"I'm no fool!"

Dismissing critics, Sarah is adamant her second attempt to row solo from Fremantle to Mauritius is “not foolish” despite being swept 200 miles off course by the powerful Leeuwin Current in her first attempt. This time she is leaving nothing to chance.

“I’ll only use it in absolute emergency” said Sarah, referring to the outboard she has decided to take along on her second attempt to be the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean.

“Several Australians have told me that ever since Tony Bullimore was rescued by the Australian Navy 2000 miles south of Australia, we Poms have had a reputation for triggering multi million dollar mid ocean rescues so I thought the responsible thing would be to have an engine so that I can motor back if something goes wrong like I get blisters” said Sarah.

During the week in Fremantle since her failed first attempt, Sarah’s 6.1m rowboat, ‘Serendipity’, has been modified by the installation of two 300ltr fuel tanks below the cockpit floor and she also plans to carry 12 jerry cans strapped to the sides to provide sufficient fuel for 1,500 miles motoring. “That will ensure I can motor to either Fremantle or to Mauritius from the half-way point of the 3000 mile total voyage” said Sarah.

Sarah departed Fremantle this morning from the Royal Perth Yacht Club at 8:20am local time Wednesday April 1st.

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11 Responses to "I'm no fool!"

  1. Seve Peaks says:

    Good Luck Sarah, hope you can pull it off. Stuff the critics, what do they know about having a go. A good plan to install the motor.

  2. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good luck Sarah, don’t be disheartened by those who are just jealous and don’t do anything like you.

    Was with you in time as you left even though I was over here, wasstill awake and thinking of you.

    All good wishes and happy rowing, row row the boat as they say.

    Much love

  3. Comoros says:

    For that extra nutty challenge…row a tanker across the ocean! April 1st, hmmm….

    Good luck for the second go, hope you get out of that pesky current, and I’m now expecting a warm-down lap to make it over here once the main bit is done.


  4. Grant Rodwell says:

    Watched you row out through Freo and off into the horizon, as we sat on a the rockey peninsula. Filled with admiration. You go Sarah, good luck and good bless.
    Grant and Bec

  5. Jane Spence says:

    Thanks for the pics from Clem. With so many others round the world, wish we could have waved you off like Grant and the many wellwishers in Freo. But we were with you in spirit at 01.20 British ‘summer’ Time as you nosed away into Outen Water.
    Hope the new freight isn’t too heavy – but I expect Dippers will shoulder it with good humour and you will make light of it after all the training

    Say hello to any dolphins for us! Jane

  6. Sarah Child says:

    Good Luck Sarah…..forget the critics, they have nothing better to do with their time!!! Good luck, I hope all goes well this time (I like the idea of an engine just in case!!), take care and stay safe.

  7. Dom says:

    Love your sense of humour … brilliant…
    All the very best, course looking good, let’s hope it’s goer this time. You’ve got some tremendous support out there! Keep the faith and good luck with the elements.

  8. Doug says:

    Sarah, You little beauty!!! I can’t believe that you all got me with that one. Great stuff. Now you go girl. May every day be better than the last.

  9. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Nice one!! To all those who criticised you, I hope you beast it and show them that us ‘Pom’s’ are made of something slightly more stern than jelly!!! I find it funny how people can write a post on here criticising something that none of them have the balls to do. I love your sense of humour, and to all those who criticised you ‘UP YOURS!!!!’

    Go girl row like the wind and show the world you can make it!!!

    All my love

    Your Big Brother xxxx

  10. Lina says:

    This is for you mum! being a mother of two, I admire you for letting and encouraging Sarah achieve her dream! I had the pleasure to have had Sarah at my place for a meal and to spend the night, she is indeed a tremendous, courageous and very intelligent girl! My husband and I admired her confidence and motivation. We wish her all the very very best, and we may go and see her in Mauritius. ( We are Mauritians)

  11. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,glad to hear you are going so well this time around.ithink your precautions are very sensible and do not detract at all from this heroic endeavour,good luck and god speed!

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