Gulliver’s sister

Shortly after arriving home in June, I had a phone call from Jamie at Global Boatworks. They had Gulliver’s sister boat, Socks, in the workshop for a ‘sprucing up’ after her speedy dash across the Atlantic with Jon Beeden earlier this year. She had been sold on already but the new owner had decided to postpone his ocean rowing plans for another day and was looking for a resale.

My heart may well have stopped beating for a moment and my stomach most definitely did some leaping and lurching. There was now a way to return to the ocean. Thank goodness for insurance. Thank you to Roanoake my brokers and Lloyd’s the underwriters.

I visited her in Devon shortly afterwards and bought her shortly after that. She will go across to Jamie and Emily next month for a ‘Pacific Upgrade’. So, that’s who I’ll be returning to the ocean with next year – Gulliver’s sister. It will be sweet and special to take her out there, somehow fitting that we will finish off the journey that Gulliver and I set out to make. Of course, he may well beat us across.

I was very happy to hear that the lovely Blossom, trusty steed of Charlie Martell, will also be rowing the high seas once more. She will also return to Jamie and Emily for some TLC.

More on the new addition and modifications next month and a headsup on some upcoming speaking events. If you would like me to join your event with some tales from the first chapter of London2London, please email

All salty best,

Sarah x

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16 Responses to Gulliver’s sister

  1. Paul Abery says:

    This is really good news. Will the new boat be modified to take into account your experiences of your last Pacific crossing attempt.

    Best of luck.


  2. christina watts says:

    Hi Sarah

    What a lovely story about Socks ( with Helen in mind too :-)) – you can now move forwards again – take care always thinking of you and your chapter 2.

    hugs xtina

  3. john Globemasterone says:

    Great news Sarah. Hello to Helen too.
    Carry on.

  4. Russell says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. Haydn Welch says:

    Ever get the feeling that Serendipity might have come into play?

  6. lesley says:

    Great to hear look forward to you putting your feet back in the water you could have a practice accross the indian pond you know Ha Ha LOL

  7. Tony F says:

    Excellent news!

  8. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    This is great news and unbelievable really, happy socks will be the cue from now on. Hope the planning and training goes well and we shall look forward to hearing more in due course.

    Bug hug for your Mum too.

    C & K

  9. Linda, Cambridge says:

    So what’s the message behind the name ‘Socks’ then? Pull up your … ? Not really applicable I would have thought. I get the impression that you always put way more than 100% into whatever you do! Fantastic news though. Looking forward to hearing more about it……..

    • Sarah says:

      You have indeed just nailed the origin of the name! John Beeden – her original owner – uses that phrase a lot and so named her on those grounds.

      I had been keen to change it but lately I have been growing quite attached, so I may just be modifying it. I don’t know just yet!

      • Linda, Cambridge says:

        How about ‘Sock it to Me’? A few (among many) definitions are given as ‘Bring it on, I can handle it’, ‘Give it (respect) to me’ and ‘Let me have it! Do your worst!’. Highly appropriate in various ways, but the wording doesn’t actually roll off the tongue – maybe back to the drawing board!

  10. Jon says:

    How about “WETSU”? For the military it means “We eat this $#1t up!” Maybe IATSU?

  11. Spike says:

    Hi S
    Good news about the serendipitous ‘spare’ boat and a growing restart plan. “Socks” may be a good omen for a happy (socks) ending to L2L. I suggest you retain that name as it is considered bad luck in Maritime circles to change the name of a ship !!

  12. Farah says:

    Your going to do awesome! You have done really good though out the whole time you have explored!!!!!!

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