Cornwall, canals, bikes & boards: Upcoming mini adventures

Recently, while counting out six rashers of smoked bacon and chatting about what I had been up to, our butcher asked me if I was bored.  Bored?!Bored?!  I paused and smiled, raising my eyebrows and tilting my head to look at him more closely. He was  serious – it wasn’t a trick question.  I resisted the urge to chuckle and instead sketched over some of the reasons why I love my life right now. I have never been less bored.

One of those reasons was that my schedule is flexible enough to allow me to have lots of mini adventures – and my plans to loop the planet under Sarah-power next year mean that I need  them too. Cycling will form a big part of my planetry loop, so I am pedalling miles and miles and miles and have plans to get in some serious paddling training too.  In fact I recently had my most enjoyable commute – a 180 mile cycle ride back home from York after a speaking gig. Happy days, eh?

I am excited to have two mini adventures planned for the next few weeks – one is on a bike and one is on a board. One will be watery and I really hope the other is not. Both will be brilliant.

Pedal for Pounds

Over May Bank Holiday weekend I will be joining 45 other cyclists, including the wonderwoman that is Olympic    heptathlete Denise Lewis, to cycle across Cornwall. ‘Pedal for Pounds’ is the brain child of my friend and cancer warrior Kris  Hallenga, founder of the brilliant breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel. I will be supporting Coppafeel through my ‘London to London: Via the World’ expedition too – so you will hear more about Kris and this fantabulous charity over the months ahead.If you would like to pop a few nickels in the charity tin then please click here.

Bath 2 London

As soon as  I have pedalled to Lands End I shall be nipping up to Bath ready for my next mini adventure, which will see fellow adventurer and quirky nutter Dave Cornthwaite and I  Stand Up Paddle Board to London. A what? I hear you say…  SUP is fairly unknown and certainly a bit of a head turner. It’s simple, you stand up on a big board and paddle with a big long paddle. I am excited about this  – we have a great band of sponsors covering all our costs (including our very own Spaceship) which means we can raise more dollar for our chosen charities. Mine is Coppafeel and Dave’s is The AV Foundation.

We would love folks to join us on the water and also to welcome us in to London Bridge on June 8th. So if you would like to get involved or throw a few spare pennies at the pot then click here.

YouTube Preview Image

For now, thanks in anticipation of all your good-hearted coin throwing.


Sarah x

PS The wonderful Jessie Watson landed in Sydney today after her epic 210 day loop of the planet.  Well done Jessie!

PPS  People keep asking me to spill the beans about ‘London to London: Via the World’ and  I promise to post more information about it all before long.  Put April 2nd in your diaries for next year, book a ticket to London and watch this space.

PPPS I still have  a stash of  limited edition ocean polo shirts – both big people sizes and children’s. Perfect for the summer and bargain price of £10/£8 plus p+p. Email me if you want one.

PPPPS If you’re into this Twitter lark then you can keep up to date on all the fruitloopy happenings  @SarahOuten

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8 Responses to Cornwall, canals, bikes & boards: Upcoming mini adventures

  1. Tony & Lynne says:

    Dave’s 1/2 mile down the road from us, Always give him a wave! We’ll come and cheer you on our bikes.

  2. Linda Morison says:

    Hi Sarah – All your plans are awesome and inspiring! But, I just wish I knew what happened about your plans to write about your rowing across the Indian Ocean? I followed you all the way,and even was lucky enough to get two personal mentions in your updates. But will I never find out what you withheld from all of us when you rolled over and promised to tell in your book? I hope you havent given up on writing- you’re a natural! Have you ever hear that saying,”If you want something done – ask a busy person?” They make it happen! I hope you can fit in some writing time. It’s important it is writen to be pasted on to others. Others need to read it! Best Wishes, Linda Morison, Bunbury WA Australia

  3. capt zozef says:

    its time for a new record PORT LOUIS TO ST DENIS (reunion) important channel which is the link of the mascareignes island.( regroups to international structure (FRANCE AND REPUBLQUE OF MAURITIUS). i hope you will take good consideration of our goal for 2010 (see our year post card);

  4. Jane says:

    Is there anywhere in Cornwall that we’ll be able to catch up with you when you are cycling please?

  5. Sarah says:


    Linda – I am currently 50,000 words into my writing but we are still looking for a publisher. Lots have said they like my story but that they don’t want to do anything as I am not famous. If needs be, I will self-publish. So watch this space, the full story will come…

    Jane – I’m speaking in Falmouth on the 27th, so you’re welcome to come along to the talk. Apart from that – I’m really not sure where the stop overs are on each night of our bike ride. We start in Bude and end up in Lands End… that’s as much as I know!


  6. Linda Morison says:

    Sarah thats wonderful news!! Keep writing and get it all down because you can chop out stuff later. I’ve been writing a book(true sailing story, my 13th year)and I got up to 120,000 words and have gotten it down to almost 80,000. It was hard to chop out those words but my book is directed towards young teens and apparently those books should only be up to 60,000-80,000 words.Probably ideally less than 60,000. But its not a perfect world! Its just important to get it all down. And isn’t it wonderful to remember it all again?! Good luck-I’m so excited you are into it! Best wishes and happy writing, Linda Morison Bunbury WA Australia

  7. Sarah

    We followed you last year on your adventures (SRS- Mermaid) with the Sea Rangers.

    I am a bursar in a boys prep school and my headmaster is looking for a speaker, and I immediately thought of you (We would pay) for the 9th July 2010 this year.

    I have no idea what your plans are and if you are busy or not.

    We are in Banstead, Surrey

    Could you possibly reply if you can.

    Many thanks
    Tessa Bullimore

  8. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Good to see you are still full of euphemism & high spirits
    for your next venture ,can not wait for the start . Does that
    butcher really know you , Where has he been for the last 12 mths.
    Keep going on the book, dont leave any of your trip out ,as we
    dont wont to miss one little peace.
    Try Australia for a Publisher may be a taker here. We all give it a go here
    Cherrio for this time ,thanks for keeping us up to date
    Take Care .keep in good health & spirit
    TERRY B WEST AUSSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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