row-boat by a woman. (snuggled up in a nice warm bed with the lap top!)

    Super cool of you.

  51. MarkinHull says:

    I guess we all feel we know you and of course we dont. But one thing i do know and that is how very proud your father is of his daughter, good luck to you and yours M xx

  52. Marshall Willan says:

    Well done Sarah.Our world needs many more people like you.I have followed your journey with admiration.
    Marshall Willan
    Perth,Western Australia

  53. John skevington says:

    Congratulations Sarah.
    You made it.
    I was most worried when you were in sight of land.
    Don’t forget your friends at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

  54. Lakpa Bhotia says:

    Many congratulations Sarah. Well done.

  55. Surnish Nirula says:

    Inspiring – very well done! Congratulations.

  56. Graham Hadley says:

    Fantastic Sarah. Heart felt CONGRATULATIONS. Have followed your wiggles daily! Now put yer feet up and enjoy. All the bet from WA.

  57. HOORAYYYYYYY, Sarah! So thrilled for you. What an incredible achievement. Lots of love from Hawaii!

  58. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Words alone cannot describe your great achievement. You were in our prayers all the way. “Somebody up there loves you”. You are an inspiration to the younger generation. CONGRATULATIONS: You’re one gutsy heck of a women. Fantastic and well done. Hope to meet you one day in W.A.

  59. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Great photos .waited right to the end with anxiety,fingers sore zooming in & out on the keyboard Enjoy the return & iook after DIPPEERS !! Hqpe we can follow your blog in future to see your next challange ENJOY THE DAY !!!!! TAKE CARE CHERRIO TERRY B GERALDTON WEST AUSSIE !!

  60. Juliet says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! and WOW! some more!

    t e n a c i t y e x e m p l i f i e d !

    I’m in oar…..whoops!….. I meant awe! 🙂

  61. Russ K says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! Well done indeed!!

  62. Hakon says:

    124 days of meditation. atomised in nature.

    how differently do you see the world today?

  63. Tom Talbot says:

    congratulations Sarah on an amazing achevement I was there to see you go very disapionted not to be there to see you arrive . You now stand out with all the other great adventures like Hillery , Scott and many more . All the best for the future I am sure we will hear from you again Please take great care Tom

  64. Stephan says:

    Welcome to Mauritius Sarah
    Hope you enjoyed the trip


  65. Tom Talbot says:

    I was going to add that we were a fairly subdued mobe that day of your depqarture from royal perth yatch club as am sure we we were all standing thinking we will never see this girl again but there you go wounderfull Tom

  66. Peter says:


    Wonderful accomplishment. Inspiring. Enjoyed following your progress. That’s a long way!

    Best always,


  67. Paul Kane says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SARAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A bloody long way to paddle a boat from Western Australia to Mauritius!
    Wish Getty’s would have flown me over for the arrival..


  68. Graham Picton says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! Very well done. Hope you’re enjoying a well erned rest (and the rum punch) now.
    All the best, Graham.

  69. Raj Dhoomun (Mauritius) says:

    Congratulation Sarah
    You made history in Mauritius and the World. You will be always rememberred and cited in the history of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean.

    raj dhoomun

  70. Sarah is high and dry.
    What a day.
    We arrived at Ile de la Passe in aprivate boat I had commissioned for the occasion with the help of an old friendly rogue of a seaman, Yan de Périndorge and his local team of seamen.
    We had to take on the MBCTV team on our boat “La Criée” as the boats supplied by the Coast Guard werae open rubberduckies.
    We arrived at Ile de la Passe and waited for Sarah to appaeer. The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds and night started to fall when after I flashed my light, we noticed a return flash on the reef opposite the entrance to the bay.
    We realised that it was Sarah and that she was stuck on the reef, in fact Dippers had beeen rolled over many times by huges waves.
    Whilst Ricardo jumped into our boat and proceeded to approach her from inside the lagoon, I was directing the Coast Guard helicopter – these machines don’t come out at night but did so in these special circumstances. After mant misses, it focused its projector on to Sarah.
    It was the question of winching her off and recuperating the boat later but she refused that option. In the meantime, Ricardo and Yan had reached her by welking over the reef. A very hazardous operation at the best ot times. Brave men those two.
    Sarah was transferred to our boat “La Criée” and Dippers was towed.
    Fortunately, GOD had decided to continue to sheperd Sarah, the moon was shining an eerie glow and affording us a relative light.
    Sarah reached the jetty of Bois des Amourettes (Lovers Woods)to be welcomed by an emotional crowd.

