Day 141 – Antibiotics and aeroplanes


The sun is out and things are looking up

The sun is out and things are looking up

As I sit here typing I can see an aeroplane winging it’s way East over the far horizon. I wonder where it’s off to…

It has been decided in the last 24 hours or so that Tony (Shore Support) and James (Photographer and filmer) will fly out to the Aleutians next week with a view to making final preparations for my approach to the islands.

Lee’s forecast for the next week is showing a nice stable chance to clock some good miles. Tony’s discussions with locals show that there is a closing window of availability for boats which would be able to come out and escort me in from any great distance. And so the window is there from both a weather and logistical view point.

Now all that needs to happen is for my body to line itself up with these too. The last few days I have felt pretty under-par in a physical sense, feverish and sapped of energy. Caroline (Doctor) suggested yesterday hitting some antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, so I am hoping they are now beavering away sorting my insides out.

Feeling pretty lousy with storms and infection

Feeling pretty lousy with storms and infection

After some rather cold wet stormy days both in and out of the cabin (and complete with a wake-up roll the other morning), I am as happy as a happy thing to see the sunshine today and a settling of the seas. The wind changes in our favour this evening, so I am hoping that I can dry out the cabin a bit, cook some hot food, make some water and rest up before taking the sea anchor in tonight. Then hopefully by tomorrow I shall be raring to go and feeling good and strong for this final big push home.


As ever, there are no guarantees of anything but an adventure. Watch this space…

Would be great to see the charity totals flying up and up as I push for shore. Any amount, little or large, is very gratefully received and is the best motivation for me to keep going when things get tough. Send them this way :

Thanks folks,

Sarah, Happy Socks and Chimpy x

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7 Responses to Day 141 – Antibiotics and aeroplanes

  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better and hopefully you will be back on the oars on your way to dry land. Hope all goes well and happy rowing.

    Take care

    C & K

  2. Gigi Walentiny says:

    I like this post very, very much!! All positive things with the exception of your UTI, which I hope you’re well on the way to defeating!

    Enjoy every day left to this part of your adventure, all the while relishing the thought that you’ll soon be in the arms of your loved ones!

    ~Gigi in Virginia Beach

  3. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah.
    Following your track is very frustrating.
    Every time that you change your tactics the weather has a different agenda.
    Glad to hear that you have people on shore to help [ the area between the
    sea and land is dangerous ] but you can do it .
    Just remember
    Keep on rowing.
    Don’t stop rowing—————-.

    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  4. romano says:


    That soup looks awful! Oh well, pretty soon you will be on dry land and eating till your hearts content.

    Glad to see you’re feeling better and gaining mileage. R.

  5. Tadashi says:

    Gan batte!
    from Japan

  6. Anita Corbin says:

    Sending you lots of positive energy, my first FW ….can’t believe it’s four years ago since we met and look at you now! Continuing to inspire thousands of people around the world….
    Tomorrow marks a big day for me…First Women portraits unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery less!!!
    How cool is that?
    All that remains to be said is a big thank you for kicking off my legacy project may it go down in herstory too!
    Oh my new website went live this week too! …you are there and your interview will be up there to soon….
    Go well these next few weeks…your focus is a powerful thing!
    Lots of love Anita xxxx

  7. Maureen says:

    Just had a look at where you are Sarah – small wonder you’re feeling a tad under the weather – your altitude is registering at 34m – the mind boggles! Hope you feel better soon, you are making excellent progress now. Thoughts and heart with you, Maureen.x

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