Did I tell you…?

Folks, bonjour, bonjour!

I’ve left it until now, 2300 Mo-time of my first full day on land, to write  you my first wobbly-legged, desalted, absolutely over the moon to be safe and dry blog.   A few reasons for this… I have been on the phone all day to press….but mainly that I didn’t quite know what to say or how to say it. I’m still not sure that I do – so please forgive me if I don’t make too much sense. Suffice to say that I am  super happy – this is the overriding take home message in my blog herewith.

Firstly to Mauritius – what a great place to end my row. A beautiful place  in all senses  and the folks here are wonderful – I am so grateful to be so welcomed and looked after and really look forward to exploring the island in a day or two once my wobbly walk has straightened out and everything feels a bit less bruised.

Secondly to yesterday’s landing – what an adventure! It didn’t happen quite the way we had planned or envisaged, but hey, this was always going to be mission critical  along with clearing Australia safely, the most dangerous part of the whole trip.  So to have made it across all those miles of ocean safely, hit Mauritius and have my long overdue hugs is sublime.  In short, I was rolled, at least three times, by some huge breakers as I approached the entrance to the bay, meaning that instead of coming through the channel in the reef to walk up onto the beach, I came to rest on the reef itself. I said I was determined to hit Mauritius, and I did!

Thirdly (and finally, for now) I just want to say a huge, ocean sized thank you to everyone for their support, sponsorship, commenteering and charity donations. I often said I was never lonely out on the ocean, even though I was in alone. This is true, however, I wasn’t really alone at all. The boat was packed with folks, all around the world – I was, and still am, humbled by this incredible support. Mind-blowing.

More to follow herewith, and I am really looking forward to sitting down at my desk and trying to process all of the last three years of this project, not least the last 124 days, into something resembling a story. For once, I am a bit lost for words right now, full of different emotions and soaking up all the delights of landlubbing again.

For now, Outey Toot ‘I’ve just rowed from Asutralia!’ Toot x x x

PS Did I tell you I’ve just rowed from Australia?

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  1. richard butchins says:

    did you know you have just rowed from Australia ….

  2. Rosie says:

    Congrats, Sarah! I hope the rum punch (& pizza) tasted good & look forward to the pimms when you’re back in the UK! Hope you & D didn’t take too much pounding on the reef… Sorry I wasn’t there to cheer you in – was first day of new job! See you soon, R xx

  3. Charlie Chase says:

    just FANTASTC Sarah, Fantaastic ! I’m stuck for words too.
    I’m just so pleased for you !

  4. robert jones says:

    just to let you know you have just rowed from australia!!!

  5. Spike says:

    There will come a time when you can no longer attribute the fruit loops and wobbly legs to the sea. In the meantime enjoy the rum !!

    Tee hee

  6. Vince - Global Yacht Deliveries says:

    Well has anybody reminded you that you’ve just rowed from australia..wow thats a fantastic achievment!!!that not many can say they’ve done. I know what you’ve experienced out there with all the ocean creatures keeping you company along the way and just to let you know you’re not “alone” in the beautiful ocean.Well done again dear Sarah enjoy the rum punches and mauritius !!!Life a journey and you rowed it !!!

  7. Barry Gumbert says:


    I worked 2 seasons in a salmon cannery in Alaska many years ago. Ever since then whenever some job seemed too difficult I’d just think to meself, “Meself, compared to working on the slime line, this is a piece of cake”.

    For the rest of your life you can look back and say “meself, compared to rowing the Indian Ocean nothing will ever be difficult again”.

    Question: How did dippers fair on the reef? Hope there wasn’t much damage. It’d be a shame if her career had to end in Mauritius.