  71. Sorry for the grammatical errors. I am tired !

  72. BPC and Albie says:

    Congratulations, well done, woohoo!!!! Amazing Sarah – what a sensation!!! I hope you can enjoy this bit of the adventure too. Much much love and well wishes, xxxx

  73. trevor Davies says:

    Hi Sarah, never met you but Mikee your brother has told us about you and is so very proud of what you have done. well done girl.


  74. ian hall says:

    Hi Sarah
    Very well done, awesome, amazing, just plain magnificent, the first lady to row the Indian Ocean, what a feeling you must have in your heart. You look so relaxed on the pics posted on your arrival.
    Both Elliot & I look forward to seeing you on your return to good old UK.
    Again very well done to you, and thanks to dippers for looking after you.
    Hallie SHS

  75. Don Golding says:

    My word,–simply a superb effort,–well planned and a great success due to your courage and determination.

    You will be remembered for ever as Sarah Outen ‘a champion rose of England’ for she rowed the Indian Ocean alone in 2009.

    Best wishes Don Golding —-Geraldton, Western Australia 08 99 212 558

  76. Like to add our congratulations to the growing list. BLOODY WELL DONE!
    Have enjoyed following your blogs over our morning porridge.
    What’s next!!??

  77. Austin says:

    i thought u were gonna get chomped by a shark i wish that hapen!

  78. navin,Quatre Bornes,Mauritius says:

    Congratulations and welcome to Mauritius,Sarah..Your dad ,wherever he is,must be truely impressed.

  79. Monty says:

    Congratulations Sarah!
    I hope you’re unbelievably proud of what you’ve achieved – it’s an absolute inspiration to everyone. Now get yourself a massage!!!
    Take care,

  80. Sarah Dade says:

    Congratulations Sarah – knew you would make it! Seems so long ago since your talk at school – I am sure that your Dad is immensely proud of you for what is a huge achievement! Hope to catch up soon.


  81. Jo Jackson says:

    Sarah a super amazing achievement….

    To do it all by yourself is a marvel and inspiration to everyone out there… Hats of to you…

    A true test of human endurance and bloody mindedness…. Amazing…Brilliant!

    Jo Jackson (ocean angels)

  82. Caroline says:

    Congratulations Sarah – I first heard about you on the Radcliffe & Maconie show on radio 2, and think what you have achieved is wonderful. May you have a long and happy life with many more adventures.

  83. Geoff Holt says:

    Morning Miss O. Been to sleep yet? What’s it feel like to lie on a bed that doesn’t move? You looked a bit thin in the photos – make sure you order a “full English” breakfast and enjoy the moment. The smelly badger is impressed. He’s even telling his mates what you have done – you should be flattered – it’s more than he does for me… Brilliant job Sarah. The Holts xx

  84. On behalf of the Commodore, Flag Officers, Members and Staff we congratulate you on a fantastic achievement. We are so proud of you and your endeavors.

  85. Sara van der Hoeven says:

    A huge congrats! So amazing you made it!
    Totally proud!!!

  86. Richard C says:

    I want to add my congratulations to everyone elses on the completion of your Indian ocean row…….a wonderful and no doubt fulfilling experience and so early in your young life..richly deserved,well done

  87. Amy Bryant says:

    So fantastic to see the photos, it has made me cry at work!
    Lots of love, Amz x

  88. bastien says:

    congratulation. You are amazing.

  89. ??? says:


  90. John Hill says:

    Proud to know you. Humbled by your achievement. Your dad would approve. Soon a little time for yourself? Love John xx

  91. Jo says:

    Congratulations Sarah ,what an achievement !.You are a brave and truly inspiring person .

