Day 38 – Happy days on Happy Socks

What a weekend to top off the week that was. Happy days indeed.  The last two phonecasts will give you all the details, but for now a few photos as we are back in the cabin today and laptopping makes me rather queasy.

The weather allowed me outside to row and clean and wash and cook and swim and celebrate my birthday, a week late.

Birthday banner and balloons

Birthday banner and balloons

Birthday curry and home made naan, washed down with tea ( I am so rock and roll)

Birthday curry and home made naan, washed down with tea ( I am so rock and roll)

With gentle weather it felt gorgeous to be out in the fresh air, the sun on my skin and doing useful things. And believe me, there is deep joy to be found in a (relatively) clean pair of newly washed pants at sea! It’s the small things out here. We had a pod of common dolphins on Sunday and some as yet unidentified breaching creature – at first I thought small whale or large dolphin and then I thought shark. Hard to tell – I couldn’t decide if it was a pointy-up tail or whether I heard blowing. Still, great to see them and to meet my fishy friends under the boat when I swam. And rowing – what a novelty, a real treat to be going in the right direction, for a while at least.

Happy to be rowing once more

Happy to be rowing once more

My body is rather sore and achy after 38 days at sea – my lower back screams regularly and my right knee has jammed up a bit. Still, bearing in mind the stuff I put it through I’d say we’re doing Ok. The cool floatyness of being in the water yesterday was a delicious tonic for muscles and mind and a massive confidence boost too – I can’t wait for the next time, even if I know that I will still spend minutes standing on the edge of the boat rocking over, over, over, until I summon up the courage to get in.

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Getting out is harder than it looks - and definitely not too stylish

Getting out is harder than it looks – and definitely not too stylish

Energised after the dip

Energised after the dip

So, as you can see, after the best day of the trip so far, I am a happy rower indeed. Thanks for all the lovely comments and donations to my charities on my birthday too – a lovely haul. Keep it coming, pennies and pounds, bit by bit, we can nail the £100K target.

All salty best,

Sarah, Happy Socks , the Tweedles and the Blues and Yellows x

Replies to comments

James Quick – Glad to hear it James. I hope you are getting out into the sea sometimes too for a quick dip. Do drop us a line to organise a sat call into assembly or one of the classes – would be great to update you all. Your sea anchor is working a treat too J

Gigi Walentiny – Lots of happy dancing and very loud singing and ‘Whoop whooping’, yes, definitely. Might have some cabin singing later if it gets scary…

Sarah Wilson – Get well soon – broken tails sound nasty and sore. And yes, Justine is epic in all senses! One of my team should be getting in touch re an interview. Go well.

Anita Corbin – That is ace to hear. Well done indeed. Who is next?

Christine and Kathleen  – I think Kris and Maren are going yes, and two other sets of my twin friends – Lucy and Katy, and Louise and Emma too, I believe are going. Make sure you get a photo of everyone!

Peter Booth – I don’t have a telescope  – or binoculars in fact – onboard, but the night sky is fantastic out here. So bright and bursting with stars. When we can see the sky of course!

BPC and John – Team Kirkland, ahoy! Hope you had a fab half term. And very glad  has been swimming. I used that as a reason to get in yesterday – that the bottom is closer in a lake and therefore more likely toes are to touch horrid things!

Do drop me a note to book in a call to Manor Park before term ends and I shall call you for a chat soon regardless.


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8 Responses to Day 38 – Happy days on Happy Socks

  1. Ray Girard says:

    We all revel in your reverie. Joy arrives when you are open to it. So glad you are a person who isn’t afraid of mentioning the tiny, insignificant things. They are so relateable.

    I am attempting to have Canada moved a bit closer to you. Hey, just doing my part. ;)>

    ♥ ya’,


  2. How did you solve the squid issue in the end? (I was thinking supper fir the Tweedles)

    Also loved the phonecast re the swim – the blog couldn’t convey the unadulterated joy that your tone of voice did! Great to hear, cheered me for the whole day.

    More power to you (although you’re not doing bad on the power stakes already)

  3. Sue says:

    Ah, i wake up to find a Sarah Outen update in my email. Happy breakfast time for me 🙂
    I sit with our two cats nibbling home made sourdough with peanut butter and coffee reading your latest adventures – many miles away. Fascinated by the sea life and wonder in your spirit. You rock – even if curry and tea isn’t “rock and roll”.

  4. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    What a star you are and thanks for the latest, as usual my first job of the morning is to review your works. Its good to se eyour birthday banner and balloons and to also more improtantly know that you are well and in good spirits, hope it soon improves again so that you can get out on you oars.

    Great to hear about your other friends going to the DTR, will certainly try our best to meet them and you will know the main topic I am sure.

    we shall certainly look forward to a mammoth new book in years to come but at least we feel as though we are with you at the moment.

    Much love and take care

    C & K

  5. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Just checked. You have past the quarter way mark for the 2nd time.
    How many other records do you want to break.
    Have you seen any debris at all or from the earthquake in Japan.
    Does anyone know where it all finished up

    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  6. Roz Savage says:

    Belated happy birthday, Sarah! Sorry I missed the day – I was speaking on board the Peace Boat, a Japanese nonprofit organisation that sends about 800 Japanese people around the world to promote peace and sustainability. I told them all about you!

  7. david brankley says:

    Seems we share the same birthday. Happy you are safely out of the storm and tracking well towards eastern horizon. Love the picks. Love the practical hairdo. Did have a head shave before leaving Japan? Onward Happy Socks!

  8. Bill Hoover, from Evergreen, Colorado--up in The Rockies says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Wow,—I’ve finally come round to catching up a little bit. What a delicious outreach you’ve created and maintain SO consistently. I just love hearing about all the little stuff that fills your days and nights—along with the more dramatic stuff that is so transporting to follow along with. CANNOT believe you don’t have binoculars. Geese–I just want to send a seaplane to drop a great pair from a parachute with bright floaty things round it, or something. (Once I got a good small one, I just became a binocular junky!)

    Thanks SO much for letting us all live this with you—if vicariously at best—-still: wonderful!!! Wish I’d followed along more faithfully throughout your North Pacific voyage. Hadn’t realized, or had forgotten how extensive and multidimensional your blog, photos, phonecasts and all actually is.

    Warm hug your way

    Bill Hoover
    Up in the Rockies of Colorado

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