Cheerio, my friend

This blog is to wish a fond farewell and a very special thank you to the wonderful Sara Davies as she steps back from the expedition as Project Manager to spend more time with her family and growing menagerie of animals.

Sara has been my ‘Chief’ right from the start late in 2009 after hearing me give a talk. She emailed me the next day asking if she could be a part of my team. As I didn’t have a team at that point – I had little more than the excitable idea – I said yes. And off we charged with planning and fundraising and training – often chatting ideas through while out on muddy runs or dog walks. Our running pinnacle was the inaugural Rutland Water marathon  in 2010 dressed as giant boobs.

Without Sara’s support and drive and encouragement and ideas I am sure we wouldn’t have even made it to Tower Bridge last year. From sending out replacement bits of kit to far flung corners of the globe to masterminding the shipment of Gulliver and all the Pacific supplies, liaising with sponsors and suppliers, locals and fixers and setting up satellite calls with schools, it is fair to say that her reach has been truly global. She has weathered the storms and rough bits with me along the way, helping me find my self belief when it has floundered, supporting others in the team through tough stuff and generally helping steer an even course. When ‘Rosie’ ruined the row in June, Sara stayed up with me through the night, swapping in and out of watch with George. The word dedication takes on a whole new meaning when I think of her commitment. Most of all, Sara has brought an amazing energy to the project.  She still will, too. For through this mad journey we have become friends and so have our family dogs, so the muddy runs will go on…

Pre-Pacific, Sara wrote a message on Gulliver: ‘Where there’s a woman, there’s a way.’  When I think of Sara, this is true; a superwoman and gem of a human being, an expert Manager and great friend.

Thank you Sara – you have been extraordinary.

Sarah x

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13 Responses to Cheerio, my friend

  1. Barbara Crellin says:

    The Sarah/Sara team, well what can I say. Whoever takes over has SUCH a hard act to follow. I wish the new team all the best and shout out if I can help. xxxx

  2. Justine says:

    Yeah for Sara – a fantastic organiser & lovely person!

  3. Robert Douglas (Gamebook Writer) says:

    It’s always sad saying goodbye to somebody you’ve known for a while – and three years is a good chunk of anybody’s life. Also worthwhile remembering that many talented people often contribute from behind the scenes to ensure a huge project runs smoothly (as possible); it’s only right to give them credit where it’s due.

    Good luck to Sara in her future endeavours! 🙂

  4. Angela Jowitt says:

    Here here, Sara is fab and has been an amazing support….nice lady too. Hope you’re all doing ok. Big hugs from Ashridge Land

  5. Helen Outen says:

    I would like to add my special thanks to Sara as well……………such a lovely, kind lady. BIG thanks to Sara for ALL her help and support during the L2L trip so far.x

  6. mike noon says:

    please may I take this opportune moment, to pass my thanks and best wishes to Sara, and also
    the hardworking members of your team. Good Luck . Mikex

  7. Tim Bob says:

    Great to hear you had such a wonderful Manager and also great to hear your praise for her. Talented people who become friends and the have the “stick-to-itness” like Sara are hard to find. Thank you Sara for looking after Sarah on her adventure L2L to this point.

  8. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Wishing you well Sara in the future, you have been such an inspiration to all not just to Sarah as she set out on her journey, You and your team have done an exceptional job and it has meant so much to us folks that have been following the journey of a lifetime.

    All good wishes in the months ahead and more to so Sarah too as plans hopefully take shape again

    Kind regards

    C & K

  9. Kay TSUBAKI Member of "Team CHOSHI" says:

    Hi, Sarah

    Your automated e-mail dated on 28 Aug. made me back to your Blog. So, I realized your decision.
    Chapter 2 of your Expedition will start from Choshi next year. OK, I will support you as I can.

  10. John Young says:

    Much admiration for the whole team and Sarah you’re a gem for sure, happy landings and what a treasure it is to have not only have somebody who knows what planet they’re on but how to get things done.

    Cheers and good sailing,

  11. john Globemasterone says:

    It was great to have met you through Sarah’s journey. Best wishes Sara from Canada.

  12. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sara / Sarah
    Sorry to hear you leaving Sara as I do understand the help you gave to Sarah during the times when she needed it.
    Hope you will stay around to help the next Manager to try and fill your shoes.
    Heres luck to both of you for the future.
    Bruce from sunny Queensland

  13. lesley says:

    hi Sarah what an inspirational lady she will be hard to replace bye from lesley from wonderful Geraldton West Aussie

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