Just a quickie to let you know that all is well Down Under. Loving the Aussie way of life and have been very well looked after indeed. Seen the local wildlife, swam in the Indian Ocean, been blown backwards by the famous Fremantle Doctor (super strong onshore breeze which kicks up most afternoons), had my first barbie and am getting to know Perth and Freo’ – both super lovely places.

Serendipity should be arriving tomorrow so we can get to work making her ready for departure on the 15th March. Meanwhile, various meetings planned with local rowing schools and sea trips to follow. I’m sure it will be time to go before I can say kangaroo. (Or kookaburra – spotted one of those in the tree above the barbie this evening).

Photos next time round, promise!

Thanks to everyone for the messages and good wishes winging down the phone lines and email ether – much appreciated indeed.

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  1. BPC and Albie says:

    Lovely to hear of the happenings in Oz. Methinks you were probably made for that Aussie lifestyle. Enjoy and make the most of it!

    Hoping Dippers arrives safe and it’s a joyful reunion, xx

  2. So excited for you, will be following your every move online!!! Thanks for everything you have done for the Arthritis Research Campaign we really appreciate it.

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news that things are going as planned. Have a wonderful time and we will be following you closely, Enjoy yourself, wish I was there with you. Glad they are looking after you over there, don’t forget to come back here after the trip is finished as you may take a shine to Oz.

    Much love and take care

  4. Ben Thompson says:

    And we’ll just spend thousands of tax payer’s money to come and pick you up when something goes wrong shall we ?
    Be a super duper wacky adventurer from your own country !

  5. Bec says:

    all the best. such a great cause, and no doubt will be making a significant difference in awareness of the charity. will have to come down and wish you well before you set sail! enjoy!

    fellow enviro – bec

  6. Marshall Willan says:

    Good luck Sarah.As a local West Australian I am proud to have you setting out from our shores.I have nothing but complete respect for those like yourself who tackle what more faint hearted ones would say is impossible.You have what it takes just by putting your mind to the challenge ahead. Marshall Willan [Perth,Australia]

  7. Peter says:

    Another bloody pommy airhead adventurer who thinks they are going to be famous. Well you will certainly be famous if the Royal Australian Navy has to spend tens of thousands of dollars rescuing you if something goes wrong (remember Tony Bullimore).
    However, having said that, I wish you safe travels, fair winds and trailing seas.


  8. RON BARBER says:

    Hi Sara I wish you fair winds clear skys and following seas on your great adventure. I’ll be watching your travel and day dreaming that I was out there also.If it was not bold and brave people such as yourself doing these great adventures the earth would be a very boring and sad place. Looking forward to updates as you get going.

  9. Steve says:

    In your G’day section, I think you should be acknowledging the Fremantle Doctor, not Docker! You’re close, though. A Fremantle Docker is an Australian Rules footballer. Safe travels!

  10. Ben Thompson says:

    saying that DO call for help if need be.

  11. Oaklegs says:

    Good day Sara and good luck on your voyage, I shall be watching you.

    One small correction, whilst in Freo you were blown around by the Fremantle Doctor and not the Fremantle Docker they are something completely different and actually full of hot air and not the cooling type like the Doctor that we value highly for light relief in the arvo.

  12. Julie Douglas says:

    Hello Sarah

    I listened to you on Perth ABC 720 yesterday afternoon. I wish you a safe and successful journey – you must be a zodiac water sign as you wouldn’t get me out there for “quids” as they say….Old Earthy Capricorn here!

    Best of Luck and I will watch your progress – stay safe, Julie

  13. ian of fremantle says:

    admire your courage and tenacity and will look forward to reading your reports. good luck

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