China Border Crossing

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Goodbye Kazakhstan, hello China. View video on YouTube.

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  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Well done Sarah on getting through another little difficulty. Your charm works wonders. Its great that you are keeping us up to date with your travels and so enjoyable, getting more and more followers.

    Enjoy the road ahead and happy pedalling now you are in China.

    All good wishes

    C & K

  2. Robert Douglas says:

    I’m just amazed you managed to get into China – your passport must be worn out. It doesn’t really surprise me how many checks you went through. However, it’s understanding of them to waive the ‘go by bus’ rule. Probably a good idea not to ride on the pavements though!

  3. Deborah Powell says:

    Well done Sarah Keep pedalling. It is raining here so I hope it does’t catch up with you eventually!!!! Looking forward to seeing China.


  4. Geoff Chambers says:

    Huge hello Sarah. Janet and I have just returned home after our three months race to Bali and then cruise through Indonesia and return sail down the WA coast. It pales in terms of effort against what you’ve gotten up to but it was pretty hard returning to Fremantle winter on a 13 degree day with rain and 25knts winds. That was the capping off of about 5 arduous days at the end, before which it has been glorious. Cruising and snorkelling in friendly East Indo where the sea is 36deg – sooooo nice. We helped Roz Savage off a week before we left, then actually passed within 7miles of her without realising as she faltered of Geraldton as we raced past in 20knts of NW. Roz eventually pulled into repair her water maker and was furious it was reported as a rescue – much like your ‘false start’ (she resumed at Geraldton). Her assistant, June Barnard caught up with us at a few of our Indonesian stops. Curiously, when its wet, cold and miserable at sea, its a great time to sit below and email the world, and so we’ve been catching up on L2L, and also Roz’s voyage, although due to piracy concerns she is not broadcasting her positions which makes it difficult to engage with. I’m amazed at Gao turning up – how amazing. I’ve told many people we were mulling over your offer of joining you riding ride across Canada – they love my embellishment that my two concerns; – not being able to keep your pace, and of the presence of bears, were in fact the very reason you had invited us! Bear bait! Gao might not be a match for you yet, but he looks like he’ll tone up pretty quickly so do I take it the ‘offer’ is still there? Mind you, 3 months idle on a sailing yacht is ‘yukky’ in terms of physical condition ….. so I’ve just arrived at the Australian ski fields as I write – ski lodges being another great opportunity to catch up on emailing.
    So we’re still here and keeping a watch. Plus remaining suitably awestruck (formerly oarstruck!) Cheers and big squeeeze, Geoff and Janet.

  5. Dale Myers says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Learned about your journey from a CNN story about your rescue from the tropical storm by the Japanese Coast Guard.
    Congratulations on getting to cross no man’s land on your own. I did a similar trip as yours years ago, but without the rule of self power over water. And in the end, took a bus across 600km of the Gobi. This after reports from a Canadian and two Brits who I met going the other way. Good choice, as I knew I was not as strong as they were. But even before then I had accepted a ride in a truck over trackless fields in Eastern Kazakhstan near the town of Kalmakkara. Also a good choice. As I watched your Hello to China video, I could relate to your check point and passport experience.

    Anyway, good luck as you continue your journey. Whether you make it across the Pacific under your own power, or otherwise, if you get close to Saginaw, Michigan, be sure to get in touch.

    P.S. My trip started in Osaka, and I named it “East to Kyushu.”

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