First Attempt

Sarah made her first attempt to leave Choshi Marina today at 9.47am (Japan time), 1.47 am (UK time). Unfortunately, the wind blowing into the marina is so strong that she was unable to make much progress and had to turn back. Sarah will make another attempt in a few hours time when the wind is due to die down.


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10 Responses to First Attempt

  1. The suspense is nerve racking…..Will she? Won’t she? Will the winds drop enough to let her skim out of the harbour?….And that’s just from the spectators perspective. Sarah, your courage and fortitude and sheer ‘staunchness’ (we use that word a bit down in Kiwi-land) will mean you handle the vagaries of the weather like the professional you are, and your planning and preparation and vision will ensure you keep sight of the prize….a magnificent row from coast to coast in around seven months, give or take a few weeks. So looking forward to catching up in person once you reach the NA coast line in 2014. The part planning is starting from NOW! GOL……best wines, SSK.

  2. Stephen Stewart says:

    Go Sara Go! All the best for a great voyage! Cheers, Steve

  3. The off shores are coming Sarah

  4. Gillian says:

    Eat more beans and fight back organically 🙂

  5. Takeshi Watanabe says:

    Wait for one more day. Be patient. Rather strong low pressure stays north part of Japan. You have nice weather afterwards.

  6. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    The second time worked when you left WA. Good luck, jill & Stan

  7. margaret says:

    Best of luck. Keep smiling and always apply lots of chamois cream to keep you bum skin healthy.

  8. Mick Dawson says:

    Good luck Sarah, all the very best for a safe and successful voyage,

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