green & blue & new

Working in education has many many attractions. Variable, challenging, rewarding and so on. And the ‘H’ word of course. As much as teachers might deny that this is not why they do it, holidays are certainly welcome in my books. So, it was a happy half term last week for me: catching up on much needed sleep, visiting, training, racing, more training, chilling, sponsor hunting etc and more etc.

And, very happily, I finally published *drum roll* the new and long-awaited environmental section on this very site, entitled ‘green & blue’. It is exactly that – a little something on how I came to be involved with nature conservation, some blue issues and some green projects I am supporting. As with anything biological it will evolve – plan is for more graphics, links and info, and eventually an educational section for little folk.

As I declared from the start, my row is not all about chasing records and rainbows -the different facets are a reflection of my ideals and interests and loves. The charity in memory of Dad; the blue stuff for the rowing; the green side to save the wildlife. Enjoy.

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