  8. Dave & Joan Upton says:

    Dear Sarah,
    So many congratulations from the two of us here in Norfolk. What a wonderful achievement and for such a worthwhile cause. Your Dad would be so proud of you as we are. We first heard of your expedition on Radio 2 with Stuart Maconie and it has been a priviledge to have been able to follow your progress via your website AND have been able to make a donation as well. Thank you again for giving us much pleasure and we are so pleased you are back on dry land safe and sound Enjoy your few days rest and then that book needs writing XX

  9. Laura Wright says:

    You did it girl!!!! So proud and super excited for you!!

    xx Laura

  10. Alan Brazier says:

    ALAN. B

  11. Roy Barry says:

    Anyone would think you’d just rowed from Australia……..

  12. Alan Hind says:

    Great to see your £10K target exceeded as well on the Just Giving page. With all the press you are getting I’m sure this will rocket up!! I kept stopping on the way home from work yesterday to check for updates on the website via my iPhone – so relieved to see you made it safely. Different kind of hard work from now on … you are a star Sarah so enjoy it!

  13. Jill Ward says:

    Way to go Sarah. I’ve been following your progress via radio 2 and always thoroughly enjoyed listening to your updates. You are a credit to your generation, very, very well done.

  14. YOU ARE A B S O LU T E L Y B****Y G R E A T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can’t congratulate you enough – achievement totally outstanding!!!!
    Wish we could hug you!!!!!!
    Love you hugely
    Graham & Angie in Cornwall xxx

  15. Grant & Bec says:

    What a BRILLIANT efort! Well done Sarah. You are awesome!

  16. Steve Whitehead says:

    Well Sarah it’s all been said already. I have said it and so has everyone else. I still have tears of joy when I think about what you’ve done. But really thanks for this latest blog. You are still putting other people first by writing blogs and doing interviews. What a lovely person you are. Great to hear from you and to know how happy you are. Where did you say you rowed from?… Surely not! Hope you enjoy your well earned rest in Mauritious. Thanks again. LOL Steve Whitehead
    PS. Thanks again

  17. Janis says:

    Sarah, thank you, thank you, for graciously sharing your journey through the longitudinal decades! Happy to have been part of the electronic “ride”! Sorry, if Elvis got you “All Shook Up” as it ended. My heart went out to “Sarah’s Mum-Helen” when your Tracker stopped on that reef. Obviously, physical, mental and emotional fortitude runs in the family! Much admiration and many happy thoughts are flowing your way from my little garden in Southern California! Enjoy the rest on Paradise Island! Janis

  18. Currin says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You have truly advanced the concept of ‘adventure’ and as this journey is concludes, your next challenge awaits. So do your indelible friends and fans who cheer you on…!

    Cheers and chocolate,


  19. Amy Thompson says:


    Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure. There were certainly many days where I held by breath for your safety. Very happy you are back with family and friends.

    From this point forth as obstacles seem daunting, I will forever say “If Sarah Outen can row across the Indian Ocean, I can …”

    Looking forward to the stories. You have a gift with words in addition to oars.

    My very best to you on your land adventure.

    Amy Thompson
    Annapolis, Maryland, USA

  20. Douglas Piercy says:

    Great stuff, Sarah, great to hear you’ve arrived safely! douglas.

  21. Sally Kettle says:

    Welcome to ‘The Club’, we meet for Guinness and I’m sure there’s a Naked Day too!

    S & C xx

  22. Richard Adams says:

    Absolutely brilliant, well done. Congratulations from everybody involved with the Rutland Trust.

  23. Tony F says:

    Australia? No, I don’t think you mentioned it…

    Well done!

  24. Jill OHalloran says:

    Thankyou Sarah…what a generous, kind and sensitive person you are to be thinking of yr ‘bloggy people’ when you’re so overwhelmed by everything else. It has been an incredible privilege to have shared something of you and your amazingness! THANKYOU!!!!!!

  25. Sharon says:

    Congratulations on your row!! I followed your every blog and had tears of joy when looking at your pics from your successful landing in (on?) Mauritus. This can’t be said enough….Congratulations!!!!

