Happy Socks is safe

Photo Credit RNLI/Castletownbere

Photo Credit RNLI/Castletownbere

Photo Credit RNLI/Castletownbere

Photo Credit RNLI/Castletownbere

This is just a quick note to let you know that our dear little Atlantic trooper, Happy Socks herself, is safe in Ireland. It is three months since I was picked up a few hundred miles north of the Azores by Federal Oshima ahead of Hurricane Joaquin, leaving Happy Socks behind.

I nearly fell off my seat yesterday when I had an email letting me know that the Valentia CoastGuard had received a call about a boat that looked like it was in trouble and that the local RNLI crew at Castletownbere took her safely under tow to bring her to shore. If she had been spotted much later, she would probably have been smashed upon the rocks – she was less than half a mile from shore when she was picked up.

We are making plans to go and retrieve her and shake the hands of the crew that picked her up, and give her a huge welcome home hug. To me, it feels like a friend has come back from the dead. It is very special and very emotional and I am very grateful.

More in due course, but for now, I am busy book writing.

All salty best,

Sarah and Happy Socks (eek!)

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47 Responses to Happy Socks is safe

  1. MALCOLM says:

    Well, well, well. Happy Socks rides again!
    I really do wonder if this means a comeback for some of the rest of us creaking away in an unknown void.
    Excellent. Just what I needed.
    Thank you Sarah.

  2. Shelagh says:

    Such a great ending to your incredible adventure. I am so happy for you! I am sure your heart is singing.

  3. Colleen Klouda Rankin says:

    such good news Sarah!!! She came to
    Find you. I can’t help but love that little boat
    That kept you safe over so many miles of
    Ocean!!! happy day for happy socks!

  4. Paul Fowler says:

    A part of you that was lost is now reunited with you. What a great way to start 2016—- and a new adventure!!!

  5. Tony F says:

    Excellent news!

  6. Phil Waddell and Anna (age 10) says:

    Hi Sarah, brilliant news about Happy Socks! I can’t believe she’s come back to you. I loved meeting you and Hercules on Dartmoor and can’t wait for the book! Anna

  7. christina watts says:

    I am so Happy Socks and you can meet up again and that you Sarah, have this wonderful ending xxx like magic from the Azores to the coast off Ireland
    WoW that is a very special ending to your L2L

    xtina watts (with love and huge smiles)

  8. Rob Hart says:

    Hi Sarah, Such great news. It also means that Happy Socks went on to complete a large parts of the distance that you, personally, and for very good reasons, were unable to complete. Yay. Pity she couldn’t record her adventure for you!!!

    • MALCOLM says:

      Given the knowledge of the weather and sea conditions that Happy Socks has been through, I think she will provide a very valuable structural record for further technical analysis and design suggestions.
      This is a very gratifying turn of fate.
      May I please also be allowed to suggest that that the return of Happy Socks (by virtue of her name) is also a testament to the enduring love and commitment of Sarah’s mother to her daughter.

  9. Rob Hart says:

    By the way, I assume not, but has anything been seen of Gulliver at all, since you had to leave him?

  10. Christine Ashdown says:

    Great news Sarah, what a start to the New Year, you are safe and now we know Happy Socks is to. She needs a medal too.

    Take care, we are looking forward to reading your adventure especially now we know that she will soon be home with you. An incredible journey.

    All good wishes

    Kathleen and Christine

  11. Such a testament to your faith and fortitude and the little boat that could! Brings tears to my eyes that she would have carried you home safely. Happy New Year and a lesson never to loose faith! The universe is keeping watch . . . All the best for 2016! from Vermont

  12. Ray Girard says:

    Wow! I am amazed at how much I miss you. Knowing you were out there, fighting for each and every kilometer, ….made my days energized & purposeful. Still….I am happiest knowing you are safe. Rock on, girl.

  13. Andy Homden says:

    Welcome to Ireland, Happy Socks! What a wonderful story – and having weathered a few storms here in Donegal over the last month or two we know something about what that little boat has been through!

    All our best wishes,

    Andy & Jan Homden

  14. Congratulations Sarah. I look forward to seeing evidence of your ‘Happy Socks’ reunion. The team can now look forward to celebrating fully now that you have this great news. Even that book may now record this triumph over adversity. When you are all together it will be the happiest of reunions. I look forward to seeing photographs of Team Sarah together again. Take care amd good luck with the writing.

  15. Spike says:

    Now, that IS a good omen !
    HS will now be able to grace a few Boat Shows as part of the book, and lecture, promotion.

