Happy Thursday

As I was cycling on my bike today I couldn’t stop smiling – absolutely no idea why, but everything felt very happy at that moment. I have just finished my job at St Edward’s and am now looking at the next 8 months with great excitement as I focus full time on the build up to the row. Maybe that’s what it is – the feeling that things are happening, dreams are coming true. I’ve survived the somewhat scary ‘two year anniversary’ since Dad died, too, and there is a sense that I am working towards an inner peace with his death.

This time last year I was ‘holed up’ in Abersoch, North Wales waiting for the weather to turn good again for us to set sail with Geoff Holt and co. Quadraplegic yachtswoman Hilary Lister is currently facing the same problems in Lymington, scuppered by rubbish weather, as she attempts to circumnavigate Great Britain.

And this was me on July 10th 2006!And then looking ahead? This time next year I will be out on the Indian Ocean, just me and my little boat – heading West to Mauritius. All being well, providing the weather has been on our side, we should be nearing the G&T at the other side. Happy days!
Oh yes, and I am heading down to Devon on Saturday to see Jamie and Emily and the aforementioned boat herself. Next there’s going to be the all-important colour decisions to do battle with. No prizes for guessing my favourite colour and top of the list choice…

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