Change of plan

Despite all good intentions to head on out to the  Big Blue again, I had to radio in for a tow this morning when I discovered my electrics were up the creek and nothing worked.  I couldn’t decided whether I was glad or not that it happened so close to the start but, once ashore and munching merrily on all things tasty and fresh I was very happy to be back in Freo’ getting everything shipshape. So, worry ye not, all is well – the electrics are being tweaked and nuzzled back into line and I will be looking to head out again as soon as I can.


Meanwhile, I will restock on fresh stuff, do all my washing and catch up with emails again!

Thanks to everyone for all the messages of support and advice etc – glad to know I am responsible for many  lost work hours round the world as you all take bets on which part of the ocean I will be in next. No jokes about women drivers please ! My trip down South has taught me a whole lot, battered me, invigorated me, enlightened me and reinforced my confidence in both my own and Dippers’ abilities. Happy happy days indeed.

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  1. Libby says:

    Well done, Sarah – enjoy a few tinnies, a moments R+R then get back on with the job, with all our support. As we head to the end of Term, you will be heading back out ready to face the challenge.

    The children have been very concerned about your deviation from the route and we can tell them the change in plan through our electronic notice board.

    Good luck, thinking of you.

    Libby and all at SJS

  2. Ange Wheatley says:

    Hi Sarah, Well done for everything so far! You are an inspiration to us all. Get some decent rest and hit the high sea again with renewed strength. Mum (Terry) sends her love and is looking out for your mum.
    God speed. Enjoy…. Ange x

  3. Geoff Holt says:

    Remember Abersoch……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Roz Savage says:

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to hear that you are well and happy, and raring to get going again. I hope you’re soon back in the saddle/rowing seat.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the joys of dry land!


  5. Mike says:

    Hi Sarah

    What you have done so far is amazing. Have a good rest before you set out again, and I hope the currents will be more favourable this time.
    Take care.


  6. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah, enjoy the running tap water, fresh veg and fruit. The electrics definitively chose a good time for having a weak moment! Good luck with weather and waves & have a good rest before you’re off again!

  7. Chris Martin says:

    Well done Sarah,
    That’s not an easy decision to make but it’s certainly the right one. The time you’ve had aboard will ensure you’re much safer and better prepared for the trip when you do break away from those currents.
    Enjoy land and say hi to the sea from me.
    Chris x

  8. Sarah Black says:

    Hey Sarah, good for you, good call to make, i am sure it was a tough one, we are hoping for fair winds for your departure.

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi sarah

    The decision was made for you and we were so pleased that you were able to come and recharge and restock so to speak, now you had had the warm up there will be nothing stopping you. Have had a message from your Mum yesterday teeling me that you were back on track etc.

    Have ordered the wind to blow in the correct direction this time. Much love for now and we look forward to more news.

    Must go to work otherwise the boss won’t be pleased. I shall just say I had an improtant job to do and tell him to look on your site as well.

    Christine & Kathleen

  10. Spike says:

    Hi Sarah
    I know I did a runner then but I think WA trumps Abersoch !
    Best wishes for the restocking and electrics evolutions and hope your support team is not too widely dispersed. Take ‘chill’ time for yourself if you can.
    Bon Voyage (2) whenever it starts. We will be watching closely.

  11. ian says:

    hi sarah,heard your broadcast on radcliffe and maconie,just wanted to wish you well and offer condolences for the set back,you’re made of sterner stuff than me,i’d see it as a sign and go back to bed!anyhow i reckon that you deserve a lot of luck and support for what you’re doing,enjoy it and stay safe!

  12. travijoe, victotia aust says:

    hi sarah, the electrics sure picked the right time to play up,
    well have a good rest up, crack a few tinnies and eating some good fresh foods,and look into that cabin( that you said earlier was
    getting a bit ripe) I had a laught about that,knowing that you were having a rough time out there, but still had your sense of humor,
    good luck looking forward to reports etc of your restart and progress of journey on the computer stay safe,as only you know how.

  13. Room 6 says:

    Hi there Sarah,

    Luckily this glitch happened at the beginning.

    We are hoping all goes well, when your able to start again. You should be proud of how far you have come so far.

    Lets hope the wind blows in right direction to make it favourable for your adventure.


    Room 6

  14. Jane Spence says:

    Honestly, if it isn’t one sort of a current, it’s another. Let’s hope electrics and Leeuwin play nicely from now on. Bit shocked to hear that you are doing the washing and dusting however – is there no escape from housework, even on the Indian? Enjoy the fresh water – and your victuals and vits, best Jane

  15. You have done so well already! Hang on in there, get some good food inside you, and plenty of rest, and go and conquer that ocean! The very best of luck!

    What’s all this talk of Abersoch? Do you know it well? I have spent every summer there since I was born, and love it! weird…

    Big hugs Sarah, and your broadcast was fab!

    Cordelia x

  16. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    OK – a warm-up lap was proabably a good idea – let’s face it who in their right mind would take on something like this without one?? A wise move. So, when you go for it next time, you’ll be well and truly ready and fingers crossed the winds will be kind, boat fixed (and tidy!) and your strength renewed.

