Extra messages from Sarah(via Mum)

13/04/2009(Recent messages to Mum).

Sarah asked that I update the blog……….

Wet and bouncy day on 11th.Made super special bysighting of huge “albie” overhead.

Soggy feet, never dry. Now day 11 (sea record !! as warm up lap only 10 days)

Saw whales on morning of 12/4/09. mini eggs great!!

Swell and winds fromwest. Going backwards!! taking opportunity to sort boat, clean etc. On anchor

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10 Responses to Extra messages from Sarah(via Mum)

  1. Dom says:

    Praying that you get back on track soon. In the meantime hope that you get the chance to put your feet up (for some serious drying out time :-))
    All the very best as always,

  2. Gwyn Roberts says:

    Keep on trucking Sarah.
    Hope you aint fishing like your Grandad would be.
    Good Luck,
    Gwyn and Jane

  3. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    excuse my ignorance, but is that an anchor and chain? if so how long? jill

  4. fish says:

    can only be a sea anchor, where she is will be around 3 or 4 km deep.

  5. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sorry to hear that the prevailing elements are pushing you back but at least you’re able to use the break to get Dippers shipshape and you dried out if possible. Albatross and whales must have kept you entertained too, and the mini eggs. Hope the kink in your progress straightens again soon and you get back to where you want to be. Were the whales close enough for you to smell the halitosis from their stinky-minky blowholes I wonder?

    Maybe you caught a whale for Geoff if you were fishing? best Jane

  6. Laura says:


    I was very very excited to hear from Sarah on Saturday, all the way from the Indian Ocean, she sounded really really happy, looking forward to tucking into all that chocolate on board the great Dippers!! She said she had even taken a very short dip to check for barnacles on the boat, but didn’t stay in the water for too long in case jaws was lurking underneath the boat waiting for his lunch!

    She was looking forward to a cozy night in with a DVD on Saturday, technology eh..!

    Hoping she stays on course and keeps up those super high spirits we all know and love!!

    xx Laura

  7. John Skevington says:

    Hello Sarah
    I have only just subscribed to your blog.
    I am a memeber of Royal Perth Yacht Club, and read about you in the Club magazine.
    Good luck.
    I will keep watching your progress.
    Sir Winston Churchill (PM of UK during WW II) said, “Never, never, never give up”.

  8. Mark Powell says:

    Great to see you had a super Easter swimming and eating Chocolate? The wind can be such a pain I remember so well with the lads on the atlantic crossing how they can only row at 1.5-2km and the prevailing winds drove them back but they did get good weather and broke the record. Keep the spirits up and certainly you are progressing very well that record is for you to claim no problem.

  9. geoff says:

    (yes I think Sarah will know who Winston – “it will be long and it will be hard, and there will be no withdrawal” – Churchill was)

  10. Terry Baldwinson UK says:

    It should be borne in mind that Mauritius is at 20 deg. latitude. Sarah is at about 31 deg. So she still has some latitude (forgive the pun) before she is “too far north”.

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