  26. Darryl Dawn says:


  27. John Townsend says:

    I thought swimming to Rottnest Island was a big achievement, so it looks like I’ll have to swim to Maurtius to impress my kids now. 🙁

    Be prepared for the let down, then use the tremendous achievement to inspire yourself and everyone around you forever. Congratulations.

  28. Karen Buchanan says:

    Congratulations Sarah. You and your team have performed superbly!

  29. Penny Anderson, Perth says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Have followed you every day. You made my early morning starts; a race to the laptop to log on. Was also surprised at how much emotion and tears I had when you finally finished and finished safely. So proud of you.

  30. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SAREH
    Thanks for the blog its great to read it as you must have plenty on your plate at present. bet all that wildlife qut there are looking for that smiling face cherio !!!!!!! TERRY B

  31. NickH says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Congratulations on your incredible achievement, I cannot imagine how you feel at the moment You must be so proud of all your hard work as must be your family and friends. I’ve followed your journey via your blog and it has been a real joy to read your daily thoughts during this amazing adventure – look forward to the book…

    So glad you are safe and well as is your wonderful boat Serendipity and that you met your charity target.

    Once again congratulations and my very best wishes.


    PS Really appreciated you sending me a PS to one of my comments and sending my family your best wishes from the middle of the Indian Ocean!

  32. Rit from Manchester NH says:

    Sarah, I am very proud and in AWE, of your accomplishment’s. I’ve looked forward to checking out your blog every day. I don’t know what I’ll have to look forward to anymore, ( except maybe your book ). I’m so glad you’ve arrived safely. If it is possible, have someone let us know, where when can get copies of your interviews. I get BBC on my cable system, but have been unable to find anything on your adventure. WOW!! What a row! Rit

  33. Norman Pater says:

    Well done, Sarah!
    When i had the priviledge of meeting you at the Royal Perth YC after your initial ‘trial run’ i had no doubt you had all the mental ingredients to make it!

    Since then i have followed your progress with great interest, and am so happy for you. Well done, you are a legend!

  34. Dave from Sheboygan says:

    Wow! What an awesome achievement. I’m lifting a glass to toast your success. Here’s to many more.

  35. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:

    hi sarah

    keep atlin bc on your radar, even if on just a corner. some day, some year, you should come. we are not officially in the yukon, but the yukon is our front yard. worth seeing.

    you and yours have a standing invitation. we would roll out the red carpet, kill the fatted calf, open all the doors…….

    what you have given us every day since april 1 is more than words can say. the sad thing about your arriving is that there will be no more fresh morning blog from a most incredible human.

    even if we never meet, we will always feel we know you. with respect, love and pleasure.

    thanks, sarah

    maggie and dick

  36. Anita Corbin says:

    Dear Sarah
    what a moment in herstory! looking forward to capturing you in a portrait…having withdrawal symptoms from being blogless, keep turning to the computer for daily dose of outey…and being transported to the wild wlld oceanxxxx

  37. Sarah

    we don’t know each other but one of my best mates is currently rowing Japan – San Francisco on the Golden Gate Endeavour. I saw on their blog the acknowledgment and best wishes on your successful journey. Many congratulations on this incredible achievement, you are an inspiration to us all. I was in Mauritius in 81 on a warship, beautiful place.

    If you’re ever in Lagos Nigeria, the first round is on me.

    Yours aye
    Adam (TLM)

  38. Nick French and the Catering Team St Hugh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s says:

    Well done Sarah congratulations now put your feet up and enjoy a well earned rest!

    Best Wishes

    The Catering Team at St Hugh’s

  39. Mary Paton says:

    Fremantle to Mauritius is a very long way over a difficult and unpredictable ocean – well done Sarah – and your astoundingly brave mother – and all your support team (those who pray and those who don’t)- and Dippers. I should imagine that just dreaming about the whales, flying fish and albatross will carry you a long way from now on. Very best wishes for the future, Mary (Western Oz)

  40. Ralph Baumfalk says:

    Congratulations from
    the river Ems (Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany).

