Just a very short note to say that the day before my birthday last week, I received a rather special present – a publishing deal with Summersdale.

So in Spring next year, just as I leave on my next big expedition, my salty tales will be available for you all to read and you can find out the ins and outs of the ocean and all those bits I said you would have to wait for. Any title ideas, anyone?

Meanwhile, I’ve just cycled across Cornwall in the fight against cancer and am about to Stand Up Paddleboard from Bath to London with my good friend Dave Cornthwaite. Yes, Australia you might know him – he skateboarded across your country a few years back and recently paddled the Murray.



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  1. Katharine Montgomery says:

    I am so excited about your book Sarah!!! Can’t wait to read it 🙂 Congratulations on the publishing deal!

    Well done on your cycle as well, look forward to hearing about the next adventure, Bath to London – good luck!

  2. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Name for your anticipated successful book : –

    ‘Alone, Two Oars and Dad ‘

  3. Barry Gumbert says:

    Hey Sara,

    I haven’t been following very closely lately. what is the big expedition for next spring?

  4. Sam Murray says:

    Congratulations of the book deal Sarah

  5. Linda Morison says:

    YAH for you!!!! A publishing deal is major encourgement to get that book done! The first of many books I’m sure because you are a natural writer. Happy writings and enjoy tightening it up. Its going to be a great read! Linda Morison Bunbury Western Australia

  6. David Mixa says:

    I’d call it Limited moving abilities 🙂 just as you say on that youtube video…

  7. RoninVancouver says:

    Hi Sarah.

    Since the book is about you, your mission, your experience – why not something catchy like Outin’ with Outen? We WERE out there with you, in your pumpkin.

    Good luck on meeting publishing deadline. All the best,


  8. adrian moss - chichester says:

    Great that Sumersdale have agreed topublish. Really good. They have some v interesting books. I met one of their people at a party a few months ago


  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news Sarah you astonish us as to where you find all your energy.

    I still think your title should be what it’s always been “Solo across the Indian” that sums it up from every angle.

    Take care for now, love to your Mum

    C & K

  10. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH.
    Great to see you have a Publisher to support you, Knew
    you would accomplice it , when you were ready ,Done great on
    the cycle ride ,hope you do great and enjoy the Paddle trip.
    How about ” INSPIRATION & BELIEF” for a title.
    Thanks again for your info ,Take Care & keep in good health.
    TERRY B WEST AUSSIE !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yuri Volpato Santos says:

    Hi Sarah ! Congratulations for your book ! I’m a big fan of you 🙂

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