Building Gulliver

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Sarah’s rowing boat, Gulliver, is currently under construction by Emily Adkin and Jamie Fabrizio at Global Boat Works.

He is due for completion in the next couple of months and then he’ll be shipped to Japan ready for Sarah’s crossing of the North Pacific next year.

Here are a couple of snaps of what Gulliver looks like at the moment:

Gulliver under construction by Global Boat Works

Gulliver under construction by Global Boat Works



Gulliver under construction by Global Boat Works

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2 Responses to Building Gulliver

  1. George Simpson says:

    Boat looks great Sarah (and Jamie and Emily) – I’m sure she’ll be another beauty. Hope you’re enjoying the adventure so far.


  2. Tari says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just a little delayed reaction here… I finally understood what you meant with the enhanced interior. Been thinking all along that the difference weren’t that significant. I was watching the videos from the Indian Row and paid a bit more attention on Dippers. Gulliver does have a lot more storage space, particularly the side ones (both sides of your rowing seat), Dippers didn’t seem to have those. Is my observation correct?

    Very handsome, Gulliver is. And very beautiful Dippers is, too.

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