Code Amber is upon us – we are going rowing!

Weather is all looking pretty good for the next few days so once Dippers is packed up and good to go, we´re heading for Mauritius.

Thanks for all the messages and comments and good wishes coming through – all very much appreciated.

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27 Responses to Code Amber is upon us – we are going rowing!

  1. jackie warren says:

    wishing you a safe and smooth trip I will follow you all the way
    keep your high spirits up and you will be fine.
    good luck and best wishes

  2. Robert Nixon says:

    Great job getting to this point. We are all excited for you, but I am sure it can’t compare to your excitement at being almost ready to go.

    May the wind and waves be at your back and the journey be swift.

  3. Eddy Joyce says:

    Good on you Sarah, we`ll be with you every minute at every knot.

  4. sally says:

    Hey thanks for the call, that was quick!! Would have been gutted if I had missed the farewwell. Will be down at the RPYC annex for a rum and coke before you dip your oars. Seeya in a few hours….might bring the kayak. Why not? Cheers, Sally.

  5. Kevin.Durbridge says:

    Good Luck Sarah,
    Thanks for keeping me up to-date.

  6. Grant Rodwell says:

    Good luck Sarah! As a fellow pom in Oz i wish you well.

  7. Amy Middleton says:

    Good luck Sarah. I can’t believe that after all the preparation you are actually about to leave. Im really excited for you and looking forward to tracking you all the way to

  8. Chris & Trevor says:

    It’s been a while since fingles cave but I’m sure as then you will be determined to go “all the way”. We hope the weather is kind to you and you have a wonderful trip.

  9. Roost says:

    AHGH!!!! You’re off!! How incredibly exciting. Good luck, good luck, good luck (not that you need it). Can’t wait to see you at the other end. Hope you see lots of exciting creatures. I’ve got a big map of the world up next to my new desk so can stare in awe at quite how huge your row is.. Will be thinking of you. Lots and lots of big GRRRRRRRR hugs xxxx

  10. Karen Buchanan says:

    Good Luck Sarah. It was great to meet you this afternoon. Hope all that food is locked away nice and tight and your special parcel is safe.
    May the wind be at your back.


  11. go for it sarah,

    this ones for our dads

    cant wait to meet you following your success.

  12. Good Luck Sarah!

    From all the team at Advance Performance

  13. Nick Pettingale says:

    Hi Sarah, just sending our very best wishes to you from all the senior staff at SES and The Foundation. We will be tracking your progress and be with you in spirit every stroke.
    Good luck, God bless and stay safe.


  14. Bill Chadwick says:

    Good luck, Sarah. I will be following your progress with great interest and wishing you the best of fortune on this great enterprise.

  15. Christina Clarke says:

    Hi Sarah, my name is Christina, I work at Stamford School. I look after the registers for Mr Brown. I know Matthew and I often speak to him about you: he is so proud of you and speaks so warmly about you so I felt I ought to inform myself about your expedition so I can sound a little knowledgeable when he tells me about your progress!
    So.. I know in a short while you will depart and I will be keeping an eye on news. As a mum, I feel for your family who must be terrified for your safely as you embark, but I guess you are well prepared and well equipped and (probably) know what you are doing! It will not hurt for me to add to the list of well wishers leaving their hopes and prayers for a safe journey, so here are mine: good luck, God Speed, eat well, dont forget to pause and enjoy the view from time to time! Regards, Christina.

  16. Charlotte Clarke says:

    All the best Sarah! You’re doing a remarkable and brave thing, and I am absolutely in awe at your sheer determination and courage. I will be following your progress and wishing you the very best of good luck and fortune. You’re a star – all the best 😀

  17. Your big Brother says:

    Go Sarah, Il be thinking of you!!! All the boys send their best and we’ll be taking you for dinner when you get back!!! Big Love xxxx

  18. Sam Coghlan says:

    I wish you a safe journey as you row Serendipity to Mauritius.

  19. Vincetnt Arthritis Care says:

    Best of luck Sarah! Everyone here at Arthritis Care is right behind you (not literally – we’d need a massive boat!)

  20. Susie Hewson says:

    Best of British Sarah. There are a lot of SISTERs keeping a watch out for you, so keep safe and row row row the boat… Susie from Natracare

  21. Lizzie and Jane and Judith says:

    All the very best of luck Sarah. We are thinking of you and wishing you well for a safe voyage. xxxxxxxx

  22. Theresa White says:

    Wishing you calm waters Sarah and a safe and succesful trip. May all the dolphins and mermaids keep a watchful eye on you 🙂

  23. Alan Thomas says:


    Good luck



  24. Louise says:

    Lots of good luck Sarah, I hope you get to see a blue whale and an albatross and a girafe (though the latter is less likely). Push for the finish and take care

  25. ronald mountain says:

    dear sarah have a safe journey my dear friend . with all my love ronald

  26. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Your departure coincided with Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day! They raised a COLOSSAL amount on the night, to be added to during the coming weeks no doubt. A good omen for your amazing adventure and your goal for donations to ARC.

    With love from the Dade family xxxxxx

  27. Peter Christmas says:

    Hello Sarah, Iadmire your courage in undertaking this mammoth project, And wish you all the luck in the world and fair winds and currents. I will be following your progress each day.

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