Busy as a busy thing

Apologies for the delay in bloggage recently – life has been fairly hectic with the eternal juggle of training twice a day, working to keep the bank balance happy, and the logistical and media prepping for the ocean. If only we could make the day a few hours longer…

Fizz & Photo Friday
Yesterday was no exception with a media event at Rutland Water with my friend and ocean rowing Guru Roz Savage, followed by a quick whizz down to Oxford for the Champagne Opening of a photo exhibit about my row and the preparations at Greens Cafe, St Giles. Big thanks to everyone for coming along and especially to Marcelo and Fabiana for being such lovely, bubbly and truly Brazillian hosts. We had a great evening and a full house, so it was a success all round. Photos to follow shortly – but if you’re ever in Oxford then do go along to Greens as it is a very chilled out place for coffee or lunch etc, and there’s lots of organic goodies too (Make mine a chocolate orange brownie, please…) I hope you enjoy the photos too – a prologue to the Ocean exhibit which we hope to put up after the row next year – blisters, dolphins, waves and all those ocean things.

Calorie counting
Well, of a sort. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am officially ‘fattening up for the ocean’ and packing in the calories at the moment. With two sessions a day of phsyical training I need to refuel constantly. I had my first outing to the Nutritionist this week and I am pleased to report that I am allowed to eat as many Mars bars as I like on the ocean. At least that’s how I like to interpret Naomi’s comment! I have just teamed up with Naomi Beinart and Gwen Warren – two expert nutritionists from NaturalBalance Food’s ‘Team Trek’ Team, who are providing me with tasty goodies for my trip. They will work together to get me where I need to be in terms of weight and help me work out exactly what will be in the Pantry for my 100 days at sea. Lots of Mars bars, it seems?!

Pleased to report that my wonderful Serendipity (Dippers for short) is doing very well indeed. I am currently getting two sessions a week in her and planning the first sea trials for the first week in December – fingers crossed for some good weather!

More news and photos to follow soon – meanwhile, stay happy folks!

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