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Hi there folks,

I have just had an email from Sarah to say that she wants me to put up the bank details of “the row”. Apparently there are good people out there who have been asking how they can donate money to help with expenses.

EDITED SATURDAY 1st AUGUST – please contact if you would like to contribute to Sarah’s funds – he will provide you with bank details.

I would also like , at this time to say a BIG thank you to all who have donated to her charity fund. It is amazing . Also to say thank you ( in advance)  for all the help and support we have received , especially since the start of the  “row”. You folks are truly amazing. Your comments and poetry have kept Sarah going, especially in moments of low spirits etc. She has been thrilled to see how much support there has been.

I now look forward , and am so excited to think that next week I shall have a REAL hug from her.


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7 Responses to Helping with expenses etc

  1. Rosemary Hamp, City Beach, WA. says:

    Congratulations Sarah! You have done really well. I have been following you from the start and am so pleased you have (almost) completed your long journey across the Indian Ocean. Good Luck to you in the future and all the very best wishes from Rosemary Hamp in City Beach, WA.

  2. Susan Mekolites says:

    I have been following your trip from the start, and have enjoyed reading your daily blogs. What an experience you have had! It’s been such a long time that I can’t remember now where I first found out about you. It sure has been fun following you each day. What a sense of accomplishment you must have. It’s wonderful that you’ve done this, and for such a good cause.

    Susan Mekolites
    Elida, Ohio

  3. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    Helen, Dont thank us. Thank you, Sarah,Ricardo,et al. Its been an amazing 121 plus days for us. Have a wonderful smelly hug, hopefully not totally skeletal. We loved meeting your gorgeous adventurous and humorous daughter and look forward to catching up with you both at RPYC next year.
    Happy hugs, Jill & Stan

  4. Margot Salter says:

    Sarah you rock. Well done second mouse, you are just about to climb out of the cream! Wish I could be there to see you arrive. Please post an after photo. I know how much weight you lost on your 10 day warm up lap so it would be good to see you now. Your blogs have been great to read every day. If you and your mum need a bed in Perth next year, you are welcome to come and stay again and we will show your mum the “wild” kangaroos that you saw. Have a great reunion with your family and Ricardo. Happy,happy days Margot.

  5. Jackie says:

    Hi Sarah and so very well done!!! I have also been watching you right from the start when you were interviewed on the local radio (Chippy and Nay on Hot FM).. I was excited to see you in quite a big article (half a page or so with nice picture) in the West Australian newspaper today… can’t wait to see you arrive there, bet you will be unrecognisable! Well done again.Jackie (from Kent UK but living in WA)

  6. Cindy Gomez says:

    Hi Sarah!!

    I heard about you on Radcliffe and Maconie show and have been tuning in to your exploits ever since. I hope you win the race of the youngest person to sail around the Indian Ocean in a small boat.

    I hope you are feeling great today. Keep up the awesome work.

    Good luck!!

    Cindy Gomez in Lansing, Michigan USA

    P.S. I became afraid of the water when I saw the movie Jaws in the cinema which was released probably before you were born!!

  7. John Heslop says:


    I’m disappointed to discover that the Sarah’s Just Giving charity page has expired, apparently short of the £10,000 goal. Is this just an internet glitch?


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