Day 100 – To my team

It’s Day 100 out here on the Atlantic. Hopefully, from this point there will be fewer than 100 days to the end of the expedition – to Tower Bridge, to home. These are the closing months of a journey which has taken over five years to plan and pursue, and three attempts to get this far. I won’t say complete as we all know it’s never over until it’s over. Until I have stepped ashore and hugged my family, hugged my team, will we be able to say that we’ve done it.

Laundry day

Laundry day

We is really important here. Because this has been a team effort from the start. I am just the engine and the one who gets the sweatiest. With me, metaphorically or in person, are a team of brilliant people, most of whom I didn’t even know before L2L, all fulfilling different roles and supporting me in some way. They manage, they train, they advise, they liaise, they listen, they guide, they activate, they forecast and facilitate, they pick me up and help me through and fix me when I am broken, they make me laugh, they hug, they make me feel less alone and stronger in scary times and join in with the fist pumping and whooping in the good times. They are always there, wherever I am and wherever they are, even if we are not here together. I look forward to being together again in person, to celebrate what we have done and to look them in the eye with the biggest of Outen grins and hug them from the heart. I couldn’t have done any of this – or do the rest of it! – without them.

This side of the cabin has the elec & comms panel, photos & day tally, cuddly toys, camera gear, cooking locker, creams/ powders

This side of the cabin has the elec & comms panel, photos & day tally, cuddly toys, camera gear, cooking locker, creams/ powders

Their belief, their commitment, their support and good energy, in all corners of the globe, often at all hours of day and night.

So, to my kick-ass team on both sides of the Atlantic –  thankyou all for everything and sorry for the times I’ve made you sweat or swear our kept you awake into the wee hours. I’ll be home as soon as I can. And then we party!

This needs to say: 'They are awesome'

This needs to say: ‘They are awesome’

In other team news, we are very chuffed to welcome back Jenny Ellery to the team to steer the PR home.

Your rower,

Sarah x

P.s If you would like to celebrate my brilliant team or Day 100, please consider donating £5 to three L2L supported charities. You can do so by texting SARAH5 to 70500. P.p.s I am currently being pulled and blown backwards by adverse winds and currents. I am officially a Gulf Stream Denier.

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13 Responses to Day 100 – To my team


    I have a team that’s very keen to make sure I am fine
    And when in doubt they need not shout
    “Peg washing on the line!”.
    For while I row and think of home
    I know them to be near
    And share a G&T with them
    Or sometimes Ruddle’s beer.

  2. Barry Gumbert says:

    You absolutely are Awesome. When I tell people about you, they are like, “You’re Kidding me? Right?”

  3. Margaret says:

    You are special strong woman.


  4. Chris Nolan says:

    Your sox say it all! YOU are awesome! Hang in there, you’ve got this!
    Alaska cheers you on!

  5. Brian Dollery says:

    Did I miss something? _ Whats the latest with the rudder?

  6. Margot in Chicago says:

    I am thinking about you every day and pulling for you. Have a great day today. Good luck! xx Margot

  7. Rilla says:

    Yes! Well done… You and your team ARE awesome. 🙂

  8. Bob Mehrens says:

    You truly are awesome Sarah. Whenever I go for a long run, all I have to do is think of your perseverence to get me through the last miles.

  9. Your socks are awesome; Happy Socks is awesome, and you are awesome. Looking at the map on your cabin wall brings it home just how far you have travelled, literally and metaphorically…

    Here’s to the final Leg Sock!


    I really do hope that the AIS situation is currently being replicated in a lab/workshop and every effort made to sort it out. Dare I allude to a famous film?
    Provisionally, the error signal ought to be connectable to a bright light on top of Happy Socks until the problem is properly resolved. All that might need is a few pence of wire – another famous film!

  11. Graham says:

    Here’s a song for you Sarah, from some medieval traveller:
    I’ve always felt it is more muscular than mournful – a sort of marching song. May the elements soon change in your favour, and may you have a safe and happy homecoming.


    Pitch, yaw, roll;
    pinch, yawn, “Dole
    it out mi’ duck”,
    that’s what I tell the sea.
    For I’ve a lot of pluck
    and there’s enough of me.
    And it would quite be fun
    to bottle cabin air
    and sell it very cher
    as best ‘Parfum de Hum’.

  13. Susie Hewson says:

    we’ve seen that you have been sitting right under those Low pressure systems that have been crashing on Britain this past week but looking better out there soon. Thank you for sharing your encounters with wildlife – so beautiful and despite the current hardship, what a wonderful experience to come so close to ocean wanderers. x

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