Code Amber – we are going rowing (again!)

True to form we have sprung this upon you at short notice and it looks like I will leave either Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Ricardo and I need to firm up the ETD and then anyone in Freo will be welcome to come down and say cheerio – I can’t promise it will be at a nice hour of the day though!

The winds are looking really favourable through till Sunday – here is is from the horses’ mouth himself, the lovely Ricardo. Do we have a manager for the fan club out there?!

‘As if created by the inspiration of God himself, you have the weather window to leave, to push north and northwest and west and then north again and the even more west. And hopefully clear.
There is even space for a mishap or two, as even when you sleep you are being pushed where you need to go.

All the way until Sunday the wind continue to blow from the easterly quadrant.
This should be enough for you to blow and row the hell out of Australia once and for all’

Watch this space… we’re getting ready to row!

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22 Responses to Code Amber – we are going rowing (again!)

  1. Your big Brother says:

    It looks like that is just what you need. Good luck and get going!! See you soon

    Your big brother xxxx

  2. Ray Girard says:

    Re-starting has just got to be hard on you, internally, …but when you accomplish this, and you will, and you look back on this, it will be so small a thing as to be forgotten.
    Strength and fulfillment to you, Sarah.
    You won’t need luck.

  3. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Do you have any idea what time you will be leaving?

    Would love to meet you in person before you row out.

    Heidi and Lorne.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah

    What time are you leaving, have to bring the kids down again and say hi

  5. Robert Nixon says:

    May a strong wind and gentle seas be pushing at your back….

  6. Steve Clark says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just a few hours notice of your departure and we’ll be able to be there. Is departure from the RPYC Annexe again ?

    A Mandurah yachtie drifted 30 miles out to sea in a few hours after being knocked out by his boom on a voyage from Mandurah to Rottnest yesterday. But then he had a sail.. and the sail had a boom … so I guess things even up.

    Very best wishes for fair winds and gentle seas,


  7. Sarah says:

    Watch this space – hoping to put up firmer details this evening. If the seabreeze drops off as predicted tomorrow then I’ll look to push off somewhere between 5-6pm tomorrow evening from the Royal Perth Yacht Club, Fremantle. Watch this space – this evening/tomorrow morning for a firmer plan.

    Thanks for all the messages,


  8. BPC and Albie says:

    Exciting to hear you will be off again – I shall be sure to share with my kiddoes at school. Im definitley there in the Ricardo fan club – what a legend. Hope the final land preparations go smoothly. Much love, xxxx

  9. sally says:

    Sarah, was that a call for a local manager of The Ricardo fanclub?? Where do I sign?
    Thanks again for blowing up all those balloons. Hope it helped the aerobic fitness. Party a HUGE success. Last man standing, 11.50 Monday! Will be watching out for the departure but if i miss I’ll see you in Abersoch.
    Cheers to the Dark Blues.

  10. L.I. Merrick says:

    The currents drag
    The winds do blow
    The waves they toss about,
    But Sarah Outen’s
    Set to row
    She does not mess about.

  11. Richard and Vanessa says:

    Good luck – we are all thinking of you and following your exploits through the web site

    Richard and Vanessa

  12. Geoff Holt says:

    Hey Outers. The “smelly badger” says you’re “a rubbish rower”. Take it as a compliment, remember what he said to me? He also says “tell Sarah to catch a fish, any fish, it will be 1 more than my dad”. Oh, he’s so funny. His pocket money has been suspended for 2 weeks. He’s not laughing now. On the Ocean, how bright were those stars at night? It must be awesome. Row safely. The Holts.

  13. Sarah says:

    Sally – yes, you can be the Aussie manager for the Club, Catherine – you can be the UK base – any other international offers?!

    Geoffers – stars oh so bright and they will be all the brighter this time round, I’m sure. Love to the Badger as always – is he bringing home girlfriends and hanging out the window smoking yet? All the blokes are interested in the fishing – must make sure I catch one so I can have ‘fish chats’ and compare notes. Take care. S

    L . I. Merrick – you are officially Poet Laureate for the trip now – loving the poems.

    Phoebes – have stocked up on e-numbers and rubbishy jelly sweets to bring back memories of duty nights chez Oakers. Happy travelling. I’ll still be out next term – make sure the youngn’s behave themselves!

    Mikey Mike – stay safe in those planes! Happy jumping & keep the texts coming through out there.

  14. margot says:

    So how do we sign up for the Ricardo fan club Sally? Sarah, hope to see you off again, but if I don’t make it have an amazing time and remember “Be the second mouse!”

  15. Sally Kettle says:


    It’s official, you’ve passed the test. As you know only the very best ocean rowers go back and start again!
    It’s in the ‘How to be an Amazing Ocean Rower Handbook’
    Those who get across first time… they’re amateurs!

    ( :

    Go kick some current butt (or should that be currant bun! It is Easter after all!)

    Sally x

  16. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    Good Luck, Sarah! We are all behind you and wishing you ‘good speed’ on your epic journey.
    St Hugh’s College Chronicle Readers

  17. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    On behalf of the Mauritian Veterans we wish you good speed on your voyage across the pond.

  18. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear the updates, will be following you closely. All good wishes for your voyage ahead and take great care.

    Much love for now

    C & K

  19. Charlie says:

    from another HMS Mauritius Veteran
    good luck Sarah; it’s been said before,
    “Those who get across first time… they’re amateurs”
    show them how good you are.
    Charlie Chase

  20. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah
    May your dad’s spirit guide you and have fun 8)
    lots of love

  21. Caroline and Sean from Expedition Medicine says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I hope by the time you are reading this everything is back working again and that you are rearing to go or ever better on the waves again. Good luck once more, thinking of you, stay healthy
    love Caroline and Sean

  22. Theresa White says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Not really a “fan club” per se, but your SISTERs at Natracare are following your every row and post regular updates there!
    We are all looking forward to your adventures this time around…we really have missed you!

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