  92. garrett Walsh says:

    Hey Sarah well done we have had you up on the door at Blink,been great to follow your journey and let me tell you have a huge following in Fremantle

    Garrett and family

  93. Danielle Harris says:

    Many many congratulations Sarah!! It’s been great following your adventures and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it all! Danielle x

  94. Dagmar says:

    Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Impossible to hold back my tears! You look so well, my first thought was “she could have kept going for another 4 months!” Absolutely amazing, utterly gob-smacking. Enjoy the rest and all the glory that comes with having achieved your goal. I hope the up-hill parts of the emotional roller coaster of adapting to social and sea-less land-life will make up for the strangeness of it all! Much love, and thinking of you, your family and your super team, Dagmar

  95. Greta from Cambridge UK says:

    Following an earlier message to Sarah on her arrival and amid all the excitement, I would now like to personally thank the incredible “Dippers” for conveying Sarah safely across the mighty Indian Ocean. Best wishes and thoughts to everyone involved. Greta

  96. Adrian Moss says:

    well done Sarah. I am sure, a great releif to finally have finished. Thanks to all the team around you who have supported you so well


  97. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, hope you had a good sleep and a good breakfast this morning, or you might be having brunch after a ” sleep in”!!!! I was very impatient to have a “compte rendu” of your arrival. I rang Marcel this morning and he told us all about it. I have asked him to let us know when he will be with you next, so I can ring and talk to you. AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am glad you had your rum punch….. have you had any chocolate yet!!!!!HAVE FUN!!! Lina 🙂

  98. Absolutely amazing Sarah!!! We have been following you every step of the way from your blogs – a fantastic journey!! You have also raised the profile of people suffering from arthritis considerably along the way – and for that all of us her at The Arthritis Research Campaign (and I am sure Arthritis Care are in total agreement)we are truely grateful.

    Rest up and enjoy!!


  99. tony says:

    wow you have done it i can now eat my minstrels , brilliant what a star , will miss the bloggs . x tony

  100. phil cheek says:

    SO so pleased for you & not a little relieved.
    Well done superstar.

  101. Chris says:

    What great photos of joy & achievement -Brilliant Sarah! 🙂

  102. Jennie Gorbutt says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Many Many Congratulations on achieving such an amazing task. This is the stuff that dreams are made of and you have made yours come true. You should be SO proud, this is incredible!

    Many congratulations again.

    Jennie Gorbutt

  103. Rick Morren says:

    Fantastic accomplishment! You not only made women (and men) proud everywhere, you also showed the world that the spirit of adventure and desire for exploration are still alive and well in Europe.

  104. Andy Cockayne (PE Vet) says:

    Hey youngster, well of course I knew you could do it, stubborn individual that you are. I am very proud of you, as are all of the PE crew, good job! Its going to be a strange couple of days now, I am sure. But thats for later, enjoy your amazing success and for everyones elses sake burn all of the clothing from the trip as soon as possible! Much love and big kiss. Andy x

  105. Kate Rogers says:

    Just heard your interview on Woman’s Hour – having only just finished one amazing feat, you are talking of more adventures – you are truly an inspiring lady!

    Congratulations and very well done Sarah! Enjoy your success – it is so well deserved!

  106. Andy Cockayne (PE Vet) says:

    By the way good to see you had a ride in a proper boat, with an engine, at the end!! You, better than anyone else now, know it makes sense!! Complimemte, buon fortuna e auguri xx

  107. Elaine says:

    Congratulations Sarah! We are all so thrilled for you-what a fantastic achievement!! Everyone is so proud of you.

    Enjoy the celebrations!
    Stuart, Elaine, Doreen and the Boys xxx

  108. joseph yan de Périndorge says:

    dear Sarah,
    we tried our best but God track for you is obvious.
    you make us think what we could , should and did!
    and this is what we can thank you for. lots of question will remain without answer. when we lost someone in front of our sight, where there is a transponder it should be easy and we have seen that sometimes it’s not too easy. Our main question will be about our lost kite surfer with no transponder and even no light to shine into the dark of LE MORNE as for us splash school is’t better to search for a light rather than a needle from 200 ft above sea level.
    we wish that you could have a sight visit to our land at Port Louis so you help us sailor to built back our sailors home chapel which was destroyed by unscrupulous persons.

