Good things about Japan

I am still waiting patiently for the `nod` from weather router Lee to cast off the bowlines and start paddling east. Worry not, dear reader, you  will be amongst the first to know – just as soon as I open that email and have gathered myself after my stomach somersaults with the news, I shall be spreading the word. Meanwhile, I am loving this land life. It is a double-edged sword really – I am hungry for the ocean and the start of this mad and massive adventure and I am loving this  `extra` time with friends.

The friends I have made in Japan will make it hard to say cheerio when the `nod` happens

The friends I have made in Japan will make it hard to say cheerio when the `nod` happens

It feels a bit like I am in limbo, albeit a very happy, comfortable one staying with the lovely Kelly and Kaz and their baby son and Patch the dog. Filling my days with biking and baking, babysitting, DIY, circuit training, reading and friends, I admit that I sometimes forget why I am here. Playing with and helping look after the ever changing three month old Quinn, or cooking dinners and  sinking a gin or three with friends, or  losing myself in the meditation of painting decking – I have to remind myself that I am actually here to row an ocean.

Never too young to start rowing...

Never too young to start rowing…

The closest I get to being on the water at the moment are bike rides out along the Edogawa and bathtimes with Quinn – both eons away from how my life at sea will roll. These days on land are also offering extra time with friends and family back home –  I Skype my partner daily and am even handwriting and sending more letters than I have in the past year – it all feels rather luxurious. It also means that, thanks to the dog groomer, I have had time for a decent haircut head shave which I am hoping will mean that I don`t need to brush my hair until Canada. Although that, of course, depends on when the wind sorts itself out and lets Happy Socks and I get to it.

And with that I shall turn to today`s project – stripping and sanding the balcony paintwork.

Until next time,


P.S Thanks to everyone who has donated recently to the L2L charities CoppaFeel!, Jubilee Sailing Trust, MND Association and WaterAid.  I hope to see the total rocket as we make our way across the ocean. You can help with that by clicking here and throwing your spare pennies and pounds this way.

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  1. Rob Hart says:

    Thanks for the update. Now come on, wheres a picture of the Head Shaving! Before and After, don’t be shy! Had 3 friend who got it all shaved off recently to raise funds for the Leukemia & Blood Cancer Foundation here in NZ. One of them had here hair long enough to sit on before it was cut off. And, I had my beard shaved off a couple of times when i was young to raise fund for another organisation. Blessings, Rob

    • Sarah says:

      Haha! Not at all shy Rob, no worries there. I shaved all my hair a few years ago when my alopecia kicked 40% of my hair out. Will post some photos next time!


  2. Thanks for the update Sarah. Killing time while you wait for the weather must start to get tough. Good luck with the weather.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Al,

      Thankfully I have some lovely friends out here who are providing lots of opportunities for hanging out. And I am rather mindful that things like going for a walk and riding the bike will soon be impossible – so for now I`m pretty zen about it all.

      Hope the jumping and plans are going well,

  3. Good to see you are fully loving life! Best wishes on your journey. Cheers!

  4. Oh I am sick of brick and stone, the heart of me is sick,
    For windy green, unquiet sea, the realm of Moby Dick;
    And I’ll be going, going, from the roaring of the wheels,
    For a wind’s in the heart of me, a fire’s in my heels.

    John Masefield ‘A Wanderer’s Song’ …………..

    Hope the wait is over soon…..

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for that James – I love Sea Fever but have never read anything else of John Masefield. I like it! I am currently reading lots of Emily Dickinson…

      Feel free to keep the comments topped with snippets of poetry during the row! I love poems.



  5. Belinda Dade says:

    I trust you didn’t COOK the baby!!

    It’s all good experience for the future!

    Belinda x

  6. Ray Girard says:

    All this is the unexpected part of your journey.
    The good stuff that happens in between.

    Glad for you.

    Langley, BC, CANADA

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