    Love & best wishes Rosemary

  17. Hi Sarah
    You may recall that I got in touch with you some time ago offering the running club’s services if you needed some support with your training, but you obviuosly managed just fine without us given your 400 mile detour demo. Very best of luck whenever you set off again, several club nembers will be tracking your progress and you are doing Rutland proud.
    Paul Rogerson
    Club Secretary
    Rutland RC

  18. Marcel says:

    Hi Sarah.

    Better your electrics packed up now than half way through to Mauritius.
    We’ll increase the power on our magnet in order to pull you in faster and straighter.

  19. Laura says:

    Hi there crazy girl! I have been following you avidly on your ocean escapades, I’ve even got Dave addicted too! So how many mars bars did you get through on your maiden ‘practice’ voyage?? Do I need to ship a box over for the big one?
    Good luck good luck good luck!

    Lots of love

    Laura xxxx

  20. Barry Gumbert says:

    Ahh Yes the inevitable sea trials. You will succeed this time I am certain.

  21. Chris & Trevor says:

    We have been following your progress and please you are able to get your electrics fixed.I hope you’ve not been sitting on the gps transponder as on RW!!!! We admire your courage and achievements so far and hope you and Dippers are soon ready to continue. We wish you the very best from all at RCC
    Chris and Trevor

  22. Judy Young says:

    Hi there! Keep going – you’ll be fine. I’ll use your journey so far to teach vector addition for AS Physics – it’s pity to waste it! I’ll need chapter and verse when you get back – but that won’t be till after you’ve hit Mauritius.

    Lots of love for now

    Judy xx

  23. Calum says:

    Hello! Sorry I havn’t emailed, what exactly is your email? Sound’s like you’re in a good mood, when are you starting the rest of the row?


  24. Calum says:

    Hello, not sure if this works, I’m so confused. good luck, if you have time send me your email or I’ll find out somehow.

  25. James Carter says:

    Looks like I checked the website just in time! At least now you’ve got a bit longer in a proper bed, with proper food.

    Hope you get the electrics back up and running. The sooner you leave the sooner you get back so I can hear all about it:)


  26. Alan Thomas says:

    As Geoff and Spike have mentioned Abersoch

    I do too, watching, the computer (and SHOUTING, at the screen)

    So GO GO GO as soon as you see fit


  27. helen jack says:

    I have been following your adventure …best wishes for rest of your adventure

  28. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Sorry to hear you had to come ashore, however it was probably for the best. I wish you all the luck in the world, and If I know you as well as I think I do (you should hope so seeing as we are brother and sister) I know you will go out there 2nd time round and smash it!!! Go girl.

    The boys all send their love and best wishes too


  29. Ben Thompson says:

    who paid for your tow ?

  30. Rachael says:

    Sarah!!! We are all happy to hear you are safe warm and munching on good stuff back here in Freo!! We, that is me and fellow Notre Damers as well as ‘Mr Coffee’ – Garrett BLINK, have been tracking your progress INTENSELY since we heard of your extraordinary adventure through Ricardo! So we wish you heaps of warmities and spoils while your back here on our warm dry land, enough to mega-recharge for your next chapter on your courageous journey!! And know that there’s one lil coffee shop, the hub of the West End Freo that is tracking your progress and sending you all the goods to help you on your way!!!
    enjoy your recharge time!!! x’s and all the good stuff… rachael, sarah, gabby and Mr Garrett Blink!!!

  31. james hickerson says:

    Hello, Sarah,
    a little shakedown cruise never hurts—you go girl!

  32. W says:

    Dear Sarah
    I could not resist checking on your progress today though it was noted in my diary for 01 April…Don’t worry you have the spirit to hang in there till you get to Mauritius and remember we are at all times with you. We look forward to welcome you in Port Louis!!

  33. Mark Powell says:

    Well the best laid plans of ‘mice and men’ and I thought you knew what you were doing!! These things make you even more determined to get out and concure the seas!! What about the rower!! Any help please relay back and we can see what can be done but head down and go for it. Simon Chalk has nothing on you and I know you can succeed.
    Buckingham Rd is missing the boat and you. Home safe and sound God Speed.

  34. Yikes says:

    I am puzzled at the number of people well-wishing and urging this unexperienced young woman to attempt such a dangerous feat. New Zealand stopped the experienced rower Hicks from departing from their shores due to the risks he was exposing to himself and potentially others.

    Although I do not think she will get too far towards Africa the second time around (if she really does set off again) any time out there will be a liability to her self and those needing to rescue her.

    Being couragous, etc, on land is one thing, but doing personal challenges like this on open water is very different – even for a charitable cause.

  35. Phoebe Brookes says:

    Hi Sarah

    I am here in sunny California explaining to my family your adventure and they all wanted to wish you good luck when you return to the open ocean.
    Been thinking about you and sending you good thoughts. Will continue to look at your updates.

    Keep going and enjoy the ride.


  36. Emilie Morris says:

    Hi Sarah

    I hope your boat is up and ready again?
    Me and all my family wish you lots of luck on “take 2.”

    Just enjoy it and don’t think elsewear!

    Love Emilie Xxx

  37. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    What fantastic spirit – all the very best Sarah –You set the world a magnificent example of courage and determination-

    Most of all — have fun.

    Tim –

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