Day 60 approaches

Day sixty approaches. Unfortunately the only thing that I seem to be approaching is the Grand Banks and Canada.  I love the latter and am intrigued by the former, though I want to visit neither.  I want to go home.

Not right now; don’t worry, I still want to row this ocean and pull up in England for an ice cream under my own power a few months hence.  But I really would like to put a few more miles between Happy Socks ‘ stern and the sand in Chatham, the last land walked on back in May.

Celebrating Americas good news and equality for all

Celebrating Americas good news and equality for all

For now it seems that the ocean and atmosphere has other ideas, as if knowing that it might be its last attempt to hang out together for a while, given that I have no immediate ocean plans after this journey.

Total white out

Total white out

My plans are for wrapping the journey with storytelling – film and book and talks – and then focusing on getting kids outside and connected with the land via an Adventure Farm. Lucy and I swap ideas on it frequently.  That and our wedding, which takes up even more phone hours.  It is a bit of a double life in some ways – being so isolated and immersed in the moment of the ocean, contrasted with talk of future plans and happenings.

You may have heard my phonecasts or seen my tweets on losing the rudder in rough weather last weekend. It has proved difficult rowing without it at times, depending on conditions,  and the periods not rowing are even more frustrating without it.  A new one is being made in the U.K. as I type and Tony, my brilliant Shore Support, is trying to source a Deliverer. Hopefully a cruise ship will be game to swing by and do a spot of rower – sighting. I am hoping I can get a bit of a food resupply too, given that I expect to be out here longer than we first planned.   Watch this space. …

My homemade rudder waiting patiently for its debut

My homemade rudder waiting patiently for its debut

Meanwhile, I continue to try and make ground East while I can and hold fast while I cannot. The weather and currents are boss out here – I just have to make the most of opportunities or reduce collateral. High hopes, low expectations and reminding myself that nothing lasts forever.

Big thanks to everyone who has donated to the charities via text giving and the online giving. We are now well over 40k including Gift Aid, so plugging steadily on to the 100k goal.

Thanks too for all the messages of support.  They always make me smile and grateful for all the good energy coming my way.


Sarah and Happy Socks

P.s Still no chance to try my home made rudder yet

For the text donate, text SARAH3 to 70500 to donate £3, SARAH5 for £5 etc

To donate to the expedition funds please follow this link

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12 Responses to Day 60 approaches

  1. Bob Mehrens says:

    Sarah – we are still more than confident in your quest to finish your journey back here in Illinois. You remain a huge inspiration to us mere mortals.
    Bob & Joey

  2. Sharon and Alec Bloyd-Peshkin says:

    We’re following your progress, Sarah, and hoping you put the Grand Banks well behind you soon!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hang in there Sarah – on the upside, when I look at the map of your course over the last wee while it looks like a map of Australia (kind of) – so… doing a circumnavigation of Auzzie as well as crossing the Atlantic is clearly a noteworthy feat 🙂 I’ll bet nobody else has ever done that.

    Chin up…

    Cheers from down under

  4. Brendon Cary says:

    G’day Sahra from down under. We Totally jus finished our 2 year tour and know how you must be feeling about arriving back to a massive party. Well worth dreaming about coz it will happen one day…all too so probably. Keep plugging away out there, it’ s always the toughest 2/3 through. Sending our love and strength. TotallyTandem.

  5. Horst and Rosemary Hamp says:

    Thinking of you Sarah (and Happy Socks) and wishing you the very best of luck! Hope the new rudder arrives soon and you can get rowing again in the right direction!

  6. Maria says:

    Sarah…good luck girl, tough time without the rudder and being isolated at sea, but it will go away, you are doing well…will watch this space for updates…

  7. Judy Bartel says:

    When I first made a motorcycle trip to California from Canada 30 years ago, I was met with bumper stickers that said “welcome to California, now go home!” and “Beautify California-put a tourist on a bus”. That is now my wish for you! It was wonderful to meet you in Canada, but I hope that when you next come back here it will be after a victorious voyage and not via the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. I wish you favourable winds and currents from here on!

  8. Brad Martin says:

    Alex, Katie and I continue to follow your journey, and think of you often. We pray for helpful winds and currents. Go girl!

  9. Charlie Clapp says:

    Been tacking you – and a few friends that sailed by in the crazy weather on the Transatlantic. The best of them also lost their rudder and headed for the Azores – none of that for you. Keep the bow pointed east and reel the UK in – day by day. Know that lots of support is coming your way from your Duxbury friends – and many more. Charlie et al

  10. dick fast/maggie d'arcy says:

    love you, sarah, and all that you are..

    we and many many others, are watching you, with awe and well-wishing. let’s just get the gods to push you due east, due east, and stop frigging about!!!!

    love, dick and maggie from atlin

  11. dick fast/maggie d'arcy says:

    just love you, sarah, and wish you a meeting soon with your lucy.

    atlin, bc, canada (of jake’s corner)

  12. Mark powell says:

    So pleased it is going well and the last journey will have highs and lows but your spirit will see you through all the trials and tribulation . In so much admiration to you.
    Oakham has been gloomy today but heat wave on it way!!!
    Dogs and mum look good

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