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Sarah Black from The Green Blue is our guest blogger today. The company provide information, and links to help people protect the marine environment which is something very close to our Sarah’s heart. She has kept in close contect with The Green Blue, updating them on the wildlife and pollution she encounters whilst at sea.


The Green Blue is an exciting environmental awareness initiative by the British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association. We are there for everyone who enjoys getting out on the water, or whose livelihood depends on boats and water sports. By working towards an environmentally sustainable boating community, we can save money, avoid red tape and safeguard the waters and habitats we enjoy for the future.


Sarah has been working with us for a while now and has certainly reinvigorated me with her passion and enthusiasm for the oceans. The challenge she has undertaken is in some ways similar to my own. In order to cross those thousands of miles of ocean she is breaking the journey up into manageable chunks, day by day, hour by hour at times, I am sure.


It is the same with environmental issues. If I was to think about the state of our planet, the urgency of the situation and the amount of work that needs to be done as a whole, then I would go mad, I wouldn’t know where to start! So like Sarah I break it down into smaller chunks, ticking them off the list knowing that no matter how big the job is I am still working in the right direction.


We have broken it all down into six themes, these are wildlife, marine paints, cleaning and maintenance, sewage and litter and finally fuel in all its forms. If you would like more information about environmental issues related to recreational boating then visit our website at


GO SARAH!!!!!!


Sarah Black

Project manager

The Green Blue

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