Day 26 at sea: Update on Sarah’s Japanese Coastguard pick up

Following Sarah’s call to the L2L Team at 0150am BST 7th June, we have been busy the last 17 hours implementing the plans in place for situations such as this.  Sarah is still safe and well and strapped inside her cabin on Gulliver and has been communicating regularly with the Team throughout the day (and her night).

Fellow British Rower Charlie Martell is also awaiting rescue in his boat Blossom.  He sent a distress call to the authorities at around 0900 BST 7th June also following damage to his boat whilst passing through the tropical storm Mawar.  Charlie is approximately 280 miles NE of Sarah’s current position.

At regular intervals today a surveillance plane from the Japanese Coastguard has been monitoring both Sarah and Charlie.

Whilst the storm is still ongoing the current weather forecast is for ‘Rosie’ to weaken and by 12 noon BST 8th June more manageable conditions are expected to be in place with winds of 15knots and waves of 4-5m.  We expect the recovery vessel to arrive with Sarah at 1800hrs JST (1000hrs BST) Friday 8th June.   Many, many thanks to the Coastguards in Falmouth and Japan for their swift response to the situation.

You will have seen from Sarah’s tweet that some water has entered her cabin but this is minimal.  Sarah is bearing up well and demonstrating the strength and resolve that has brought her the huge distance on the journey so far.  The request for her first meal back on land in Japan is  ‘PANCAKES PLS. COLD OJ. GRAPES’.

Thank you for all your messages of support, these make such a difference to Sarah, the Team and her family.  She has some tough hours ahead of her which will be made all the more easy with your thoughts and wishes.

We will keep you up to date on progress as and when we have further news.

All the best

The London2London Team

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43 Responses to Day 26 at sea: Update on Sarah’s Japanese Coastguard pick up

  1. From the entire team of OAR Northwest, we know you’ll pull through this! Our hearts go out to you, and we’re thinking of you. Go Sarah!

  2. Delighted to hear this latest news :O)
    Enjoy your pancakes when you hit terra firma Sarah!

  3. Cheekiweeki says:

    Will be thinking of you Sarah and hoping that the winds and seas will be kinder to you over the next 16 hours while the storm abates – we will probably be awake half the night worrying for your safety – can not imagine what it must be like for you- brave as you are. Hold tight girl – think of the Pancakes and a warm cozy bed……………..

  4. Danny Allen says:

    Glad to see your spirit rise to the situation and are already looking forward to another go at it. you are an inspiration to all

  5. Karin says:

    Hope you are holding on. We wish you all the best, and pray for you.
    love Karin

  6. Clare says:

    Am glad that you are OK Sarah and I hope that the winds over the next few hours aren’t too bad and Gulliver continues to take care of you. I know that you will bounce back from this and I am thinking of you.

    Enjoy your pancakes when you get back to land – hope there’s some chocolate in there too!

    Clare xxx

  7. Sam Granville says:

    So pleased to here you are being kept an eye on by the coastguard! Hope Gulliver continues to keep you safe until tomorrow.
    Enjoy the pancakes & when you do finally get back to the UK let me know if Concept2 can help with your next challenge.

    Stay safe!


  8. Dear Sarah, I have been following you for a while now. You are amazingly brave. Showing us the beauty of the earth, the ocean, life, and also the hard parts. You knew the risk, but you went into the storm. There is no choice sometimes, but you were well prepared. Wishing you strength for the last part and I hope you will be safe and warm soon and those last hours will pass quickly. Keep smiling. Good luck. Keep strong. Love !!!

  9. Alan Thomas says:

    Thinking of you,

    Alan and Dawn

  10. Mark Allison says:

    Thinking of you and Gulliver Sarah.

    Such remarkable courage.

    Enjoy your pancakes.

    Mark A

  11. Nick Cherry says:

    Sounds horrific! Hold on tight and stay strong. Fingers crossed for you

  12. Susie Calderan says:

    This sounds like too, too much for the average otter…Courage, my sea-faring friend. May you be back safe and soon xxx

  13. CLASH says:

    Lots of messages coming in for you Sarah, we’re all thinking of you. Keep safe with Gulliver & speedier recovery…. xxxxxxx

  14. Kieran and Anna says:

    Wow sarah, you have bigger balls than anyone else I know. Me and anna are so relieved that you are ok and have effectively pulled through the storm unscaved apart from some damage to your faithful floating friend. I hope that this minor set back does not deter you and I am sure that you will take this in your stride amd relaunch stronger and bolder than ever. God speed in your quest. Take care. Kieran and anna

  15. Caren says:

    Just made pancakes with bits of mars bars…. It works!!! Now I know why you wanted some more time back on dry land…. Hang on!!! We’re raising glasses of OJ as the sun sets in your honor!

  16. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Sarah you have a wonderful team of special folks behind you and they have been brilliant in what has been achieved in every aspect. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Sarah’s progress in this last encounter with nature’s elements.

    We hope the weather improves so that you and Charlie can both be rescued safely and as soon as possible.

    Our love and thought are with you all, especially the familes back home.

    We do thank you for keeping us up to date and we look forward to hearing that both Sarah & Charlie will be safe and well and soon on land again.

    Take great care and we hope you enjoy you meal, which you so deserve. You are so brave and courageous.