  16. Belinda Dade says:

    That’s great news Sarah! She will now be able to attend your wedding. Belinda x

  17. Pam Stocker says:

    Well, what wonderful news. Welcome home, Happy Socks! Well done our wonderful coastguards and RNLI. And how amazing our oceans are. Sounds like the timing of her siting was serendipitous (!) Of course, that doesn’t oblige you to go to sea in her again just now! She may be content to stay in a cosy berth for a while. Hope you are doing ok in your decompression time. Pam xx

  18. Barry Gumbert says:

    May I borrow her for a trip around Glacier Bay AK????

  19. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Amazing, moving and definitely the best news of the week. Happy re-union and keep on writing.

  20. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah
    That’s great news with the safe arrival of Happy Socks.
    Pity that you were not on her but there has got to be a story about her safe arrival.
    Will she feature in your next venture.
    Looking forward to the book. Have you heard from the china man.

    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  21. Kim says:

    Such good news what a cleaver girl to find her way home. 🙂

  22. Rebecca McVickar says:

    So excited for you!! So excited for us that you are writing!! Cannot wait to buy your book!! Loved the last one.

  23. Caroline says:

    Wonderful news, will enjoy reading about this again in your book.

  24. TIm says:

    WOW,,,, that is great ! So happy for you and Happy Socks !

  25. Michael Westgate says:

    Congratulations from Chatham, MA. So pleased that you and Happy Socks will soon be reunited!

  26. \judith says:

    How wonderful that Happy Socks was able to complete the journey for you, from the pics she looks in really good shape? You will be able to get married on her now on Rutland Water. What of these suggestions that you will be able to use her on your next adventure – are you planning another one???
    So looking forward to reading the book although it won’t be as tense as being on the journey with you via emails. The first thing I used to do ina morning was checking for your emails to make sure you were safe!

    • Sarah says:

      Happy Socks will hopefully be with another happy rower before we get married, so no option of a floating gig. But yes, very happy to have her safely home.

  27. Graham Pugh says:

    Congratulations on the recovery of Happy Socks. Certainly a big thanks must go to the RNLI from Castletownbere and the Valencia Coast Guard crews for doing what they always do so well.

    Graham Pugh, New Bern NC

  28. Dace Thomas says:

    Fantastic news, she looks in good shape and had the determination to finish what she started….. Who does that remind you of?

    Well done to you both 😉 I suspect a tear or two will roll at the re-union

    Dave and All at Call of the Wild x

  29. Jane G says:

    Delighted to hear the happy news! A great start indeed to 2016! Hope the writing is going well.

  30. Claude-Alain says:

    What a great surprise Sarah! I’m really happy for you.

  31. Julie says:

    I can understand that Happy Socks would feel like a cherished person to you. So glad you are getting her back.

  32. MARY FAUGHT says:

    I predicted this would happen…one has to have faith. More adventures for you and Happy Socks, as she is a faithful friend.

  33. Tom Richards says:

    Hi Sarah. I’m a Yank living in Eyeries, a village 4 miles from Castletown. Curious, I went into town today to take a look at Happy Socks. As you know she’s tied safely on the RNLI private pier. Considering the little lady has done a bit of traveling she looks VERY good. I know she’ll be glad to get home. Just thought you’d like to know she’s doing well. My best. Tom

  34. Eddie Edrich says:

    wonderful news Sarah. hope to see HS at a boat show when the book comes out.

  35. Alaina says:

    This is wonderful news ! Joy to you and Happy Socks…..YAY ! You must be bursting inside ….
    Cheers !
    Alaina in duxbury, Ma USA

  36. Happy Socks and happy days – reunited again! I bet she has some stories to tell too…

    Good luck with the book Sarah – very sorry not to make your incredible London denoument.

  37. MALCOLM says:

    Very pleased to hear that ‘Happy Socks’ has now been trailered back home.
    She looks to be in good condition and surprisingly clean.
    I offer my congratulations to her designers and constructors.
    Her integrity is an unquestioned material encouragement to other ocean rowers.

  38. MALCOLM says:

    At one point Sarah you were thinking of rigging up a sail from used bags – you may remember my reference to the comment in ‘Das Boot’.
    May I suggest that once Happy Socks has been cleaned and inspected, this might be an exercise in research of value for someone on your team to undertake, and additionally a way to offer thanks for her good service?

  39. Liz Rumble says:

    Hi there!
    It was my dad who spotted your boat and alerted the Coastguard. He lives at Toor Pier just off the Mizen Head.

    So happy for you!

    Liz Rumble

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks for getting in touch and telling me this. Please pass on a huge thank you for me…and Happy Socks! I am very grateful to him and glad he has eagle eyes.

      All best


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