Eight months, three weeks

Happy Socks, happy days

Happy Socks, happy days

As January morphed to February and March steps forward ready for her turn, it feels like time has moved from a swift walk to a trot and now to a running pace at L2L HQ. Earlier this month marked eight months since I was rescued from the North Pacific last summer, and one month until I fly to Japan. Chapter 2 is ready to relaunch: these are exciting times, a riot of emotions and a library of To Do Lists. Here is a blog I wrote for the Independent recently about my feelings around the Relaunch. The short version is this – I am happy, strong and ready for it, grateful for all the support I  have had to make it back to the ocean in such a short time frame. And the nerves, yes, they are there too, quietly and helpfully chattering. It’s all good. These are happy days. Here’s a little photo set from the last couple of months.

After a mammoth weekend of sorting, waterproofing, counting and checking, the boat has been packed  with six months of supplies, loaded into a big metal box aboard an even bigger metal boat and is now on her way to Japan. Having finished my on the water training, I am now focussing on squeezing in as many land sessions as my diary allows between the speaking engagements, final admin and farewell parties.

I fly to Japan on March 13th, and Ocean Support Tony will fly out a week later to help me in the final week of preparations. The aim is to be ready to go on standby from April 1st, so that Happy Socks and I can cast off the bowlines as soon as the weather allows.

So, for now, watch this space for further updates and  do please spread the word about the journey. I can’t promise much about the ocean ahead – it is the ocean after all – but I can promise an adventure.

All best,


PS: Foundation Lecture, Stamford High School – March 5th, 7pm. Tickets here.

PPS: For those of you who missed it last month: London2London Chapter 1 video : here




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22 Responses to Eight months, three weeks

  1. Tari says:

    Do you still have space for cookies?

  2. Waterproof the chocolate!

  3. john Globemasterone says:

    Thanks for the update Sarah….impressive photographs. GO SARAH !!!
    john, Lake Ontario

  4. Alex Korol says:

    Good luck this time, lets all cross fingers at your start: )

  5. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Not long now, then – exciting stuff! Hope you’re not having too many dreams about the lists………

  6. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah

    I am still following you.
    Felt all your highs and lows and I am glad that you are having another go.
    If ever in doubt always remember [ you will never never know if you never have a go ].
    The butterflies are there to keep you on your toes [ or your butt if you are rowing ].
    You will do this time

    Bruce from sunny Queensland AUST

  7. Poul Bekker-Hasen says:

    “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”
    George E. Woodberry

  8. Tony F says:

    Hopefully the weather will be a bit more benign this time!

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah
    Its great to hear the latest and to know how things are going, we like a lot of folks will be with you in thought all of the way.

    Our love and best wishes go with you on this part of your wonderful journey.

    Take care and happy rowing

    C & K

  10. Hi Sarah – awesome news and SOOOOOO happy that you’re revved up and rearing to go! I’ll be waiting on the US side for when you make land – with a HUGE GRIN plasted on, natch! We’ll be watching and cheering you on all the way over……..the VERY best of wishes, luck, mana and favourable winds.

    GOL!!!! SSK

  11. Deepa G says:

    Hi Sarah

    I just finished reading your first book. I lost my father recently and I am grieving for last year and a half. I have no lion heart like you but, I would love to hold your finger to go on your journey! Please count me in!

    Eat a Mars bar for me! Wishing for kind waves and favorable wind!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your loss Deepa. Why can’t fathers stay forever?!

      Here’s to the journey ahead, for both of us.

      Go well.


  12. Mihoko Kato says:

    Great to hear you are coming back!
    Let me know if you think you have time!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Mihoko,

      I am really looking forward to coming back to Japan. I’m giving a talk at the Pink Cow in Shibuya on March 21st from 8pm. You’d be very welcome.

      All best


  13. Donna Powell says:

    I think you are one amazing gutsy girl!
    I was so saddened by the images on the news last year when your first attempt was stopped by Mother Nature (but very relieved you were rescued safely).
    I wish I could do something as exciting as this but work, mortgage etc stops me (at this time). I am so with you in spirit and willing you in round two that you are successful..
    You will make it this time I know you will.. And what an amazing thing to say “I have travelled around the world on my own steam”. Go girl!
    I can’t wait to follow round two.. Be safe.. Donna

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