    With love

    C & K

  17. blimey Sarah – NEVER let it be said that you did it the easy way……….am in similar mode today to the one I was in during August 2009 when you were approaching Mauritius ………………God speed and keep you safe , you bonkers girl.” We’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides, we’ll keep a welcome in the vales”much lovexxx

  18. Felicity Rollings says:

    So sorry to hear how tough it’s been for Sarah and Gulliver since the arrival of the tropical storm. I’m relieved to hear that Sarah is okay and is soon to be picked up by the Coastguard. I know it must be bitterly disappointing for her, but hopefully the damage to Gulliver wont be too great and Sarah can benefit from pancakes and a bit of R&R after this ‘warm up lap’! Thinking of you Sarah and will have my fingers crossed for you over the next few hours – hang on in there! Best wishes and lots of love, Fliss xxx

  19. Tony F says:

    Heard your ‘tweet’ on R2 this AM. Richard was a bit disheveling I think. Take care!

  20. Rebecca Berger says:

    Stay strong Sarah! We are all thinking of you and with you through this!

  21. Heather and Cameron says:

    Can’t be easy having to return to Japan after 26 days at sea. Thinking of you. Glad you are safe and well and found the flourite thumbstone, Rub it and think positive thoughts.You are a WINNER!

  22. “Have written “SMILE” on one hand and “BREATHE” on the other.Both will help when I am scared in the storm.”

    I love that tweet, just make sure you keep doing both.

    I think I’ll write ‘COOL’ and ‘AS’ on my hands – what an adventure and test you’re sending back to us all (you’ll be ousting Biggles as No.1 on my hero list at this rate!) Looking forward to hearing that you are soon safe and well.

  23. Ian Stokes says:

    Thinking of you Sarah and looking forward to hearing how good those pancakes taste!! Ian

  24. Barbara Crellin says:

    Not long now – hang on in therePraying hard and sending hugs xxxx

  25. Barbara Crellin says:

    Not long now – hang on in there. Praying hard and sending hugs xxxx

  26. Jeff Piper says:

    Sounds like a bit of a hairy time but Gulliver has kept you safe. Hope you’re back in the warmth soon and enjoying the pancakes. Looking forwards to the resumption of the journey

  27. Caroline Dwyer says:

    Very relieved to read a further update on you Sarah. Hang on in there, help is on its way. There will be stories to tell and new adventures to be had but just get back safely first. You are very much in my thoughts.


  28. David Draffan says:

    I hope you get these messages and know how much support you have. Hang in there. Just think you’ll be dining off these stories for years! Your super brave David, Sue and Emily (aged 2)

  29. Dee Caffari says:

    Hang on in there, you’ll be eating pancakes before you know it. Gutted for you but pleased you are safe. You are made of some strong stuff, you are impressive. Poor Gulliver!

  30. Rob Hart says:

    Thank you Team for the Updates.

    Thanks Sarah for the tweets. Praying for you.

    And, though I feel a bit weird doing it, I’m going to put in a plug for Sarah’s Charities. Come on people get donating! I feel weird because I am not in a position to donate to any of these ones. However I do regularly donate to other charities, they need all we can give.

    MNDA is one close to me as my Wife’s mother died of MN 30 Years ago and a friend died of it this year just 6 months after diagnosis.


  31. Andrew Harper says:

    The endless preparation that you and your team have made for situations like this means that you will pull through safely. Sending you thoughts of strength from Australia.

  32. Bertie says:

    Sounds like Rosie decided to throw a fit. Hang in there and stay safe, Sarah. Ganbatte!

  33. Jane Wilkins says:

    Saw the ITV News at Ten tonight. Hold on in there. Your Dad would be so proud of you and I’m sure he will help you to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’! The best of British, Sarah and take care!

  34. Jenny says:

    I continue to send calming thoughts to you, and am encouraging the water and wind to subside. Counting down the hours with you. Continue being safe. There’s a lot of internet love focused on you and Charlie right now.

  35. Charlotte Henriksen says:

    Really looking forward to your tweet/blog “Mmm yummi pancakes and grapes”, until take care!
    Pls time go a bit faster tonight.

  36. Charlotte Brown says:

    Not long now Sarah, you’ll be warm and dry soon. Positive thoughts, we’re all thinking of you in Canada.

  37. Maureen says:

    Keep the best smile in the world on your face Sarah, you will come through this just fine, Gulliver is holding you safe and won’t fail you. Charlie Martell is out there too, we are all pulling you both through this. X

  38. Mark Shrosbree says:

    Thinking of you from here in Japan. Our capsize practice in the calm waters of Sajima can hardly have prepared you for the terrible pounding you and Gulliver have been taking out in the open Pacific. It is humbling to think that we are safe in our homes and workplaces, and you are still out there being thrown around by the storm. I just hope the storm subsides very soon, and the rescue arrives and brings you back to safety.

    Take care,


  39. tkavan says:

    Hang in there Sarah. Your many followers and admirers all around the world are pulling for you, and we know you’ll come through this difficulty.

  40. Kirsten McWilliams says:

    Stay safe and you’ll be on land before you know it, eating those scrummy pancakes!

  41. Brendon Cary says:

    Hi Sahra,

    Sounds like it has been pretty tough going out there for you on this part of your journey. Hope you are holding up ok. The team at TokyoPhysio is thinking of you through these last few tough hours. On the plus side you can be sure we will take you out for a few drinks once you are back safe in Tokyo.

    take care out there
    Brendon Cary.

  42. Aidan, Connor and Julie says:

    Hold on and keep safe… just a few more hours. That home cooked meal offer is still good when you return to Japan! Take care… your fans from Tokyo.

  43. Hi Sarah, Thinking of you and your rescue in a few minutes time. Have asked my Rosary Group and the Sisters of the Convent of the Holy Cross at Costock, Nottingham to include you in their prayers. We and all your family and friends are holding you up and pulling you back into safety. God Bless. With love and prayers, Rachel xxxxxxxxx

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