Drinks & dinner before the Ocean

Warm invitations extended to one and all to my final farewell before the Ocean.

Saturday 7th February

Drinks at the lovely Greens Cafe, St Giles, Oxford 7pm

Dinner at the best bangers & mash resto every invented – the Big Bang, Walton St 9pm

You are welcome to part or all of the evening – RSVP to me directly hello@sarahouten.co.uk / 07916 167540

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  1. Spike says:

    Bummer ! RPC in St Giles ? Just like me to be on the back side of the drag curve. I was in the Oxford area that day too, but only seen the blog today. Hey ho.
    Best of luck with final preps and I know you will be spiritually inspired by any Albatross you might encounter while paddling across the oggin (It was uplifting to have one follow my steamer for 4 days off the WA coast). If you haven’t read “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, you should get a copy to read on the flight to Oz.

    Big hug

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