Fancy a ride?

Falmouth - here we come!

Falmouth – here we come!

Team L2L and various lovely helpers are in the midst of planning the final few hundred miles from Falmouth to Tower Bridge and we’re inviting you to come along and join in, holler and support.

First up is the bike leg from Falmouth to Oxford, starting next week Thursday 22nd at midday from The Moor, in Falmouth. We finish in Oxford on the 27th (finish point tbd.) Below is a guide to the daily breakdown plus a link to the full planned route on Mapmyride.

We shall have the YB tracker plotting our position every 10 minutes so that if you want to join in or wave or bring us cake (!) then you will be able to see where we are.

While out we shall tweet daily forecasts of times to leave the next morning so that you know what time to come and find us if you plan to join for a day/part of a day.

In a streak of luxury, I shall be ditching luggage and tent in favour of a motorhome (aka Party Bus) for me and my merry crew. Thanks to Chiltern Motorhome Hire for that. (NB If you plan to join then please plan your own food/ accommodation etc)

22/10: Day 1 – mile 32
Falmouth to Eden – 32 miles

23/10: Day 2 – mile 89
Eden to Moretonhampstead – 57 miles

24/10: Day 3 – mile 140
Moretonhampstead to Waterrow – 51 miles

25/10: Day 4 – mile 205
Waterrow to Bath – 65 miles

26/10: Day 5 – mile 250
Bath to Swindon – 45 miles

27/10: Day 6 – mile 288
Swindon to Oxford – 38 miles

View the route:
Thanks to the lovely Maren Hallenga of CoppaFeel! (also bike mapping extraordinaire) for plotting the route and scheming other useful things. And also to Shelagh and Alasdair of MSG bikes for servicing Hercules. And to my lovely Godparents for chauffeuring him up to us.

Onwards – kayak plan of Oxford to London to follow next week.

Sarah x

P.S Finale under Tower Bridge is November 3rd at midday. Watch this space for more details.

P.P.S Let’s take the charity totals over 50K. Spare a penny or a pound? Donate here.

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7 Responses to Fancy a ride?

  1. Spike says:

    Hi Sarah
    Final push !
    If I don’t see you and Herc as you pass the Dog House at Frilford (good watering hole), I’ll cheer you through Abingdon Lock on your way down the Thames.

    P.S. The Atlantic has beaten bigger boats than yours ! I had one of my infrequent religious encounters out there [Force 10+]

    All the best


    Pleased to see you will be using a motorhome and cycling ‘steady’ distances each day.
    If I may dare to say: contents of a sensible, tasteful, dignified, and worthy victory parade.
    Pleased to see you correctly use the accusative ‘me’ where appropriate – your anticipation of Oxford perhaps?
    I think you have a good life in front of you now helping others in their emulation of you.
    Very well done.

  3. Kit Williams says:

    HI Sarah

    Amazing stuff!

    You won’t remember me but we met in 2007 (I think it was) when you and Sam (my son) were planning your first solo ocean crossings at an early Woodvale gathering.

    Our paths will cross again on October 26th as you pass my place of work and the bottom of my road not long after leaving Bath. Might be too early in the day for you to take a pause but we’ll happily provide tea and cake (or breakfast) if you pull in to The Barn on the A4 in Bathford (BA1 7LR) .

    In any event I’ll be out on the pavement cheering you on. I’m completely bowled over by your achievements.

    Safe pedalling!


  4. Chris Maylr says:

    It will be great to have you back home safe in the UK Sarah

  5. Ethel Leonard says:

    Right on, Sarah. Great to learn about final trip Good Luvk will be following you progress. All the best! Ethel Leonard


    I am a bloke with a beard and just ready to venture forth again in the way that no woman can and with you know what.
    Trouble is, I did the lawn two days ago and my back is now so knackered again I dare not even risk my buspass to the swimming baths.
    Absolutely ridonkulous.
    I now look forward to the shock of the choice at my nice little local Co-op to take my mind off such injustice.
    In the meantime I am off to another funeral.
    You do your own thing as you choose Sarah and make the silly lot of them have it.

  7. Andy Elliott says:

    Hi Sarah, I am considering riding out from Okehampton tomorrow to ride with you across Dartmoor. Would you have an ETA for Tavistock.
    Awesome trip, well done

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