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The first little video from the road…

I hope I made a few of you splutter your cornflakes with my ‘Good Farts’ title opener.  For those of you who speak German, I daresay I heard you chuckle quietly – for you know that I know that I don’t really mean to talk about that sort of fart – but rather allude to the oft’ shouted greeting of ‘Gute Fahrt!’ that followed me across Germany. It means, happily, only to wish me a safe and speedy journey. See, the Germans are big into their fahrting – you have ausfarts and einfahrts almost everywhere you look ( them being entries and exits).

Auf wiedersehn

It was with mixed emotions that I pedalled out of Germany last Monday. On the one hand I was happy to be progressing East, but on the other I was sad to leave behind a country I had grown to love – albeit in only a week of cycling.

Using a combination of cycle routes and roads, I headed South East from Essen towards Finnentrop and down into Bavaria from where I headed East towards Fulda, Coburg, Arzberg and on to my next country, the Czech Republic. My route followed the rivers Ruhr and Rhon and others besides, whizzed alongside railway tracks and picked its way through old towns, new towns, industrial areas and old fashioned villages;  it zigzagged up roads that wound through thick forest and then took me free wheeling down into the foothills below.   It led to some golden moments off roading on dirt tracks through silent forests and, once again, it allowed me to meet some wonderful characters.

The red house

Some of the notables from that character list include  Klaus the neon-lycra clad silver cyclist who got very excited about my journey and about meeting Hercules; the kind gentleman who drove after me up a hill to tell me that the road ahead was closed; the lovely young girl and her father who pointed me in the direction of a bike shop when Hercules got sick. Then there was the wonderful Engelhardt family from Finkenau who, when I asked them for some water, invited me into their (wonderfully bright red) home for the night and then cycled out with me the next morning. That was a hapy night indeed, not just for the bath and laundry, but for the friendship  and warmth shared with me. My friends from the aforementioned bike shop deserve a mention too – the chaps at Farhard Frey, Lauterbach sorted Hercules out when his wheel got a buckle that I had struggled to fix myself.


Forest on forest

I was really taken by the forests of Bavaria – bewitched perhaps. Having seen such a lot of wonderful wildlife and been interested by the forestry operations and effects I saw, I am keen to know more. As such, I have asked my Education Chief Huw James to base the next educational blog on them.


All in all, Germany was great to me and my London2London fahrt – its hills tested me, its beauty made me smile, its people were kind to me, and the happy feeling that I got from settling into the journey made me sing and hoop and holler  most of the way across. A few little problems, the first expedition roadside tears and one or two frustrations but all solved now and all part of the story.

So here I am in Prague, having recovered and recharged from last week’s food poisoning, raring to go and excited about the getting back out with Hercules again after some lunch. He’s excited – we hit Poland next.


Happy Easter, happy biking, happy fahrting to you – wherever you are and whatever these things mean to you.


The very best from me and Hercules x

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8 Responses to Good Farts : Crossing Germany

  1. Gute Fahrt indeed, this reminds me of the few years I spent with the worst larger in the world… Munsterlager, an army training area in Northern Germany, on Lüneburg Heath. What a s***hole! We used to wind up the locals with our version of the language. Gute Fahrt was one example of this, as you know. “Nicht viele Polizei!” was “Not much Cop!” “Drie Stück Süßwaren” was a 3 piece suite, I know, terrible. The list was endless, but enough for now. Did upset the locals sometimes but hey, we were easily amused. You stay safe out there Sarah and enjoy the next couple of years, I think what you’re doing is “Wayout Baby” or should I say “Ausfahrt Kinder” in Deutschlish :o)

  2. Helen Outen says:

    Glad to see that all is well. Happy cycling ….and fahrting!!!!

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Great to read your latest instalment, glad you are on the next leg having recovered from the dip last week, hope you continue with happy travels along the road fulfilling your dreams. We are sharing your travels with you.

    All good wishes for now

    C & K

  4. Annie Thompson says:

    Dear Sarah… Well done for getting as far as you have so far… especially with you not being well… Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

    You are a true inspiration. I am currently reading your A Dip In The Ocean.

    I must admit that I follow Mark Beaumont and he put some links on both Facebook and Twitter and that is how I got to know about your event but now I am totally hooked…

    Good luck with it and I will be there with you throughout it all… I look forward to the next installment whether blog…. video diary… news…. etc…. I am a major fan and cannot wait until you write another book…. although with reading about it from the start… I will already know quite a lot that has happened….

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you again soon

    Annie Thompson

  5. Robert Douglas says:

    You mentioned the Bavarian forests being bewitched…perhaps, but the one thing you should beware is ‘Weevil’s Blessing’. An old work colleague (from when I worked in Uppingham) told me these devilish things actually burrow into your flesh – and simply pulling them detaches the head, which itself then rots, thus leading to serious infection. Gruesome!! Perhaps your friend Huw James can tell us more? Still, nice to hear you’re having a good time across Europe, Sarah (have you really reached that far :-o?!) and here’s to your continued progress.

  6. Ellie Nicholson says:

    Sounds amazing Sarah – I recall cycling round a (very small) bit of Germany when visiting a cousin posted out there. Our (initially serious) bike ride degenerated into a mud fight when the mud guards became so clogged up the wheels no longer moved – glad the weather has been kinder to you! Have fun in Poland.

  7. Engelhardt Jennifer says:

    Heh Sarah!
    We got the package from your mom. Thanks alot! We sent off your shoes today, so they’ll be waiting for you when you get home.
    We’ll keep following your progress. Where did the food poisoning come from?
    Stay happy and safe!

  8. Your trip across Germany sounds wonderful – and how fabulous of the Engelhardt family to take you in – it’s so refreshing to hear/read of kind acts like that from total strangers. I suspect they will be your life long friends from now on – probably the first of many on this epic trip! Keep well and more importantly keep safe. Gxx

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