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Seven in, 80 out

Hello from the ocean – this is your rower calling… day 8 of the Atlantic and all is well. Day 8 I tell you, I think someone is playing tricks with days and dates because the days are flying by. This is by far the …

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And… She’s away

Sarah could not have asked for a better send off today. The people of Chatham really did her proud. There must have been 150 or more people down at the beach today, school children with fantastic signs, her Chatham family, friends and well wishers. Two …

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T – 11 hrs

It is almost time to go. I am wired and calm all at once, hoping that sleep will come more easily than last night.

The last couple of days of preparation have been full and busy, both with adrenaline and emotions and final tinkerings, sortings …

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STANDBY: Launch Thursday morning


This is your rower here, calling you to Standby.

Assuming that the weather holds as the forecast suggests, and that my new AIS unit arrives today and is fitted in the next couple of days, then this  Thursday 14th May morning at 09:45 am …

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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened. *

* Dr Seuss

This is Lucy here, Sarah’s fiancée.

I am writing from Chatham, Cape Cod as Sarah and I sit at the kitchen table, beavering away typing up bits of admin and writing Sarah’s will (we know how to do romance) ahead of her …

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