Goodbye January, hello World

Hello from February – who saw that one coming, eh?

With January’s swift passage round the first bend of the 2010 track, it felt like it was high time that I touched base to let you in on the plans for my new expedition.

Yes, there is a new expedition. I had thought I would finish off this year and return to the world of teaching, but alas, the call of the wild is too strong to be ignored and with all my school visits and workshops I feel like I am  a teacher, just not in a classroom ( I have spoken to 3,000 children in the last 6 months). So I am heading out to find some more stories and chase some more adventures.

Having spent many an afternoon on the ocean thinking of my little boat tracking across the vast blue, I wondered what it would take to go a bit further. And include green bits as well as blue bits. I wondered what it would feel like to cycle across a continent, and how hard it is to survive in a desert or the mountains. With no land in sight and certainly no people for four months, I imagined the feeling of meeting new people and experiencing different cultures around the world. I wondered what it would be like to start and finish a journey in the same place, and include the whole planet on the route plan.

Since coming back to land I have waxed lyrical about my time on the big blue, and shared my tales of the Tweedles and albatrosses, of sunsets and stars – and I yearn to go back out there, and live on the waves again.

So with all this in mind, my next expedition was conceived: ‘London to London: via the World.’ It will see me set out from London next year and head right around the globe, rowing the oceans and cycling ad kayaking the green bits in between.  Powered by just muscles and chocolate – no engines or planes, no cars or trains. A row boat, a bike and a canoe – and a few changes of happy socks.

More info to follow while  my team (some old, some new) and I  beaver away to oil the cogs and finalise the plans.

Meanwhile, if you think you might be able to help, or your might like to hear me talk, then please wing me a line:

All salty best,


PS Next public talk: National Geographic Store, Regent St, London: February 23rd. 6:30pm No tickets needed – just rock (or row!) up

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12 Responses to Goodbye January, hello World

  1. maggie and dick says:

    hi sarah

    looking forward to first morning coffees with you again, and your daily adventures. this jaunt will probably take even longer than four months!!~!!

    cheers and love

    dick and maggie

    ps if your route included the alaska highway, atlin is only 100km away. expect some cheering from the roadside. d and m.

  2. Ros [Rutland Sailability] says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am looking forward to meeting with you when you visit Rutland Sailability later this month.


  3. ian says:

    hi sarah,happy new year and so on!great to hear from you and to have news of your next adventure,i recognise that much of your assistance will have to be proffessional but if my meagre talents can be of any help please let me know,it would be small recompense to assist you in this next thing given how inspirational,uplifting and hopeful your last jaunt was.

  4. Christina Watts says:

    Hello World …

    Now this means we will all be chatting to each other on the blog again, how exciting is this going to be. That’s if this is in your plan to have one Sarah.

    To follow your story over land and sea, this will be a journey to look forward to.

    I am always in London Monday night and Tuesday’s at the Apple Store in Regent’s Street except as sod’s law would have it ~ I am in Nottingham for one night and that is booked for the 23rd of Feb’.
    I really would love to have been at your talk ….

    Speak soon
    Hope the talk goes well

  5. Robert Nixon says:

    The adventure bug has not only bitten you it seems but taken up residence in your brain!!! Great to hear that you are already planning your next trip, although I am suspecting that you were planning things while on the ocean. Maybe you could call it the “Outen(Out’n) Back Expedition” 😀

  6. very nice to hear that you are already planning your next trip.
    is there any plane to do treks and expedition in pakistan?
    we offer our service in pakistan mountain for the trekker and expedition.

  7. Woo Hoo

    Another “Edge of the Computer chair” time, for me !!

    Woo Hoo

    you know you will have some supporters, from Wales

    Woo Hoo Woo Hoo

    Alan and Dawn

  8. Linda Morison says:

    I had a near death experience in December, complications after surgery, and completely support you going out there to live your life to the full or as some of us would say – to the extreme! But you are really feeling alive by doing it and thats so important, to live it and have your moments with you always. Take nothing for granted Sarah and be guided by your amazing spirt. I too am thinking of how to make more of my moments count now….You are an inspiration-Thankyou.I hope we meet when you get to Australia!Linda Morison Bunbury WA Australia

  9. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    WOW!!! What a surprise! Easier to get renewed supplies of chocolate though – some of the time, at least!


  10. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Lovely to hear from you once again & alls well
    Great surprise for your new venture ,so we can follow you
    to hear what experiance you are having.
    Cant wait to hear the final project.
    love to hear from you, take care
    TERRY B !!!!!! “West AUSSIE”

  11. Alice Wade says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That’s great news..I’m looking forward to the blogs already!

    A couple of years ago I was lucky to attend a wilderness lecture at Bristol Uni by Stevie Smith about his trip pedalling To Hawaii –
    A human powered adventure across the Western Hemisphere!

    Despite having little experience of travelling, or of the sea,
    And having no money to fund this hugely ambitious goal, Stevie and his friend Jason manage to: Cycle down through Europe. Across the Atlantic Ocean in an ocean-going pedal boat. Taking 111 days to pedal the 7,500 km to Miami. Then cycle and skate across America and pedal 3,500 km across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.

    Crazy inspiring Peeps just like you! I strongly reccommend reading his book if you haven’t done so already.

    Happy planning!


  12. David Brankley says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I luv, luv, luv your new plan. I know, you being you, you will want to ride all the most difficult terrain, and row the most challanging waters, but I’m hoping your itinerary will allow for a few peaceful, and beautiful locations along the way. If so, please consider a passage through the Southern Rockies of North America, and specifically Telluride Colorado. I can promise you a great reception here, open pockets towards your charity, spectacular sceanery, and all the local press & and publicity you can handle. As a “round the world” cyclist myself (and there are many more here in this community of Bicyclists and travelers), I’d be honored to ride with you up the pass to our little Shambala.
    David B.

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