  109. Tom van Haren says:


    Spectacular! Well done and congratulations!


  110. Stuart - Manchester says:

    Congratulations Sarah – what an inspiration.
    absolutely amazing achievement. Time to relax for a while.
    Take care.

  111. Rachael - Fremantle WA says:

    An eternity of congratulations to you Sarah!

    As evident from your gazillion comments, you are a true inspiration!

    An enormous effort experience and heart!!!!

    Now time to relax and enjoy!!!

    Simply Brilliant

    x Rachael ( and all your supporters from Notre Dame, Garrett Blink, and the West End )x

  112. ian says:

    hi sarah,CONGRATULATIONS!this has been an epic journey for you and all your friends and family,also in a smaller way for the many people who have followed(often with baited breath)the literal ups and downs of the adventure,really hope you enjoy your much deserved rest,looking forward now to the book,interviews et al,your achievement is outstanding and i’m so pleased to have been able to follow your journey,thank you so much for sharing it!
    best regards to you and the now resting dippers

  113. Thanks to Marcel for the inside scoop regarding that anxious moment at the reef! Congratulations again Sarah! by the way, you look great – not at all how I thought you would look after being 124 days at sea!
    Is there such a thing as “land sick” ??

  114. K. Falconer says:

    Congratulations Sarah! I think you deserve all the credit. The completion of your voyage is an example of your own human determination and will power. Prayer and candles had nothing to do with it. Where to next?

  115. Sarah Child (Stamford School) says:

    Hi Sarah, an enormous congratulations, you have done a tremendous job. Malcolm and I have been following your progress since the day you left and are most relieved you have made it safe and sound. Your arrival photo’s are fantastic and the ones with your Mum and Matt bought a lump to my throat. Have a great rest, enjoy the island and have a safe journey home. Hopefully we will see you at school in the not too distant future.

    Congratulations again, I think you are a truly amazing woman.
    Sarah xx

  116. Diana says:

    So delighted- fantastic achievement. You have inspired many people and also achieved something so wonderful. What next (after a rest and chocolate of course!!!). Diana xx

  117. Jem says:


    Seeing the pics, you sure did pick a place to land – leashore on a reef?!

    Hope you got what you wanted from the trip




  119. Vince and Jane says:

    Many, many Congratulations Sarah!! We have watched your progress and are delighted that you made it unscathed! Can’t wait for some details! Enjoy a well earned rest and see you in the pub!

  120. Richardson Family says:

    Awesome Sarah, all totally impressed with what you’ve done. Well done. Raising a glass to toast your acheivement tonight! See you soon

  121. lawrence fennelly says:

    Heard your calls on Radcliffe & Maconie. Absolutely jaw-dropping how calm and good-humoured you always seemed in the middle of the night and the middle of the ocean. The phrase is very overused, but your achievement is truly inspirational. Fantastic, well done

  122. Nice says:

    Olá Sara querida!

    Torci muito por você. Acompanhei dia a dia tua viagem pelo oceano.

    Estou feliz por você. Parabéns!

  123. simi (mauritius) says:

    hey sarah hope u ok except we are know you must be SOO..NAKED coz u’ve done a fabulous and incredible job,WELL DONE to you and your family who’s been very supportive and must be very proud of you. such thing could happen it’s was totally unthinkable but HEY U DID IT FRIEND!! I ADMIRE YOU, CONGRATS!!! LOVE AND BEST WISHES TO YOU…


  124. Matthew says:

    Fantastic effort Sarah. A big congratulations from all those who have followed you on Bernadette Young’s ABC radio show here in Perth. Your updates were great.

    Immersed in nature for so long and alone at that, any changes in perspective? Look forward to your thoughts – a book perhaps?

    Matt – Perth, WA

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