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Afloating to the countdown

Happy Socks is afloat everyone!

After a week spent with Tony readying her for the water and packing all the food onboard, it was a grinning, proud rower that watched the guys at Ryders Cove Boatyard hoist her into the water on Thursday. I rowed …

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In which everyone arrives

These last ten days have been all about arrivals and welcomes. Hercules and I started the influx of Team L2L into Chatham by pedalling to the sea a week ago Friday, followed by my Shore Support Tony Humphreys from the UK and swiftly joined by …

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4 years, 2 days

As a treat, here is  little video from the miles so far. Later in the year I shall be looking for investors both in and out of a crowd-funding campaign to make a film of the entire journey. For now, thanks to  Jen Crook for …

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N Y Sea

I love journeying for the contrasts and the last few days has certainly provided in bucket loads. From the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and the solitude of the bike to the skyscrapers and hubbub of Manhattan, NYC.  Mind and senses overwhelmed somewhat!

A break in …

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And now for something completely different: Kayaking the Aleutians

This has nothing to do with my current snowy biking but I am confident, dear reader, that you won’t mind the diversion for it is all about a film that you want to see, even if you don’t yet know that you want to see …

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