Brixham in my boat

Having spent last night in a carpark in Lymington it feels rather more authentic tonight to be in a Marina – Serendipity rocking gently and everything very very quiet indeed. It is super chilly though – definitely looking forward to the Indian Ocean – I won’t wake up to find ice in my cabin there I don’t think…

I arrived here in Brixham this afternoon and after Walter and I conquered the super steep slipway and got ‘Dippers into the water, I then spent half an hour loading her up. And a further hour stowing everything away properly. The plan is to rest now until the morning when I will get her ready to head to sea – leaving with the outgoing tide and we’ll see how it goes. If the weather gets nasty I might come back in for the night, but I might do some overnight rowing. We’ll see which way the wind blows!

By the way, Walter is the new team Landrover Disco – all blue and metallic and looking very dapper now he’s been logo’d up.

I have been very touched today by the number of people stopping to ask about the boat and wish me luck – many also stuffing notes into my hand. Thank you indeedy – your miles are now up on the Sponsor page.

And with that I shall sign out for the night.

Dippers and me x

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  1. BPC says:

    Exciting exciting!! best of luck on the ocean waves – cant wait how hear about it, xx

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