  41. xtina says:

    Was so proud to be down there with you making history Sarah …

    Such a privilege to be part of this story …

    See you soon

    love xtina

  42. Ange Wheatley says:

    Congratulations Sarah and nice one!
    Enjoy your rest with your mum & Matt… Mum says she can’t wait to see you when you get home.
    Take care and chillout.
    Ange x

  43. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Can I add my congratulations to all the others? It is absolutely brilliant that you made it – even more so that you made it in one piece!

  44. Sarah,What fabulous comments – especially loved number 35!You could probably sail your way around the world meeting up with all your admirers! (Miss out the Leeds/Liverpool canal though – a la Radcliffe and Marconie!)
    So relieved,happy and just “ever so slightly” in awe at your tremendous achievment, and just glad that you are safe and sound.Have been living this through Helen’s eyes and at times I have been a nervous wreck!!
    Will miss your blog, looking forward to the book!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Mauritius and let yourself be pampered.
    With love, Gillian in N Cornwall

  45. Mark Powell says:

    Hi Sarah, well we had Eddie Hudson the Smallest Man living in Rutland, we know have the first lady to row across the Indian ocean solo and the youngest unaided(apart from Bob every know and again). That is huge and words cannot define how pleased I am for you. It just show’s how we can do anything if we put our minds and bodies through the pain barrier we will succeed, what an inspiration to all the younger generation to get up and do something that will change your life for ever. You truly are an awesome lady, enjoy all that comes your way it is richly deserved.

  46. Dagmar says:

    Dearest Sarah, how lovely to hear from you again. First thing I checked this morning. I’m so glad you’re healthy and happy. The landing with its swimming interludes sounds like the ocean didn’t really want to let go of its wonderful friend. Have a great time with your family and friends exploring Mauritius before returning home and deciding what to do next. Your blogs were splendid: fascinating, full of humour, insightful, I could go on. Your PS replies a wonderful way of making us feel truly part of your adventure.
    Absolutely amazing what you’ve achieved. You’re not the only one to be lost for words!! Dagmar

  47. Dagmar says:

    P.S. and on top of it all, you raised more than targeted! Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!

  48. Anna says:

    Great to hear you are settling in to Mauritius and are all safe and sound. Ive been told off numerous times at work for clicking away when im meant to be listening. I’ve been hooked for the last few days!
    It will be great to see you when you are back over here (when are you back in the Oakham area)? Was thinking of doing the horseless burghley if you fancy it with em and lou (although they dont know that yet!). Enjoy your time in paradise, you deserve a good rest!
    Anna and Kieran x

  49. Vincent says:

    We are all so, so proud of what you have done but mostly of YOU here at Arthritis Care.

    Thank you Sarah, you have certainly made my last 4 months more interesting!



  50. Janet says:

    Many, many congratulations Sarah and super well-done, absolutely mind blowing what you have achieved. Great what you have done for Arthritis Care and we would love to have you come along to visit us at one of our SSALC Meetings (held twice a year) if you are able. Hope we all hear more of your great journey. Best Wishes Janet

  51. Claire C says:

    Can you be bursting with pride with what someone you’ve never met has achieved? That’s me – a big lump in my throat and a swell in my chest!

    Everytime I think of how much effort and guts and determination you have put into this adventure I get tears in my eyes – and you let all of us here experience it with you. Your book is going to be an amazing read and you are an amazing woman. I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to do next.

  52. Helen Cassin says:

    Wow, just wow. Massive congratulations Sarah, what you’ve achieved is amazing. That was one hell of a push for the finish! Enjoy the celebrations, you have definitely earnt that run punch!! All the best and lots of love xxx

  53. Mark McGrouther says:

    Well done Sarah. Brilliant work. Have a well earned break!

