here's the evidence….

I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t telling the truth about actually building the boat myself (Jamie & Emily are key in the equation but I have helped!) so I have added a photo of me hard at work in the forward cabin. Silicone gun in hand, I am screwing in the hatches. While at sea I won’t want to spend much time in that forward cabin – it’s just for storage and is very tricky to get in and out of – certainly not elegant – and it will also be the bounciest part of the boat.

And the very latest photo of the boat fresh from Exmouth this morning- complete with safety rails and apparently all resined up and ready for the paint job. Happy days.

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2 Responses to here's the evidence….

  1. BPC says:

    The day i have been waiting for: at last i can comment! Fantastic to see it looking like a boat now – she’s a beauty indeed! and very impressed with your own handiwork. Happy ocean crossing, xx

  2. Sarah says:

    How completely exciting – the first commmenteer! Hopefully by the time we’re at sea we’ll have a host of them chatting away. Thanks indeedy.

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