Day 12: Sea Legs

And finally, a written blog from the North Pacific  – twelve days into Chapter 2. I hope it’s going well for you, wherever and whoever you are. It is for Happy Socks and I, so much that I would say I have finally got my sea legs – ankles, calves, knees and all. And that, dear reader, is a mighty reassuring thing – for the culture shock has dissipated and this is now my home, my normal, my world.

Happy to be rowing again

Happy to be rowing again

I lifted the sea anchor around midday and then pottered with all the important things like food and drink and bucket, tidying the cabin and getting ready to row. After a full day and two nights in the cabin and knowing that I have the same again ahead from tonight, it felt sweet to be outside, stretching my legs, enjoying the chilly breeze and sunshine on my skin.

The wrapped up rower

The wrapped up rower

Rowing this afternoon was chilly and beautiful, peppered with soaring albatrosses patrolling the crests and tiny petrels dancing over the waves. We even had a fleeting visit from a pod of curious, if not a little shy, dolphins who looped the boat and curved under her hull but not showing too much of themselves or staying too long. I didn’t get a good enough look at them to ID but noticed they had creamy white stripes down their sides.

I rowed until half five and then cooked up some more hot food before the sun sank and painted the clouded horizon with shafts of orange and pink.

Now the sea anchor is out once more for we are expecting 25-30knots tonight, with gusts of 35. So a little bouncy round the edges but nothing drastic. Lee had forecast a gale  so I was more than chuffed to read it had reconsidered and downgraded.

Until the other side of the blow,

Sarah and Happy Socks x

Ps Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and good wishes. It is a real boost to know that although I am alone in a wee boat out here, that I am hugged and supported from across the  world.

PPS We are just a couple of degrees west of where Gulliver and I met ‘Rosie’ last year… We’ll get the fizz ready.

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17 Responses to Day 12: Sea Legs

  1. Barbara Crellin says:

    Hugging you even tighter
    Love and many prayers xxxx

  2. Vladimir Bychkov says:

    Good luck Sarah! Stay focused, you’ll be in Canada before you know it 🙂

  3. Patrick Wiseman says:

    Yes… Know that many of us are happy to support you in your voyage, what an amazing journey… Enjoy the beauty of it all. Patrick Wiseman, Cape Cod MA USA

  4. Shelagh says:

    So good to hear you’re feeling at home in Happy Socks. Looking forward to having you cross that degree marker uneventfully this year and continue safely eastward. Cheers.

  5. Gerard martin says:

    Well done Sarah.. U are definitely not alone. I really enjoy keeping up to date on your progress and reading your tweets etc.. I’m always telling people about your adventure. Good luck from Ireland 🙂

  6. Emma says:

    I’m so pleased that everyone can keep in touch with you, know where you are and what you’re up to…it’s exciting to come home and see if you have added a post! Happy rowing, can’t wait to hear about your next adventure, take care x

  7. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Its good to hear your latest and we do hope that things continue in the way they have started, so glad that the storm wasn’t as fierce as first predicted. Just stay safe and take great care. Yes we may not be with you in Happy Socks but we are all the other ways. As your Mum would say “Big Hugs”.

    Happy rowing and all good wishes

    C & K

  8. Team Tony says:

    Hey Dora, you sound well and chipper – keep it up! it’s so exciting following you on tracker, about to go into completely new territory. Good rowing, x

  9. Alex Korol says:

    Your followers always with you, n your 2nd attempt ll b successful: ) im simply know that.

  10. Janice Small says:

    Love seeing your photos Sarah and reading of your life at sea. Sounds fantastic. God speed.

  11. Gigi Walentiny says:

    So glad you’ve come across the bag containing your sea legs, have them unpacked and firmly in place!! 😉 I’m sure passing the “degree” where you and Gulliver parted will be an emotional event and definitely worthy of that fizz. Cheers to you!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  12. Byron Suley says:

    Good to see you are doing well, hopefully you will soon be able to spend more time outside to enjoy the ride.

    Cheers and a strong tail wind to you.

  13. Karel says:

    sounding good ,keep posting when you can

  14. Amz says:

    Really great to see your photos, Sare, and to hear you sounding so perky and positive on the phonecasts. I wonder what wildlife will be there to greet you when you next emerge from the cabin? Keep us up to date with your sightings!
    Are you listening to music, or reading perhaps, in the cabin? And is it easy to nod off when you are strapped onto the bed?
    Lots of love,
    Amz x

  15. Susie Hewson says:

    As always Sarah, brilliant to talk to you and to share that 15 foot wave this morning – oh blooming heck – you are an astonishing young woman and a credit to your mum and dad! To celebrate your crossing of the “Rosie line”, I cracked open a nice cup of tea and 2 chocolate biscuits. Eastwards and onwards 🙂 Susie and the natracare SISTERs xxxx

  16. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Glad to hear that you’re making cracking progress and long may it continue. Following your progress just about every day and look forward to the updates and seeing wher you are on the tracker. Glad you’ve got the sea legs at last. Can’t be easy when you’re rocking and rolling!
    Keep smiling and hope the celebration went well!

    Love Heather and Cameron

  17. EricSurf6 says:

    I finally posted the video we did last spring capsizing Gulliver:
    Have a great trip Sarah and best wishes to you for success crossing the Pacific. I’m rooting for you. You’re my HERO!

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