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Photos and Video from Russia

Hi everyone, Here are links to some photos of Sarah during her time in Russia together with some footage of her showing a Russian television crew around Hercules. ¬†Enjoy!…
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Photos from Russian Border

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Some more photos from the road

Ahoy ahoy!   Hercules and I arrived in Ukraine yesterday on May 3rd, having pedalled our way out of Poland, leaving behind Europe, a time zone and a world much closer to the one I know. Ukraine already feels very different and is presenting me…
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Building Gulliver

Sarah’s rowing boat, Gulliver, is currently under construction by Emily Adkin and Jamie Fabrizio at Global Boat Works. He is due for completion in the next couple of months and then he’ll be shipped to Japan ready for Sarah’s crossing of the North Pacific next…
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Channel Crossing Photos

Sarah completed a kayak crossing of the English Channel last week with her teammate Justine Curgenven. As well as me trying to hold a video camera whilst repeatedly delivering the contents of my stomach to passing fish, we were joined by photographer David Tett. Despite…
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