I was lucky enough on Friday to show two of my heroes round the lovely ‘Dippers. There is the wonderful Ellen MacArthur, world famous yachtswoman, who has been an inspiration since Mum bought me her first book for Christmas as a young teenager and then the indomitable Geoff Holt, whom I had the privilege to support as part of his team in 2007 when he became the first disabled sailor to circumnavigate GB. Happy days – even if they were a bit puzzled as to where the sail goes…

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  1. Plompey says:

    So, so lovely to be with you today at the BOATSHOW. Daddy would be sooooooo proud of you. You’re more than a Sugar Plum, you are the best daughter any Mum could ever wish for.
    It was lovely to meet with some of the faces of people who have supported and given you advice…..even if “”it is all Sally’s fault””…Ricardo too. What a lovely guy.
    Anyway, suffice to say it was good to meet her. A great shame that Geoff had car problems!!!! I know how it feels……(gear box)
    Say “hello ” to him at the weekend….and Timmy if he comes.
    Hope you get some more sponsors.
    Love Mum.xxxxxxxxx

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