  54. Vicky H says:

    Love you lots sarah o and so proud of you. Send my love to the rest of the Outen clan. Always thinking of you. Let me know when you’re back home and i’ll make a little trip south. It’s all very moving sarah o!! I’m so proud to know such an incredible person xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Richard C says:

    Lost for words is quite acceptable now that you have to take loads of other people into account rather than alone status that you have ‘enjoyed’ for 125 days! Happy to wait for the updates, as you settle into life as we know it, again!
    Enjoy the moment for the experience that it is…

  56. Sophie Brown says:

    Huge congratulations Sarah! I’m totally awestruck and so happy that you made it after having worked so hard for this. You’re such an inspiration. Can I pre-order a signed copy of your book…?

  57. MarkinHull says:

    What next for the ocean wanderer???????????????? Mxx

  58. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Any chance for pictures of Marcel and Ricardo to be put up on the gallery.
    We heard about them but never seen them.
    And I hoping to see Marcel later in the year.

  59. Andrew C says:

    Congratulations! An amazing achievement. We have followed your trip right the way through from Australia (including your ‘practice lap’) and have nothing but admiration for you. We suggest that you now put your feet (and your oars) up ! Well done.

    East Lothian in Scotland.

  60. ian says:

    hi sarah,great to hear from you yesterday,had a double dose as was able to catch womans hour on the i player and”live” on radcliffe and maconie,love the idea of you and dippers bobbing about on the manchester ship canal!
    i hope you really enjoy your rest and take some time to reflect on your achievement,with so many negative stories about and most of us going through the economic mill it has been a huge daily tonic to be able to plug in to your relentless good humour and spirit of adventure.
    looking forward to your next thing whatever it turns out to be.
    regards to you and good old dippers(has she got her breath back yet?)

  61. Diana says:

    Good grief
    on the Reef
    She’s the chief
    the only
    yes the only
    and did you know
    she rowed from Australia
    with some paraphenalia
    and a BIG brave heart!
    To delicious Mauritius!
    I just say….”Well done!” Diana in the Cotswolds

  62. Phil Cheek says:

    No new or clever words to say well done.I`m just so pleased for you & so relieved you`re “safe home”.Doesn`t look as though the reef took too many chunks out of you or dippers.

  63. tracey mason says:

    I’ll miss you. But will feel part of it all when I read your book.

  64. Ellie says:

    All I can say is “WOW!” Massive massive congratulations, really quite incredible, but if anyone was going to do it, it’s you. Amazing push for the finish too! Very glad you’re safe on dry land, and enjoy the fresh fruit, veg, junk food and rum punches!

  65. Nicole M says:

    Outeyroo, so glad to hear you’ve stormed into Mauritius!!! Can’t wait to see you sooooon. Swap you a towering slice of cake for more tales of the high seas? xxx

  66. Alex Hibbert says:

    Spectacular effort Sarah. Hope to see you soon! Alex

  67. kev klein says:

    hi sarah.
    congratulations on your brilliant achievement, hope your not too briused from hiting the island and your land legs are coming back.
    i hope when everything settles down you write a book about your adventure, i will be the first to buy it.
    your mum must be so proud and relieved to have you back safe, enjoy a good rest.
    all the best kev klein.

  68. Bipin Joshi says:

    Well done and you are such an inspiration to us all.

    Cant wait to read your book.

    Let us know when published!

    Take care

  69. Hi Sarah, done anything exciting lately??
    So now you know how the book ends!!! Looking forward to reading it. Your Natracare SISTER Theresa 🙂

  70. David B. says:

    Dittos to all the above. You’r awesome, totally awesome!

  71. peter roome says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Fantastic! Heartfelt congratulations!

    Love from all the Roomes

  72. Gillian Espinosa says:

    Wonderful Sarah that you are safely in Mauritius. I have enjoyed every day of your ocean adventure and now look forward to your book.

