Going underground

Just to report that I am going into hibernation.

Busy things going on and a huge family bereavement has made for one very drained fruitloop. It’s time to sleep and renew. From today until Southampton Boatshow everything and everyone else has been put on hold.  I have given in and am going to sleep.


Very interesting interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour this morning about a hopeful new drugs trial for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. Brightened up my morning as I drove home from an early morning interview in Nottingham with Heart FM and got ready for another with a local magazine.

Team t-shirts

Super good quality, navy  100% cotton polo (by Gill), embroidered logo on the front.

S – XXL. £25 flat rate, free Tweedle post worldwide.

Weblink going up once my techno fairies have sorted a few issues. Meanwhile you can snail mail a cheque to Sarah Outen Ltd, 25 Buckingham Rd, Oakham LE15 6RX


And with that I am signing out until late next week,


Yours in hibernation,

Outey Toot Toot x

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25 Responses to Going underground

  1. Vincent says:

    Have a good rest – you have earnt it!

  2. Diane says:

    Sounds like hibernation will be a good thing for you. Be thinking of you and will raise a glass to you Sunday lunchtime…….for all your endeavours and you being you.

  3. Diana says:

    Good decision. Holding you in our prayers. Diana, Wysiwyg and other critters

  4. Helen says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss Sarah. Hope that a rest helps. All the best.

  5. Paul says:

    Please accept my condolences.
    I hope you manage some sleep.
    Best wishes.

  6. mel and Neil says:

    We’re very sorry to hear about your loss. And of course, going underground is a very good idea…look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Mel and Neil, daisy and paddy

  7. ian says:

    hi sarah,not before time!have a proper rest,overdue you time required!looking forward to a proper catch up on R&M on the 15th,meanwhile take plenty of rum and chocolate into your burrow!

  8. Steve Whitehead says:

    Very sorry about your loss Sarah. Good idea to rest up and recouperate. Give yourself plenty of recovery time and just switch off. Hope you can sleep. Take good care of yourself.
    Yours sincerely and with sympathy
    Thinking of you.
    All the very best

  9. Fiona Sampson says:

    Left you a message on the mobile Sarah but I am ever so sorry to have just read of your sad news. We at the Junior School would absolutely love to see you sometime, but do make it after you have had a well deserved rest and some down time.

    Every Best Wish from all of us here.


  10. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Sorry to hear of your Breavement,Close down & have a good rest & relax away from all the hipe etc, Take all your time you wish as we will all be here for you, When you return .CHERRIO till when ,take care & relax Terry B X!!!!!!!!!

  11. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Words can’t possibly express the sympathy I feel for you and your family
    in this time of a huge family bereavement.

    Take care
    Grandma Barb

  12. Barry Gumbert says:

    Sleep well SarahBear

  13. RoninVancouver says:


    Sad to have news of your bereavement! Glad to have you resting in your bunker.

    Sad to see TOUGH situ Roz is in, and read the flack some post on her blog. Glad to have been there, long ago, to understand her dilemma. She also has a fantastic support team, and Ricardo is also on board. But I’m sure you know that.

    Rest well, and fully recuperate. Blessings 😉 Achates.

  14. Chris says:

    So sorry to hear about your bereavement Sarah. Rest up & take some quiet ‘me & my pooch’ time. XX

  15. Tony F says:


    So sorry to read of your loss. Take care, you have done so much for so many.


    Tony and Co.

  16. xtina says:

    Thinking of you Sarah.

    Love to all xtina

  17. Janis says:

    Blessings to you and your family, Sarah, at this time of loss. Hold close those dear to you, and enjoy a blissful, deserved rest!

  18. Dagmar says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss, Sarah. Thinking of you and your family and hope you will get a proper rest.

  19. AmandaB says:

    Hello Sarah, I’m really sorry to hear of your loss…thinking of you and your family. Stay safe and keep well and try and recharge your batteries. Amanda x

  20. Clem says:

    Hello Sarah

    So sorry to get the news of the bereavement in your family. Condolences from rPYC-Fremantle to you and your family.

    Rest up, take care of yourself now.


  21. Grace Wilkins says:

    Hello Sarah
    Continuing to follow your blogs.
    My mother and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday- it will be a sad occasion.
    Grace and Glenys

  22. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    We were very saddenned to hear about your sad loss. Will be thinking of you all and especially your Mum during the days ahead.

    Hope to be at the Boat Show and can say hello in person.

    Take great care

    Love to you all

    C & K

  23. Jane says:

    My thoughts are with you are all this very sad time – take time to rest, reflect and recuperate and look forward to more blogs and photos of the tee shirts in due course. Jane xx

  24. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Please accept our condolences – a sad time for you all.

    Hibernation sounds like a very good idea – when you “wake up” you will hopefully feel like a new hedgehog!

    Belinda et al, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Jane says:

    Not really sure who has passed away but I send my sincere condolences at what is obviously a very sad time for you.

    Jane x

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