    A big hug of congratulations from Gillian in Quito, Ecuador

  73. clem says:


    Sorry been absent in sending you many congratulations on your magnificent achievement. Thoughts and hearts of all of us at Fremantle have been with you all the way and just pleased to know you are now safe and well.

    Always knew you’d do it!!

    Sorry also could not be with you at such a special time in your life, enjoy every moment of the event!!

    See you again one day I’m sure, always welcome in Freo!

    I’ve always known you are really the lady who can!!

    Much love from us all
    Clem (TMWC!)

  74. Linda Morison says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and very relived its over. I’ve never met you like so many of us who have followed your progress, your ups and downs, rollovers, observations on nature and swims but I thought about you every day and when there was a big storm rolling in from the South and hit little old Bunbury in Western Australia – I worried and lay awake wondering is Sarah alright??!! It has been an wonderful experience for me and my folks in Florida being a little part of your journey. We are going to miss following this experience now its over – but can’t wait for the book to be written(we know there is alot more to be written!!)Take care and enjoy being with your nearest and dearest. And thank you so much for letting so many of us be included in your amazing adventure for a truely worthy cause. Best Wishes Always,Linda Morison Bunbury Western Australia

  75. bastien says:

    enjoy the well deserved rest.

  76. bastien says:

    enjoy the well deserved rest. you will be able to send photo of the row in in the ocean fews days ?

  77. John Bruxelles says:

    Congratulations Sara, you’re an inspiration to us all.
    Absolutely wonderful achievement!!!

  78. Adrian Moss says:

    well done, brilliant, exceptional, outstanding oh and well done too

  79. John Bruxelles says:

    Congratulations Sara! Absolutely wonderful achievement. You’re an inspiration to us all….

  80. Kitty and Tim Walmsley says:

    Congratulation. As we’ve been cycling round Lake Maggiore in Italy for three days, missed your actual arrival, but very well done, wonderful photos and great achievement. Looking forward to seeing you back home soon. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  81. Marcel says:

    For Mike Pearce.
    Mike, I am the ugly one in the green shirt and red shorts holding Sarah as she wobbles down to my car.
    Ricardo is the handsome long-haired,bearded, Jesus look alike one who
    gets to cuddle Sarah.

  82. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    can’t believe this appeared out of the blue in my junk e mail !!so excuse no earllier comment.
    MARCEL thanks for the info, i guessed right,and it was fun putting the bits together.Not surprised Ricardo got cuddled tho I’m sure you did too. Were you friends with Sarah before or were you just the “miracle man in Mauritius” putting it all together?
    SPIKE re your coverage querie earlier, have you watched the news on 4/8/09 on http://www.mbcradio.tv
    ROSEMARY thanks for telling us how to zoom in on the tracker. That was fantastic.
    SARAH, that is so you to be thanking us. Must admit that losing this to junk email has left us desperately wishing someone would let us know how you were, and we were saying to each other that we were so fortunate to have been allowed to share the journey with you, but we shouldnt feel part of you forever. Extraordinary emotions for us too really.
    Thank you so very much for sharing. We feel so privileged and we owe you so much.
    For the umpteenth time congratulations. See you in WA.
    Jill and Stan

  83. Mike Harrop says:

    Sarah, absolutely fantastic to hear you got to Mauritius safely. Congratulations on a tremendous achievement. Can´t wait to read the book!

  84. Nigel & Kay Naylor says:

    Hi Sarah Congratulations on your fantastic vouage what a journey you have had,and a great and spectacular ending,we have followed your jouney and i am sure you have put Oakham firmly on the map and may i say as a Arthritus sufferer a HUGE “THANKYOU” to you for the funds raised you are a credit to your parents, by the way ever thought of comedy writing? your talks are sure to be fantastic if your blogs are anything to go by made us chuckle “CONGRATULATIONS” again enjoy your rest

  85. Arjan says:

    Congratulations from The Netherlands!

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